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    Older dog and accidents

    You could ask your vet about a medication called Propalin. Works for many, not all. Ideally rule out medical causes first. I see a good response generally
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    Vets want people to stop buying Bulldogs

    I’m going to wade in despite my mental health telling me it’s probably just better to ignore it, BUT…… I am a vet. I do not want income from dogs bred to suffer because humans want a certain look or trait. It drives me around the bend. We get enough money to continue to keep practices open from...
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    Or rather ‘should’ be turned away. What actually happens in practice? I hope they are turned away
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    The ban is for commercial imports, so the reason behind the import is what is banned. Rescues would be classed as commercial, and would be aware of the ban so either won’t load up to travel, or will attempt to find ways of saying it’s not a commercial import and is private - so make out it’s a...
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    Because I am not at work today, I don’t know exactly how much we charge, but it won’t be extortionate, and my point is even if it is more, it’s not necessarily extortionate - it’s against industry law for vets to discuss what they charge with each other because it can be seen as price fixing...
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    We haven’t gotten as far as making it a policy yet because we are incredibly busy, but what I personally do, and what my boss supports, is any rescue from endemic areas coming for a check I discuss the disease, and recommend testing. I say I refuse to perform risky procedures without a negative...
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    Part/Full Livery Stigma- Does it happen elsewhere?

    It happens but it shouldn’t. My horse is my hobby and enjoyment, not my cross to bear. If I have to spend extra to ensure I can still enjoy our time together and horse is looked after when I am out earning money to pay for said livery, that’s what I do. People who judge can bore off
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    VOSS Tesla 7 Reviews please

    You mean if I buy higher than what I need it could end up being too much of a punch? Do I just walk out what I think I’ll want and multiply by two for double strand? Maybe I should look at the model one step down! I’m not in a rush if delivery delayed, and have a battery unit to tide me over...
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    VOSS Tesla 7 Reviews please

    As title, I’m looking for a mains energiser for a horse and two ponies and plan to set up a track for the ponies - it will not likely be 45km worth but figured it would give more scope. Any reviews before I buy?! Thanks
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    Nobivac lepto4

    Yeah it’s more of a tongue in cheek group tbh. The WSAVA and VMD are the best bets for good quality info
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    Nobivac lepto4

    Have a look at the WSAVA website for vaccine info and also the statement they issued blasting the news report as being wholly inaccurate. They give independent recommendations on vaccine requirements worldwide. The VMD will have info on efficacy and adverse events etc. there is also a Facebook...
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    Nobivac lepto4

    It’s not a real thing. It’s a thing that some owners/breeders/trainers attribute to something that has happened following an L4 vaccine that was most likely unrelated entirely. There is potential for ALL vaccines (and medications) to provoke a reaction, but this is no more likely with the L4...
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    Reviews please - Vale Stables and RME stables

    thank you. I was going to add my own gutters as have the stuff here. How were they to deal with?
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    Reviews please - Vale Stables and RME stables

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has any reviews on Vale Stables and RME stables. I’m getting a couple of mobile shelters and looking at these two currently. I’m interested in quality of finished item - don’t want something that looks like a large fart from my horse could bring it down!! I want as...
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    100g turnout that are waterproof?

    My 100g gallop Trojan xtra I bought as a punt at £50 as it was 1200D and I couldnt afford Rambo! Liked it so much I bought the No full version (which I is usually avoid as never actually waterproof) and it never leaks. Great rugs imo.
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    What plant is this?

    Yea humans can eat it!
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    Border Terriers…

    As a vet, there are actually very few breeds of dog that I think I could cope with owning - I obviously see a lot of the breed predispositions and the costs/heartbreak etc. But a BT yes I would own in a heartbeat if I ever get time to actually own a dog - I think they are marvellous and I...
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    Dream non-equine, non-canine pets?

    Not that I ever would as don’t agree with wildlife pets, but I often dream of pet otters! I have grand plans of an entire large garden enclosed aviary - attached to the house with a room for the birds and getting rescue parrots who are happy to live in a colony - this would require a lottery...
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    Poor people

    Day in, day out, I see animals bought with zero research, I see the suffering and the ignorance and the heartbreak. It’s rife. It’s every day, several times a day. and I’m often the bad guy because it’s going to cost money to fix, if it even can be fixed
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    My guinea pigs hate their new house!

    When you look at new enclosures, consider C and C grid system - you can make it to shape and size you want, I recommend to all house G Pigs. you could also look at getting some pet remedy spray - calming for small animals, lots of their fave foods and forage items, and hides dotted around in...
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    Wanted Looking for a livery yard in Bristol

    I was at Fitzroy - best yard I’ve ever been on
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    Anyone near Liskeard?

    I’m near liskeard. St Cleer is lovely East Cornwall will be the local hunt and East Cornwall Riding Club.
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    Older cats and litter trays

    You could also look at getting a potting tray, the ones with a high back and low front - that might tempt him. Also filling with topsoil or compost
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    Saddleseat, thoughts?

    That’s an actual thing? It looks like they got bounced out the saddle and landed behind it.
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    Nail 4cm into hoof next to frog

    My mare did this years ago. Vet did local IV antibiotics x2 over 5 days, 24 days antibiotics orally, and Bute. Poulticed and tubbed daily for 14 days. Never an issue since
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    Niche in the market?

    The things to look for when looking for a vet to look at anything non cat dog is to check if they have a CertAVP in exotic species (covers all exotic species/types etc, have to do post grad study and exams) or are a Recognised Specialist (protected term, have to do a long residency, exams etc...
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    Niche in the market?

    As an aside, I saw a meerkat a few months ago. Poor thing was in an horrendous state. Had been ‘rescued’ which actually meant she had been bought on gumtree from an unsuitable home, and actually the person who brought her to me worked with conservation charities and did undergo the correct...
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    Niche in the market?

    I want to own a practice that does just that. Specialising in anything non cat/dog/horse/farm. Thing is you have the clients who are savvy and want to do the same for the exotic pets as people would do a cat/dog and expect the same level of care etc (I LOVE these clients), but you also get the...
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    The arguments for and against docking tails

    I’m against tail docking. The rules around it can be found on the RCVS website. But basically, in England, it is legal to dock the tails of working dogs before the puppies eyes open without an anaesthetic, with scissors. It was thought years back that puppies didn’t have a fully developed...
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    Spayed dog acting as though in season?

    She probably was spayed, the first vet maybe performed an ovariectomy - a perfectly legit procedure and is what is performed in a laparoscopic spay as routine (can’t fit a uterus through the port holes!). The vet probably left behind a small ovarian remnant and when the senior vet rectified it...