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  1. Rupert2006

    Sheath cleaning

    I would use this service - but sadly I am too far away
  2. Rupert2006

    Riders in Lincolnshire

    I live in Bourne - haven't competed anywhere yet, but have heard of Sissons.
  3. Rupert2006

    Advise on cleaning geldings bits

    baby oil - I squirted some on his chap the other day and now it is shiny and clean (he was a bit surprised at the time) only needed a quick 'brush off' with a gloved hand.
  4. Rupert2006

    napping-what should I do?!??!

    I have an ex-racer - will be a year next month - he naps from time to time. I put it down to lack of confidence - we spent half an hour standing in a field once. I don;t hack out much and am planning to do more this summer, but it has been a learning curve for me as he is very sensitive and...
  5. Rupert2006

    Treeless saddles opinions please

    I have a barefoot cheyenne and I love it - fits lovely on my high withered TB
  6. Rupert2006

    Anyone own/used this wheelbarrow??

    I have one of those wheelbarrows - took a bit of getting used to steering wise and can be a bit awkward to empty - but other than that i love it - I can muck out the stable in one barrow load!
  7. Rupert2006

    Confidence! How long did it take you?

    I am still waiting to find mine! I have had my ned for 9 months and my stomach flutters every time. I just don't know him well enough to trust him yet. On the ground we are perfect together.
  8. Rupert2006

    Sharers-How much do you pay?

    I used to just pay for a set of shoes every six weeks when I shared a horse and he was mine to do with what i pleased - I didn't have to muck out but I did at the weekend to be helpful.
  9. Rupert2006

    I was amazed..................................

    my gelding pees as soon as he gets into his clean stable, so i stuck a bucket under him to catch the pee and he didn't bat an eyelid - I do it when I remember but he is so fast that I am not quick enough with my bucket!
  10. Rupert2006

    Anyone wanting a light weight turnout??

    I got one of those a month or so ago - its great - all my rugs are Premier Equine.
  11. Rupert2006

    Horse not helping regain my confidence

    I am afraid of the situation getting worse. I have never been a nervous rider up until now - I was riding a horse for someone before I decided to get my own and I was never afraid on him, I used to hack for miles and go anywhere and gallop without a second thought - I trusted him instantly the...
  12. Rupert2006

    Horse not helping regain my confidence

    yes, a TB probably wasn't the most sensible choice but I fell in love with him and at the time didn't realise my confidence had taken such a bad knock - before the bolting incident I would of ridden anything and galloped off into the horizon without a second thought! He was better in the...
  13. Rupert2006

    Horse not helping regain my confidence

    Thank you for all your replies. He is ridden in a bitless bridle (has a dodgy tooth, would need to be removed if wanted to rde in a bit again, cos dentist reckons it would always be catching as the gap is so small) and has a treeless saddle (yes, I am a hippy! heh heh) - his back was checked a...
  14. Rupert2006

    Horse not helping regain my confidence

    I bought my first horse after a long break of owning my own horse - he is a 14 year old TB. I bought him last May. We have built up a good relationship, he is an angel to handle on the ground, albeit he was a bit nervous in the beginning, as was I - I hacked him out without any problems and...
  15. Rupert2006

    Premier Equine....

    I love Premier Equine - all my rugs are from them and they are all good quality and fit really well. I am even more happy because I managed to get most of them when they were having sales so I paid £40 for a lightweight turnout with a detachable neck, and the same again for a medium weight...
  16. Rupert2006

    safety stirrups

    you can get cheaper versions of the flexi stirrups on ebay - I got a pair for £19.99
  17. Rupert2006

    treeless saddles??

    I have a barefoot cheyenne and I love it - it doesn't slip and is very comfy. I feel much closer to the horse as oppose to being perched on top. you can find out more about them on the Horse and Harmony website
  18. Rupert2006

    Does Soya oil give TB's lots of energy?

    I have recently started giving my TB soya oil in his feed as I was told at our feed merchants that it is good for joints - he is a bit stiff behind - I was under the impression that Linseed was good for joints as well, but they told me this was not the case (I keep getting conflicting...
  19. Rupert2006

    Moody and rude ned when it comes to food

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice - I have had my ned for about 7 months now - he is a 14 year old TB. He was in poor condition when I got him and lost a lot of weight - he is now in much better condition and has a nice round belly - however, he has developed a really agressive attitude...
  20. Rupert2006

    Dr Cook Bitless Bridles

    I use one on my TB and he goes fine in it - can't really ride him in a bit due to a wolf tooth- brakes are fine and he seems much happier - would advicse you trial one first and see how you go.
  21. Rupert2006

    TB's Pros and Cons

    my TB is great - he has taught me so much - he can be nervous and a bit sharp to ride sometimes, but he takes his confidence from me and listens to everything I say and now he calms down quickly. his feet were bad when i got him, but now they are great thanks to our excellent farrier, we have...
  22. Rupert2006

    Hate puissance: Am I the only one ?

    I personally love watching the Puissance - years ago i watched it live a HOYS (I think, I was a teenager at the time!) and the winner was a Horse called Butterfly and it literally flew over the wall, I was in awe!
  23. Rupert2006

    Along with previous post - do your OH, BF mind???

    my OH is great - he comes down to the yard at weekends and helps me poo pick and will bring my ned in from the field - and he is non-horsey. He bought my ned for me for a first wedding anniversary present. So he has no one to blame but himself if he never sees me! heh heh!
  24. Rupert2006

    Barefoot Cheyenne treeless saddle

    I have one and I love it - my ned has real girth issues, but he is so much better with the cheyenne - and as it fits so well, the girth doesn't have to be uber tight either, which makes him happier too. word of advice for trotting though - can take a bit of getting used to, but I shortened my...
  25. Rupert2006

    Dr Cooks Bitless bridle

    I use a Dr Cook and I find it much better - my ned (TB) would throw his head up to evade the bit and would rush into transitions. With the Dr Cook he is much calmer - have hacked out in it no problems. And yes, the free rein looks just the same as the Dr Cook - certainly seems to be using the...
  26. Rupert2006

    Torsion Treeless versus others

    I have a barefoot cheyenne and I really love it. And you don't need a saddle fitter, cos the saddles fit like a blanket, so will fit virtually any horse. you do need to use the special saddle pad with it.
  27. Rupert2006

    Scabby lumpy head!

    I would be interested in finding out what that is too as my ned has scabby lumps on his head too and they seem to be really itchy. Am going down to the yard today with some tea tree oil and see if that helps.
  28. Rupert2006

    Freak accident

    *shock* thats horrible
  29. Rupert2006

    the mildest bitless bridle??

    I use a Dr Cook bitless bridle -my ned hates a bit in his mouth (dentist discovered that one of his teeth is growing the wrong way, so any bit would cause pain) - and he is much calmer. The good thing with the Dr Cook is that the lady does a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don't get on...
  30. Rupert2006

    Hackamores - Your opinions

    I ride my horse in a Dr Cook Bitless Bridle - it uses a cross under method and therefore there isn't any pain. My ned goes fine in it and is much happier.