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  1. Mooch

    Eeeeek, a 'HOW MUCH'!

    I'm in a bit of a muddle really and came on here for some help. I spotted the 'sticky' at the top about 'how much' posts and had a little panic. Having read it, I think I am ok to ask you all for some help. I have received the devestating news that I am to loose the land I rent. :mad...
  2. Mooch

    Does anyone know Carrington Riding Centre and Livery Yard?

    As per the title. Does anyone know Carrington Riding Centre and Livery Yard? Shot in the dark really but thought I would ask.
  3. Mooch

    Midland Counties Show

    Does anyone know the photographer at the Midlands Counties Show?
  4. Mooch

    Midland Counties Show

    Anyone know who the photographer was there yesterday?
  5. Mooch

    What month...................................

    Now we are in the throws of lots of foals being born......... What month do you prefer your foals to be born in and why?
  6. Mooch

    YHL - Who's going tomorrow?

    Who is off to Your Horse Live tomorrow? What demo's are you looking forward too? And, what's on your shopping list?
  7. Mooch

    Horses stolen North Wales

    A friend has contacted me tonight, to say a friend of his YO's 2 horses were stolen from North Wales last night. I'm sorry I don't have much information as his YO is away for the weekend. He has sent me some pic's of one of the mares, so I am going to chuck them on here in the hope that...
  8. Mooch

    Zara Phillips........................................

    Zara Phillips is at Rodbaston tomorrow to compete 4 horses!! And, boy are all her times very close together. A little question for all you people in the know.... How does she warm the horses up for each stage? Most of her times are only 15-20mins between each horse. Are you allowed...
  9. Mooch

    Dressage Diagrams writing your own tests???

    On the free trial thingy on Dressage Diagrams, can you write more than one test in your free trial? I have done one already and when I have gone back to do another it doesn't seem to let me! Is this me doing something wrong or do you only get to use this facility once on your free trial?
  10. Mooch

    So, my first ever dressage test!!!!!!!!! hmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    As the title says, my first ever dressage test was on Sunday. Lets just say things didn't go quite to plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prepartion all ok. (although my plaiting leaves alot to be desired) Got there in plenty of time. YO's very reassuring. My nerves very high!!!!!! lol Warm up ok...
  11. Mooch

    Can I use this bit?????????????

    Can I use this bit for Dressage? It's a Hanging Cheek with a French Link in the middle. Milly is a bugger for leaning on me and dropping onto the forehand. I have found this bit works very well for both of us, but I'm unsure if I can use it next week in our first test. I've seen that...
  12. Mooch

    One dies at Badminton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the big grey's has died after crossing the line on the XC at Badminton!!!!!!!!! How very, very sad.
  13. Mooch


    How has Snowy got on today?
  14. Mooch

    Who rides in a.........................

    Heather Moffett EE Fhoenix saddle? What do you think of them? Have you had any improvement in yourself or horse riding in one? Cheers
  15. Mooch

    HHO horse video?

    Did I miss it? If so, can someone chuck the link up for me? Thanks.
  16. Mooch

    Help please - Training Rollers?????????

    I have attempted to try 3 (full size) training rollers on Milly now, non of which come anywhere near to me being able to do them up! Does anyone know of an Extra Full Roller? Or do you know if you can get extensions to the girth strappy bits on each side? (very technical I know!)
  17. Mooch

    New neddy update + first ride

    Well, I tried to post this earlier, but got all the way through and then found I was banned!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So, second time lucky!! Plus I can't remember what I wrote last time!!! As you know I bought a new neddy on Sunday. I was a little bit worried that she may find it hard...
  18. Mooch

    My new girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Meet.......................................... Ireland's Silver Mist - aka Milly. This is my new girl, she is an ID x TB, 17.1hh (ish), 8yrs old. Her as a baby.... With her mummy (ID Ireland's Silver Crest a Sea Crest horse) Her daddy (TB Fire Rocket a Busted, Crepello horse)...
  19. Mooch

    I was amazed..................................

    I went to have a look at a stunning ID x TB yesterday. Her owner said that she would take a wee in a bucket!!!!!!!!!! So, you take it with a pinch of salt and I went to see her. And blow me, after I had ridden her she was popped back into her stable. Her mum went in with the bucket and she...
  20. Mooch

    **Attempted trailer theft** Update**

    Someone attempted to pinch my horse trailer on Thursday lunch time. From my drive in broad daylight. The police have been over this afternoon to show me photos and have confirmed it is okay to put the details of the car on here to raise everyones awareness. The car is a Red Isuzu Trooper...
  21. Mooch

    **WARNING** Trailers being pinched!!!!!!

    I have had a terrible afternoon today. I had a bad head (which wouldn't clear) so I cried off work this afternoon. I was sat here talking to Weezy on MSN when I heard a noise outside. I went for a nose and there wasn't anybody at the back door, so I looked out of the patio doors and someone...
  22. Mooch

    Bloody weather - LICE - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I have been keeping an eye on Jerry all winter for Lice, seeing as it hasn't been too cold and he is rugged up making a nice environment for them to live. He picked them up about April time last year and I had a terrible time getting rid of them. I checked him earlier today and the bloody...
  23. Mooch

    Vettings - How much attention do you pay to them?

    Would you follow a vetting to the letter? If for example a horse failed a vetting would you walk away from the horse? Or, do you look at the individual reasons for the failure? If you had a horse that was 1/8th lame on the flexion test, how would you feel about it? I had a horse vetted...
  24. Mooch

    What height?

    What height is 180.2 in HH?
  25. Mooch

    Help!!!!!!!!!! Is Roundup posionous to horses????????

    I went up to my horses this afternoon to find the idiot that rents one of the houses on the estate, spraying weedkiller all around the edge of the fencing. He has chickens in a small open area next to my starvation paddock. He was spraying along the joining fence. I did think to myself that...
  26. Mooch

    Upsetting news.... R.I.P Chantelle...........

    Such upsetting and shocking news. My childrens pony Chantelle sadly passed away in her field late this afternoon. She had only been with us for under a year and she was the most amazing gentle happy pony. I bought her for my daughter when she came off the lead rein and needed something...
  27. Mooch

    Laminitis??????????????? Help needed?

    I'm posting in here as more likely to get a good responce than in veterinary. My kids little mare came down with what looks like Laminitis before we went away. I suspected that she had had it before by her feet (was confirmed by the farrier) and have been very, very careful with her feeding...