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  1. VioletStripe

    Tell me about the horsey community in Surrey

    Hi all! Been a little while....I'm officially moving towards the end of June, and I've never really been involved in the horse world in Surrey before. I'm keen to look around for a part loan/share and consider buying another in a year or so (I'm getting broody for a youngster again, don't tell...
  2. VioletStripe

    Need a cuddle and someone much braver than I to tell me what to expect/do

    Hello all, I've been a bit quiet on here as of late. This a lot of wordyness and I won't go into loads of detail so bear with me.... My beloved Connemara developed melanomas (rather, he had always had one or two since I bought him aged 4 (bloomin greys), but many more have developed this year...
  3. VioletStripe

    Vits and Mins Supplements

    More specifically - the Dodson & Horrell general ones; has anyone used them before? We've just (nearly) finished our first tub of Equimins and it seems fine, I haven't noticed much difference tbh but I know a few of you on here have had big issues with their customer service/knowledge of their...
  4. VioletStripe

    East Sussex (and maybe Kent borders?)/ Tunbridge Wells commutable Livery

    Hi all, Having moved to the Southern outskirts of Tunbridge Wells I am thinking of moving my gelding a bit closer to join me (where we are now is fine but the commute isn't fab). I have enquired at one or two places but they are full, and I can't seem to find anywhere else with a livery yard...
  5. VioletStripe

    Reputable Dealers in the South? (and budget??)

    I am toying with the idea of getting another and I am very out of touch with the horse market at the mo - I bought my boy nearly 10 years ago now and I am ashamed to say haven't looked at the market or any ads since (I used to love window shopping!). Current boy came from Emma Hinkley at Clip...
  6. VioletStripe

    Talk to me about cat foods

    As title! As you may remember, around a month ago I posted here asking whether or not we should take the plunge and get a cat.... we have decided it's a yes! Victory! We haven't found one yet, but I am doing my reading up etc beforehand! A few years ago now I was working at a vet practice and...
  7. VioletStripe

    Talk to me about Sainfoin

    Not considering switching I don't think, but I've never come across it until a few days ago and I'm not overly clear!
  8. VioletStripe

    A favourite HHO topic! Questions on fine hooves and thin soles - hoof health and alfalfa?

    Hello everyone! Some of you may know I have a 13yo Connie gelding, who is the 'sportier' type of Connie - he's 15.1hh and has small feet and features. My farrier has remarked he has quite fine feet and reasonably thin soles and has recommended some Keratex hoof hardener. He is shod all round...
  9. VioletStripe

    Thunderbrooks Hay Cobs vs Simple Systems vs...?

    Hello! Having a shop around as you do one rainy lockdown evening (so... every evening at the moment!) I've been using Thunderbrooks hay cobs recently in my Overgrown Pony's treatball, and in place of general treats as of late. However, I've always been tempted by the Lucie Fibre Cubes from...
  10. VioletStripe

    Yard Organisational Porn

    I've just moved yards and I have a blank canvas with my stable and section of my store room, so I'm looking for some inspo. Please post your own set-ups/dream pictures you have of how you have/would love to have your bits and pieces stored! And if you have any advice for good DIY swaps and the...
  11. VioletStripe

    Have Myler bits had their day?

    As title really. A general musing while bit shopping on Bit Bank - I can't remember the last time I saw someone use a Myler! Nearly everyone I know has gone over to Sprenger or NS... I've never tried a Myler before, but I'm tempted. I've been hardcore NS for years now! Have they decreased in...
  12. VioletStripe

    Being a bit of a nervous nellie

    My gelding is 2 days into his Gastrogard treatment (scoped on the yard on Thursday, found Grade 2 ulcers), and last Sunday came up in a hoof abscess. Farrier looked at abscess on Monday and made an incision, been in a dry poultice since then. Vet looked at it before the scope on Thursday and...
  13. VioletStripe

    Celeris Boots - has anyone taken the plunge?

    As title really. I see them all the time on Instagram and I'm totally in love! Has anyone splurged, and how did you find them? PS, if you have and you have photo, please feel free to post so I can lust after them further :cool:
  14. VioletStripe


    Posting on behalf of a friend. Urgently seeking grass livery commutable from SE London. PM if preferred.
  15. VioletStripe


    Posting on behalf of a friend. Urgently seeking grass livery commutable from SE London. PM if preferred.
  16. VioletStripe


    Posting on behalf of a friend. Urgently seeking grass livery commutable from SE London. PM if preferred.
  17. VioletStripe

    Current Favourite Small-Holed Haynets?

    As title. I feel like I'm totally out of touch with the horse gadget market atm - I so rarely shop around and I'm in a bit of a rut it seems! What are everyone's favourite trickle-feeder nets? I got an Elim A Net last September and I have to say I'm not overly impressed. They're - a) Not very...
  18. VioletStripe

    Done to death - grazing muzzles which don't rub

    (sorry, I know there are loads of posts but I have NEVER found one) Thinking ahead now the days are getting lighter - I have never found a muzzle to fit my Connie which doesn't rub along either his chin groove or the points of his cheekbones. We've tried a Shires flexi graze rubber one, a...
  19. VioletStripe

    Wellies and silicone spray

    I am a self-confessed apathetic umm..lemon? I am awful at taking care of tack and boots... I bought some lovely Aigle wellies (eye-wateringly expensive, too) a few months ago, which I absolutely love. I was warned when I bought them I need to buy their protective silicone pray alongside...
  20. VioletStripe

    To get a cat or not, am I being selfish?

    Hi all, I've never ventured in here before! Bit of a weird question I guess... My partner and I currently live together, and later at some nebulous point in the future will be moving. We were planning on it hopefully being within the first half of the 2021, but due to Covid and not needing to...
  21. VioletStripe

    East Sussex/Surrey/Kent Borders - Livery?

    Hello! As title - we might be relocating to the East Sussex/Surrey borders next year as I have a new job. Can anyone advise for or against any yards between north of East Sussex/south of Surrey and Kent? Perhaps in the area around Royal Tunbridge Wells and Ashdown Forest? Requirements are - -...
  22. VioletStripe

    Kent/Surrey/East Sussex borders - livery

    Hello, another livery topic for me again! (also posting in regional boards...) As title - we might be relocating to the East Sussex/Surrey borders next year as I have a new job. Can anyone advise for or against any yards between north of East Sussex/south of Surrey and Kent? Perhaps in the area...
  23. VioletStripe

    Bit crunching / chewing - anyone tried the NS Turtle Top?

    Hello! So from the title - My 13yo 15.1hh connemara gelding has always been a bit muncher. Always. He has a reasonably narrow head (we tend to sedate and use power tools for the dentist to make life easier with this). Always up date with the dentist, never had any issues. - Never been lame...
  24. VioletStripe

    Yet another feed thread - advice for over winter and a good-doer please!

    Hello! Some of you may know I have a 15.1hh Connemara gelding, now aged 13. We have recently moved yards and the grazing isn't as lush as where we were previously on an old dairy farm. Since it's now winter and the grazing is becoming a barer, he's dropped a little weight. Nothing concerning...
  25. VioletStripe

    Fairfax saddle needs reflocking - no saddler available until Dec. WWYD?

    Hi everyone, I bought a Fairfax back at the end of June, and was advised to have it checked and reflocked in 3 months as the wool would have compacted down. As it was, my boy had around a month off from work due to some lung investigations and an asthma diagnosis (now thankfully under control...
  26. VioletStripe

    Anyone else clipped already?!

    Feel ridiculous clipping this early in the year but we are having one hell of a heatwave down South! My poor Connie has grown a good amount of his winter coat over the last couple of weeks, and he has been so hot and sweaty over the last few days I decided to bite the bullet! I know in a month...
  27. VioletStripe

    Dry exercise-induced cough - WWYD until the vet comes?

    Hi all, Asking for some general advice per the title. Happy to have some speculation as to similar experiences, too - but very much waiting for the vet! Sorry this is going to be a long one, to be honest it's good for me to type it out as I am a) a nervous wreck about this and b) it helps be...
  28. VioletStripe

    Saddle soap on the out? (Also, new member to the Fairfax saddle club!)

    So first of all, I officially am the proud owner of a Fairfax classic jump and all I can say is - I am madly, deeply in love, and we are very happy together. Secondly, it came with Rapide gel to use on it which I am very happy to do and will definitely be doing to as it is under the official...
  29. VioletStripe

    Hacking/hill work and polework bareback - would you?

    As title really - some of you may find this a very stupid question! I've hacked bareback a fair amount but never done much hillwork bareback - what are our thoughts on this? I do tonnes of hillwork with a saddle, but I often use my stirrups to take light seat up the *really* steep bits. Also...
  30. VioletStripe

    Why are there no good livery yards?

    As title really... apologies if done before. I recently posted looking for yards in a particular area as I am probably moving in around a year. And the number that have been ruled out seems monumentally high! I'm very lucky where I am now. But I have had previous experience of a truly dreadful...