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    Livery near St Boswell’s?

    I’m moving up to the borders from Somerset in June. Can anyone reccomend any livery yards within about 25mins drive of St Boswell’s? Full or assisted part livery considered.
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    Nearest to the Comfort Zone Lapel Rug?

    Used to love these rugs and gutted that I sold my old one! Can anyone reccomend something similar? Looking for a rug for winter travelling and post exercise or bathing so must have good wicking properties. I’ve found the ‘giraffe’ version on eBay but looks like it might be a lot thinner?
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    PS of Sweden High Jump Bridles

    I'm thinking of treating my boy to a new bridle. Just wondering what the leather quality and fit of these are like? Anyone seen them in January sale?
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    3.5T lorry and hay issues - what solutions are there?

    I've recently purchased a 3.5T Nissan conversion. It was converted 6m ago but only in a basic way so plenty of scope to individualise as I want it. I always travel my boy with a haynet but the horse area opens into the grooms area at the back, with the saddle racks on the back doors as per...
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    Futurity Awards.. a Question...

    Just wondering if anyone could confirm how the highest ranking Broodmare award is calculated? I've found this on the BEF website... The highest ranking stallion (standing in Britain) and the highest ranking broodmare will also receive awards at the Breeders’ Dinner in January 2009. Rankings...
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    Old Surrey and Burstow boxing day meet?

    Does anyone know where and what time the meet is please? Thanks x
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    Tracing Microchips?

    Well, turns out Razz is chipped, when we were led to believe he wasn't... So anyone know anything about tracing chips? His number is 985100009635492, have emailed the stud book his passport is with so they can check their records. Any help appreciated!
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    BSJA Star Training... anyone done it??

    As above really! Has anyone done any? which levels? what do they actually entail and are thye worth it really?
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    Catherston Pics...

    Original post here... Pics of the eventing yearling (8.56) Sports Pony yearling (8.87) 3yo...
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    Catherston Report

    Set off to Catherston with a lorry load this morning (Friends horses), first time doing the Futurity after I suggested it after reading here and not knowing what to expect!! First up was a yearling eventer, anyone who was there she was the bay/roan wierd coloured one! She hasn't done a lot this...
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    Loose Jumping Compeitions

    We have two 3yos we were aiming for the loose jumping class at the East of England Show, its now been taken off the schedule so i was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that does this sort of class apart from the Hunter Show? They are both warmblood geldings. Thanks.
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    Flaky skin around base of ears?

    For the past 2 weeks or so my boy has been going a bit bald behind the base of his ears. It seems to have only started after i changed his neck cover, so thinking maybe its rubbing behind his ears so i sorted the stops so i didn't hang down his neck as far. Since then its stayed about the same...
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    Recc showing saddles??

    Having just found out my boy is eligible for Part-bred Arab classes i want to buy him a showing saddle so i can give them a go this summer. Does anyone have any reccomendations? I like the style of the Ideal Ramsey and most of Fyldes.. but brand new their prices are a little out of my range...
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    BSJA website... is working for any of you?

    As title, have been having some issues with my comp so not sure if its me or not... thanks!
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    BSJA 5-Star award scheme now online For 1* - jump 90cm 2* - 1m 3* - 1m10 4* - 1.20 plus a few silly questions and simple riding techniques etc. I could probably pass most of 5*, but i can't pass 3* cos my youngster isn't experienced enough to jump a 1m10 course.
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    HOYS cuddy/hacks.. anyone know results?

    As title. I know Waithwith West Wind won the pony cuddy and went champ.. any idea on the horses?
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    PAVO YH champs

    Hiya, Stud oi groom fo has a yearing going for the young horse in hand classes.. is there any way i could find the in hand entries on the net?? Have had a look around BE and BDWP but being a Sjing/showing person don't know if i've looked over it. Can anyone help?
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    Stud Virgin!!

    After Ardingly RC show last weekend we've decided to stud my boy up. He's currently unshod and we had issues in the rain at the weekend when jumping slowly round a WH course. My boy's just turned five so i want him to have the confidence in his feet to jump as he was sliding everywhere. I've...