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  1. TallulahBright

    Rider nerves- any tips?

    As title, really. In lessons and at home I ride well and my horse goes brilliantly. On Saturday I rode the test and actually rode it, so she was great (and I'm only talking Prelim). On Sunday in the warm up she was great so clearly I rode ok. As soon as I got into the ring I was obsessed with...
  2. TallulahBright

    Legs-rubbed or clonked?

    My white-legged, thin skinned TB is prone to hooning about doing star jumps in the field. If she's not wearing brushing boots she clonks herself and causes cuts and swellings. If she wears boots they rub. Any ideas would be gratefully received! Thanks:)
  3. TallulahBright

    Who'd like Horse Benefit?!

    ;);) Talking to some friends earlier... I don't have children but I do have a much loved horse. How about a campaign for horse benefit?! I can afford one but maybe if the government paid me I could have two??!! Only light hearted but a thought....;)
  4. TallulahBright

    Scary moment

    So we were hacking alone yesterday around the lanes, it was windy and the first time we'd been out alone for a couple of weeks. Lula stopped dead and I could feel her 'think' about whipping around. Next moment a car screeched around the corner and managed to stop about five feet from us. She was...
  5. TallulahBright

    First dressage test- update!

    So we went, I felt sick with nerves and forgot the test part way through, what a muppet! Scored 60.89 and came second! Am so chuffed with my best girl, she behaved impeccably and after Sunday's showing debacle it was a real pleasure. Love my girl....:D
  6. TallulahBright

    First dressage test tonight- very nervous now!

    Lula and I have our first test tonight... Intro B. I'm now pooing myself which is daft because we can more than do it. After a disastrous show on Sunday I am putting pressure on myself to redeem us both! Vibes please.....!
  7. TallulahBright

    Horsefly bite- how to reduce size???

    My mare has a huge swelling where a horsefly bit her, right under where girth lies. I took her to a show today and she bucked around (not her style at all) with something clearly bothering her. Does anyone have any top tips for how to get it to go down? Bless her... Sensitive TB skin:(
  8. TallulahBright

    Micklem bridles- your thoughts please

    As above, really. I love the idea of a bridle which avoids pressure on the tongue and across the nose but wondered what you peeps think about them. Thanks!
  9. TallulahBright

    Dressage clinics for youngsters in Devon?

    I have a four year old who's really coming on nicely and would like to get her out to a few clinics or unaffiliated/ intro competitions during the summer. Does anyone know where there's anything going on? All I can find is novice. Thanks
  10. TallulahBright

    Third at County Show!!

    :D just got back from Devon County show.. So chuffed! My brilliant Lula came third in the four yrs and over in hand coloured class!! The judge said I must hang on to her because she's going to make a fine horse indeed! She is going nowhere....:):)
  11. TallulahBright

    Devon County Here We Come- vibes please!

    :D I'm taking my girl to Devon County for four yr old and over in hand coloured class on Friday. Couldn't go last year as she had abscess. We've had so many issues and problems, it would be so nice for her to do well! Please send positive thoughts etc for us! Thanks.
  12. TallulahBright

    Happy post!

    Pointless really... Just come back from watching my girlie being ridden! She's going really well and looks amazing. Am one happy bunny!:)
  13. TallulahBright

    Blemish cover makeup for white legs??

    Hi, just wondered if anyone knows of a makeup I can use to cover blemishes on white legs ready for showing the week after next? I've got the powder you mix up but wanted a pen/ little brush thing to put directly over scar. Does such a thing even exist? Thanks.
  14. TallulahBright

    Which knee boots?

    I've been advised to get some knee boots for my youngster and wondered if peeps have views on leather vs woof wear type vs neoprene? Thanks
  15. TallulahBright

    Did it work??

    Think I may have finally uploaded a photo! How do you drop them into this box though?? Am a numpty
  16. TallulahBright

    Formula 4Feet vs Pure Feeds

    Hi, I spoke to Anna at Pure Feeds yesterday, who was very helpful indeed. She did say, though, that the feeds would mean I no longer need to feed F4F. When I've stopped it before it's had a bad impact on the state of my girl's feet. Any thoughts or experience with this one, please? Thanks :)
  17. TallulahBright

    County show 4yr old in hand class- what bridle and bit???

    As title really! Have showed girlie as two yr old in an in hand bridle, entered this yr in 4 plus class but not sure what bridle requirements are. Can anyone help this numpty please? Thanks:)
  18. TallulahBright

    Happy News!

    Just thought I would share.. Re backed girlie after winter off, got new saddle on Monday and she is going like a dream! Had her since 8 months old with no other horse of my own so it's been a long time coming, beset with injuries and issues along the way. I am SO happy I did it! :D
  19. TallulahBright

    Chris Johnson contact details

    As per title! I would like to get hold of Chris for some lessons but can't find his number on tinterweb. Anyone out there able to help? Thanks!
  20. TallulahBright

    5 Day Panacur not worked- help!

    I found what I thought looked like deaqd juvenile pinworms in horse's poo so dosed with 5 days' worth of Panacur. There are still worms in poo, although fewer. Any ideas for what to do next??
  21. TallulahBright

    Very itchy HQ- help please!!

    My girl has begun scratching her quarter in a spot just over her hip- she did this last year at this time but over the summer it was fine. Last year she rubbed herself raw- vet couldn't find anything wrong. I don't want her to do the same this year... This morning it was causing her distress...
  22. TallulahBright

    Formula4Feet- maintenance/ loading dose advice needed!

    I feed my TB Formula4Feet which works well. My farrier said this morning that he thinks there is a lower, maintenance level of feeding but all I can find on the website is a flat feeding rate depending on the horse's weight. Does anyone know any info on this? Thanks.
  23. TallulahBright

    IF 510 Pajero combo- advice please!!!

    I've got an Ifor Williams 510 classic trailer and have been looking at a short wheel base Pajero- spec says it'll tow 2500kg but wanted to know if any of you fine people have experience/ advice re towing with short wheel base. My horse 16.1hh and weighs around 550kg. What do you think?? Thanks
  24. TallulahBright

    Mud fever supplement???

    Has anyone used a supplement which actually prevents mud fever? I've seen loads advertised but money is short and i don't want to fork out for something which is ineffective. Advice gratefully received- thanks from Mum of a pink skinned white legged skewbald TB!!
  25. TallulahBright

    Trailer help please!!!

    My 3 year old has until recently been travelled in a 510 with no partitions, just a full width bar. I've now put the partitions in and she will load fine but as soon as I leave her on her own she starts going up and leaping around. I am terrified that she will really hurt herself but I think my...
  26. TallulahBright

    KS- mesotherapy vs surgery for 3 year old?

    My almost 3 yr old has changes to one of her spiny processes - worsened over 3 months and while I haven't yet had a call from Svend I suspect, as does my vet, that he will say it needs to come out. My filly has never worked and has had intermittent bouts of lameness behind but is currently sound...