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  1. tibby

    4 slot buckle guards help please!

    I have just purchased a new saddle that has point and balance straps, unfortunately it was supplied with three slot buckle guards, can anyone tell me where I can get 4 slotted ones from as the balance strap is a nuisance as it slips about, many thanks.
  2. tibby

    Selling Horses, can you be too honest?

    I am trying to sell my horse, I have advertised him locally and online but have no interest in any of my ads, my OH and family have told me that I have been too honest in my advert. My answer to this is that I would rather know that I have described him honestly, rather than waste peoples time...
  3. tibby

    May be Spring is here!!!

    Today we have had our first lamb of the year, I am sure her mother should have lambed about ten days ago but she has been hanging on!! This morning when I went to feed them there was baby Spring! her mother is about 11 years old and is one of our pet ewes ( she was an orphan lamb) so maybe the...
  4. tibby

    Update on Pheasant shoot near Riding School

    Just thought I would update you on yesterdays post, the proprietor of the riding school has been talking to the shoot, the outcome is that they will finish shooting near the school by 10am and our lessons have been put back by 45minutes so that we can ride in safety. this also means not quite...
  5. tibby

    Pheasant Shoot near Riding School.

    Hi could anyone please tell me if there are any regulations regarding shooting near horses/riding school? I have a lesson once a week on my own horse at a local riding school, I join in a group lesson, since the start of the shooting season the lesson has been blighted by shooting in the next...
  6. tibby

    Olympia Christmas Show

    Hi, never made a new post before so please excuse any mistakes, I would like to know of any coach trips going to Olympia from Norfolk this year, I have found two but they are overnight stays, with the horses we need to be back by early morning, I have tried googling with no luck so I thought I...