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    Fat eye :(

    One of mine has a fat eye on the regular, she's perfectly fine, we think she just whacks herself. Hope it's easily sorted.
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    How much to build an arena?

    somewhere between 15-18k, including levelling out and a new bank created. Its the surface that can really cost depending on what type you go for. Ended up at over 40k with surface included.
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    New horse reared :/

    When my lad first came, he reared a few times in stressful situations, previous owner was shocked and said he'd never done that. Like you, I wondered if he was the right choice but, when I thought some more I soon realised it was a new home, new owner, new horses, no wonder his brain short fused...
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    Concrete panels in stables

    I have them on all mine. Never had any issues, if you had a kicker, you could attach some kick boards.
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    Mild December

    I had frozen pipes a few weeks ago, so not that mild! Granted the temp is fluctuating quite a bit, supposed to be nearly into double figures again the next few days.
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    Giving up hard feed

    I tried this this year, 3 are fine (good-doers anyway), however, the TB looks like a skeleton so he's back on hard feed tonight. Normally he comes out of winter thin anyway so I thought that the feed wasn't doing much and maybe he'd eat more forage to compensate, but apparently it was doing...
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    Those who retired young horses

    I bought mine to retire him, he was 7 and struggling with physical and mental issues which his previous owner turned a blind eye too. He's 11 next year and now an expensive lawnmower and dedicated 'boyfriend' to my little cob. He's treated the same as my ridden horses, just without the riding, I...
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    Hacking at night streetlights

    I'd also contemplate the idea that fireworks go off after dark most nights at this time of year. Certainly ask the horses owner too, they're within their rights to ask you not to as well.
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    Saddles for no withered table top cob

    I don't know about specific brands but my table top cob has a hoop tree, that fits her when 'standard' trees were nowhere near.
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    Awkward pony?

    If you're absolutely certain theres no pain lingering, he just sounds very arena sour. Get him out hacking if thats where he shines, let him forget about the arena for a while. He's probably relating arena work with pain and punishment.
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    Do I need a 400 stable rug

    I got my fine TB one when I bought him since I live in a exposed area. Has never been opened and the most he's worn is a 220g. So I'd say probably not, easier to put two m/w on if you needed.
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    Winter mode?

    My lot started coming in overnight this past Saturday. They're all very willing to come in which is unusual so the weather must be getting to them too! TB is lightly rugged now and the hairy cob is getting clipped this weekend.
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    Hoof Bruise and Exercise

    My horse has small bruising on one of her hoof wall from a mild case of lami a few months ago. She's now completely sound and it doesn't seem to affect her. What would peoples opinions on starting exercise again? A large part of me says to wait until the bruise has gone to not risk further...
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    Unridden Fatties, how to lose the weight?

    I've a mare than is (unfortunately) a very good doer, she's also carrying far too many pounds. She's unridden due to multiple lameness issues, her ridden future is really uncertain at the moment. She's clipped on her belly and neck, on grassless turnout and on rationed hay. Still the weight is...
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    what rug?

    I have one that was fully clipped about a month ago but its grown back loads and she's fat and sweating, she's currently naked. My other cob has a belly clip and is also naked. The warmblood who's unclipped is naked but has a 50g for the heavy rain days. The last is a TB, unclipped but dropping...
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    Winter routines

    Out at 9am. Mucked out, hay bars filled, auto waters checked and cleaned if necessary. If its a riding day, I'll try to do that before lunch or just after. Then they come in just before it gets dark, so that changes all time time, currently its around 6pm. 10pm, bucket feeds are given and hay is...
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    What are your underrated 'must haves'?

    Spare fillet strings. I hate leg straps so I replace them with some spares I bought on amazon. Plus when they're not in use, they're great for holding gates closed as mine know how to open lift gate catches.
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    Why do so many people think its fine to have fat horses?

    Some people don't recognise a fat horse, and those that do, know how hard it is to keep the weight down. One of my cobs is fat but cannot be worked so I'm at a sticky end, she's off grass all spring/summer with only small amounts in the autumn/winter, but she's never slimmed down the where I...
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    The best Lightweight rain rugs (for the larger horse!)

    My WB, a chunky 16.2 wears a shires 50g rug, (with a sheep design!) Fits really well, not leaky and wasn't too pricey.
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    Changing to winter routine

    I'm hoping to wait until mid-October but the horses were all round the gate this morning. It's supposed to be dry (although cold!) here over the weekend but they might have to start coming in early next week.
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    Would you ride horse that had reared?

    One of my geldings has reared with my brother a couple of times, both times he'd been separated from 'his mare' when he was going through a stage of separation anxiety. I also believe that he isn't so keen on my brothers riding style, for whatever reason. Due to being able to know the exact...
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    Wet, muddy legs — and more of your farrier’s pet hates

    Yes, I've had my farrier recommend that the horses stay in as it's ''better for the feet'' - Not happening. I would also add, that usually its the farrier that isn't on time rather than myself.
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    Bitless Bridles - Advice

    Recently I've been pondering over trying a bitless bridle for two of my horses but really confused over which type to try. My cob mare, built like a tank, is a serial leaner and bit chewer; working better once contact is completely dropped, obviously though, it isn't safe to ride like this on...
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    Clipping and not rugging

    Ive clipped my two cobs as they were sweating stood still, both out of work and looking rather porky. They've not had a rug on since and still been warm.
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    Cute but ridiculous 😂 rug!

    I love these rugs, really wished they did them in 100g though! I did get my little cob a penguin m/w a while ago, and its still my favourite rug.
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    Most stupid horsey thing you've ever said, asked, done etc.!!!

    I once tried to take a horses bridle off with the headcoller still over the stop.. No idea why I thought it would work. I also regularly lead my horses to and from the stable with a lead rope over their necks. Always have to remind myself not to let go of the clip end, whacked myself in the...
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    Unrealistic pricing - horses for sale

    If you look at it in terms 'making a profit', we would all be buying horses priced in the five figures. Though most horses are valued on behaviour, breeding, potential and previous successes; rather than how much it cost to raise, so the value is less, generally. Personally, buying a super...
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    Para Dressage

    It has crossed my mind but my horse has severe separation anxiety so I cant take him to shows. I was looking into doing something like dressage anywhere or Interdressage, something to give us a goal.
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    Para Dressage

    Ive been looking into doing some para dressage but I'm a little confused. I understand that I need to have a classification to take part in the para classes; but would I also be able to take part in the 'normal' classes. Mostly I just want to try my hand at it but the process looks long and...
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    Clip on breastplates?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a breastplate that clips onto the d-rings instead of leather buckles? I know they exist because I looked after a pony with one a few years ago. I've just been looking but they all look so complicated and have all these martingale attachments that I don't...