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  1. JennBags

    Why does my poo disintegrate?

    Ok not MY poo 😱🤣 But my horse's poo disintegrates, which makes it hard to pick up and my bed always looks horrible, brown and dirty. I feed him on chaff and micronized linseed. Yesterday I mucked out my friends horse and it was so easy, her poo remains in nice lumps which makes it quick to muck...
  2. JennBags

    Reputable Westie breeders South East

    Hello lovely AADers, it's been a while. Beginning to feel it's time for us to start researching getting another Westie, it's what Mr JB wants really, although Juno loves being an only child. I thought I might out some feelers out there so if anyone knows of any good Westie breeders in the south...
  3. JennBags

    Odd situation, stop cock being turned off

    I'm sitting in my lorry watching the driveway to my yard as someone has turned my water stopcock off today, not once but twice, and also taken the key away. Luckily I have a brilliant handyman who only lives round the corner who's been back to turn it on, but it is odd to say the least. Every...
  4. JennBags

    WWYD, nappy horse out hacking

    I've had Nelson for 4.5 years now. Every time we've got going something's put riding on pause so in that time I've not had him in consistent work very often. A year ago I seriously considered selling him as I wasn't sure I enjoyed riding him, but he got a reprieve again, had most of the winter...
  5. JennBags

    Update on Leo cob

    Looks like the original thread has been locked and LW has been banned which is a shame . Leo is back home with his owner, and is already putting on weight. I've seen pictures and am shocked at the state of him, just 6 weeks after he left the so-called rescue he looks in an even worse state and...
  6. JennBags

    Those of you with Reolink Go's

    I've recently got mine installed after it sitting waiting for me to pull my finger out for 2 years! It's great, although I rarely see the horses on it as I've got it pointed at the entrance for security and the horses are rarely round the gate. Anyway, I've been checking the battery and it's...
  7. JennBags


    A few weeks ago, I was introduced to a lady in Scotland who had a border collie that she was struggling with. I agreed to take him on, but at the last minute they cancelled as they decided to try again with him themselves. I can understand it, they love their dog, and really wanted to try to...
  8. JennBags

    Introducing a new dog - tips!

    A few weeks ago I was going to re-home an 11 month old collie but his owners changed their mind at the last minute. I can blame them, they love the dog and wanted to try again with him. However he's fairly high energy and they don't have the will to spend the time training him, plus they don't...
  9. JennBags

    Looking for a Westie

    Mr JB has decided he definitely wants another Westie after saying he'd never be able to get another one (we lost Suzie a few months ago aged 14). However were absolutely not paying the extortionate prices of close to £3k for a pup py that they're going for at the moment. I know sometimes...
  10. JennBags

    Tack room security

    I've just had a stable block built and have a tack room inside the haybarn, with a mortice lock. I'm thinking this isn't going to stop any serious thieves but on the other hand it's a small yard (3 stables), so hoping most serious thieves wouldn't bother. Does anyone have any ideas about how I...
  11. JennBags

    Dog transport - experiences, costs and recommendations

    Now you know I'd never be so rash as to agree to take on a high drive 11mo collie pup from Scotland, in the middle of lockdown, so of course this post is totally hypothetical 😇😇🤣🤣 Does anyone have pet transport experiences they can share, good, bad, indifferent. Approximate costs for...
  12. JennBags

    Electric fencing - no electricity

    Just weighing up my options as I now have an escape artist on the yard who is breaking all my fence posts and ruining my lovely track. I have a solar energiser but it doesn't deliver much of a hit and especially not at this time of year, there's just not enough day/sunlight to cope with it...
  13. JennBags

    Those of you with 1 or 2 liveries

    Do you have insurance? If so, would you mind sharing who you have it with and the cost. I got one livery without really considering implications but I'm probably going to have another one soon so feel I should put in place some insurance but not sure what it is I need. I've got public...
  14. JennBags

    Hooray, planning granted, now what building type?

    So excited! The council have granted planning permission for my 2/3 stables plus hay barn and tack room 😎🍾😎🍾 The stabling company that did my drawings can't supply and erect until November/December so I thought I'd look around at other options before I commit. We always think of stables as...
  15. JennBags

    Partially torn dew claw - bandage or not?

    Hello all, just seen that Juno has a partially torn dew claw, so she'll be going to the vet in the morning but in the meantime should we bandage it? All help and advice gratefully received
  16. JennBags

    Exciting agility weekend

    Tomorrow I've got a 2 hour group training session with Leah Gardner, I've not trained with her (or anyone except my local club) before so I'm interested to see what we can learn. My club instructor says I'm going to get a huge amount out of it and I'm quite excited 😁 Has anyone here done any...
  17. JennBags

    Fox-Pitt clinic at Hickstead

    Wouldn't this be amazing? Clinic with WFP in the main arena at Hickstead? If I were riding/jumping at the moment I'd consider it. Except. £500! Yes. Five. Hundred. Pounds. So who would do this and can you really ever gain that much value?
  18. JennBags

    Juno doing agility *proud mum post*

    We started agility last November for a bit of fun, I thought Juno would like it and it would be good for her brain. She didn't seem to really get it at first and I wasn't sure that she enjoyed it. She was rather slow, but had a good sit-wait and was very focused on me. She started avoiding the...
  19. JennBags

    A WWYD or would this livery appeal to anyone?

    I have 2 horses on just under 5 acres, it's clay so when it's wet it's very very wet and when it's dry it's bone dry. I have a large double field shelter which I use for stabling in the winter as they cannot be out all the time. George, my big retired horse doesn't do well being stabled, and...
  20. JennBags

    Barefoot trial, foot sore horse, what should I do?

    My horse had his shoes off last summer as I wasn't riding, have just started again and he's been back in work about a week. His feet look good but my friend rode today and she thought he was rather foot sore. Now I'm not sure what I should do, she has suggested hoof boots but should I stop...
  21. JennBags

    Happy Easter from Juno

    Had a lovely Easter Sunday walk, thought we'd share with you all
  22. JennBags

    No wonder dogs get banned

    We went for a walk on the beach this morning followed by breakfast in a wonderful cafe that's dog friendly. Halfway through our breakfast a group come in, one has a huge Swissie/Bernese (sorry not sure which) and another has a medium sized mongrel and they sit down next to us, with the Swissie...
  23. JennBags


    Spotted some of the evil little blighters on Juno the other week; we bathed both dogs in flea shampoo, gave them their flea treatment early (Advocate I think) washed the bedding, sprayed the house and office, and thought we had it under control. Suzie definitely was better, but Juno continued...
  24. JennBags

    Musings on a horse's way of going

    Just catching up on Luhmuhlen, and Harry Meade was talking about how easy a chestnut made it look going through the tricky water, and he said "of course it's not a puller". Led me to think about whether a horse is just a puller, or if this is trained into them; or if it can be trained out of...
  25. JennBags

    Juno "Recall Booster" training

    As promised on another thread, a few notes on today's recall session. It's a short course, just 3 weeks, and aims to just get that recall a little more solid. There were 2 other dogs on the session, a 17mo Finnish Laphund bitch and a 14mo labradoodle dog; Juno is just about to come into her...
  26. JennBags

    Video Rodeo!

    One of the funniest videos I've seen 😂😂 You're welcome 😊
  27. JennBags

    Pictures A "what breed is my horse" question

    I know you all love a what breed thread! I bought Nelson about 2.5 years ago, he'd been brought over from Ireland but breeding is unknown. I've had a few ideas but was hacking with a new friend the other day who threw a new breed into the ring and I think she might be right! He's a nervy but...
  28. JennBags

    Reseeding bare patches

    Woohoo looks like we've got some rain forecast for next week. That means I can reseed my bare patches, now I just have to work out where to get the see from. I got thoroughly ripped off with my fertilizer so thought I'd ask on here for seed recommendations. The one that comes up most on Google...
  29. JennBags

    Juno stars at foundation agility *pictures

    For the last few weeks we've been attending foundation agility classes, I've finally found a trainer that we've really clicked with. We've been working on the various different commands and last night we put a small course together. This was the start, we put the dog in place and get them to...
  30. JennBags

    Doglets in the Snow

    Come on let's see the pictures. We've only had a smattering of snow high up on the South Downs but Mr JB took the dogs up there and thoughtfully took some photos :)