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    what importance do you give to over tracking?

    what importance if any do you give to over tracking, when assessing a young or unbroken horse, or does it not matter you?
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    gifts for co owners and sponsors

    all suggestions gratefully received! have a co owner for one horse, he bought a half share years ago, for a large sum, always does things for the horse, makes it a years supply of special hay, pays vet bills, goes out of his way to help, no longer rides but adores horse, i have in the past...
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    save riding school horse??????????

    if what we read is true and many riding schools are to close, god help the horses. just suggesting anyone wanting a horse to consider looking that direction or making enquiries if a school near you is in trouble, if they sold some they may be able to keep a few to start over later. yes i know...
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    mercedes lorry parts?

    anyone be good enough direct us to where to get parts for mercedes 6 tonne, {if needed!] many thanks
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    boots for small pony, where to get?

    can anyone tell us the best place to look for hoof boots, preferably easyboot gloves secondhand, as will not be ridden in, for small pony feet 4 1/2 inches wide by 4 3/4 inches long, or if anyone has seen any for sale anywhere contact us please, for pony footsore after being trimmed many...
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    clean trax, where to but please

    could anyone please tell me where we can buy clean trax, thanks in advance!
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    massage pads recs please

    thanks in advance for any info on, massage pads that do the loins and back, most i`ve seen only seem to do the saddle area. any advice on any pads long or short please is very welcome.
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    best self righting rug with linings??

    thanks for any recs for self righting rugs with different detachable linings need one with the back leg straps only, if possible thanks again
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    freezing stallion semen, any experiences or advice to share?

    thinking about freezing semen from our stallion, who did you use and why, any advice appreciated.
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    advice on different fencing

    we are looking at fencing about 40 acres, its post and rail at the mo and seen better days, which stud fencing, electric or otherwise or other materials have people used and find easy to maintain and be very horse safe? and pleasing to the eye if poss ! and suitable for stallions. any input...
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    help! rescued starving yearling

    last Thursday we took in a foal yearling who had been down for 3 days, he has been In a sling and sunday walked or staggered round the yard, neighing at everyone! he is so thin and must have been hours from death, can anyone who has experienced this situation give advice, please, he is...
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    anyone breeding andalusian x anglo-arabs

    hi, is there anyone out there breeding andalusian anglo-arabs? otherwise known as tres sangres or three bloods, i have two, they seem to be quite rare, mine are pre x anglo-arab stallion and his son who is a higher percentage of tb.