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  1. PaulineW

    Issues with food bowl?

    Looking for advice, if anyone can help please. I have 4 chihuahuas, all great little dogs. Since overhauling their diet at the start of the year they have all become trim, and so much fitter and happier. One gives me concern around feeding time, and I’m not sure how to help her. I prepare...
  2. PaulineW

    Who to turn to re cruelty in picture?

    A closed group on Facebook to do with naming dodgy dealers, has a post about an individual holding a foal up in the air by its neck and tail. Not sure how the poster obtained the photo, but it looks like a screenshot from the persons profile. Said photo has been deleted from his profile although...
  3. PaulineW

    Youngstock livery: what is expected of the horse, and provided by the yard?

    Toying with this for my cob x yearling, as I feel like I need a break from horses at the moment. Is there a requirement for potential liveries to be at a certain level in terms of handling? Eg ok to catch, tie up, farrier. What would be provided in terms of care? I’ve not looked for one as...
  4. PaulineW

    Anyone else concerned about hay for next winter?

    One local hay producer has just announced he is cutting back, due to cost of everything from fuel to fertiliser. My provider has finished selling all of his hay, with none available until next harvest now. He also said prices will need to go up. I’m worried about affordability and availability...
  5. PaulineW

    Dunoon: anyone live in this area?

    Potentially moving to this area with OH ‘s work, so looking at equestrian options nearby. I only have my little Shetland gelding and donkey mare, so a yard is not essential. Also looking for advice on residential areas to avoid, if any, as initially will be looking at renting a house or flat...
  6. PaulineW

    Be on tv! Riders required

    Steve Dent Stunts hopefully this link works. If not he is on Facebook -
  7. PaulineW

    Salt licks in Home Bargains!

    Not sure why they have these in stock, but they are labelled Himalayan salt horse lick. I bought the same from Harbro recently for £5.
  8. PaulineW

    Wet or dry food better for weight loss?

    I have 4 chihuahuas now, and weight gain has become a real issue. Currently I feed them some dry biscuits in the morning, approx 50g in a shared bowl. And the same again at night, if eaten plus they get a quarter tray of butchers grain free each. I don’t know if they would better on just dry or...
  9. PaulineW

    This poor old chap I wonder how he ended up there at his age. 😞
  10. PaulineW

    Anyone in Gauteng, South Africa?

    We hope to visit family in Benoni this October. 🤞🏽 Three of the group are horse riders, and we are looking to do a ridden safari day. Looking for recommendations within about an hours drive. Thanks.
  11. PaulineW

    Top Spec tokens

    This might be cheeky, but does anyone have a token or two that they won’t use? I changed feeds but was saving the tokens towards an item. Happy to pay postage, thanks.
  12. PaulineW

    Losing teeth, when does it start?

    Possibly a piece of string type of question, but generally when would you expect to see an older horse losing teeth? Is it front teeth first, or molars, or just random? My mare is turning 22, and happy and healthy. She gets her teeth checked around Easter, and nothing of concern was noted. I’d...
  13. PaulineW

    Dengie grass pellets causing hard crest?

    I’ve recently started feeding my mare a small scoop of these along with her speedibeet and balancer. It’s about a double handful once a day. She gets hay, and there is no grass in her paddock. It’s woodland. She’s on the same hay all year round, grown on the farm. I noticed today her crest has...
  14. PaulineW

    Cordless clippers suitable for Shetland winter coat?

    Looking for suggestions please, as my mini Shetland is sweating and uncomfortable. Just want to do a bib clip really. Thanks.
  15. PaulineW

    Livery yards between Dingwall & Tain, Highlands

    Hi, posting here in the hope someone local can suggest a place I've not come across! I live halfway between these two towns, and would like to move my horse to a yard in the spring. I’m desperate for company and decent hacking. I’m aware of the following ones, but hoped there might be more that...
  16. PaulineW

    Modern pentathlon news essentially, cycling to replace the riding.
  17. PaulineW

    BHS updated loan agreement template

    Has anyone viewed this lately? It doesn’t display properly for me, and I can’t get a version that can be edited. any advice welcome 🙏
  18. PaulineW


    This missing horse is all over Facebook, so I’m surprised not to see it on here.
  19. PaulineW

    Would you offer payment?

    Back story: I keep my mare and tiny shetland at a local farm. It’s non horsey, and I was very lucky to find grazing so close to home. The owner is lovely and very helpful. Eg he bought a small tipping trailer for my poo picking so I do less distance with a wheel barrow. It attaches to his quad...
  20. PaulineW

    Adopting from SSPCA?

    Hello, has anyone done this and how was your experience? I’ve started looking for a small companion pony, and they have a few at the moment. I think you pay and the pony is signed over to you at some point, but I have no idea on their cost. I hope to call them on Monday, but would be...
  21. PaulineW

    Looking for riding buddy for older horse

    I’ve been searching for ages for a riding buddy, but have been unsuccessful via Facebook. I have a 25 year old highland, low mileage and does not act her age. She would benefit from regular riding for managing her weight, and just to keep her ticking over. unfortunately she doesn’t hack alone...
  22. PaulineW

    Hello from an ex Saddle-Up member

    I’ve been on here as a member for a while, but don’t say much. I used to belong to a forum called Saddle-up, but I drifted away many years ago. I was on there as Pollyfilla, if anyone was a member too. I live in the Scottish highlands, about 20 miles north of Inverness, and have two 14.2hh...
  23. PaulineW

    Feeding mag ox plus balancer?

    I have two fat ponies, both on dirt paddock and small track, no grazing just weighed hay. In the evening they get Top Spec chop zero, and Top Spec lite balancer. One did have a bout of laminitis and has a crest, which is softening thankfully. I’ve been feeding 10g magnesium oxide, but am I...
  24. PaulineW

    Track livery in the Highlands?

    Hi, has anyone come across this or any form of grass free turn out? Thanks.
  25. PaulineW

    Assess my horse please

    Please can someone point out if my Connemara x mare would be viewed as a EMS candidate? Obvious crest, which I’m very aware of and dealing with. Feet were overdue a trim at time of photos. She is not been in active work for months, for various reasons, and has just come off box rest after a bout...
  26. PaulineW

    Lice on yard! What to do about the grazing?

    So a horse on our little yard was found to have lice and was treated. Luckily he was in his own field at the time. We thought he was all clear and he joined our herd. Today I found out that he is still showing new lice, and owner has put him back in his own field! So, apart from treating our...
  27. PaulineW

    Wintering out without hay?

    hi, I have recently bought a lovely chunky cob mare, 14.2hh, who is currently rather obese. She is unclipped, wont be doing much this side of winter and has a good coat on her. Where she is kept is a farm on a hillside so nicely drained. Her field is about 2 acres with good grass still, and...
  28. PaulineW

    Massive sarcoids - your experiences?

    hello, looking for some feedback on the following please: I've viewed a lovely gelding to take on loan. Ticks all the boxes BUT has lots of sarcoids. Most are small pimple types, or hairy flat ones on his neck and upper body. None in areas where tack or rider would rub them. Nothing angry...