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    Feed to aid topline without the fizz for kissing spine rehab

    A stud balancer, high in protein and AA to support muscle growth & repair and a basic chaff if shes a good doer.
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    Arthritis in welsh d

    So mine went lame behind, 5/10 on the lunge, about 3 weeks ago. vet came out and suspected hock OA so booked him in for xrays and injections if necessary. Fast forward 10 days and we arrive at the vets and he trots up perfectly sound, nothing on flexion, in fact they videoed him on the lunge for...
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    Yard drama

    cut your losses and cut your ties
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    The price of horse feed

    Top Spec has been 15kg bags on all but comprehensive for ages now, literally years. You'd be better off feeding both something like D&H Suregrow and save yourself a fortune on yellow bag marketing
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    Asthma update

    Nigela is also a good one for asthmatics
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    Splint - light work or complete rest?

    mine threw one a few weeks back, never went lame and only noticed by chance as he cut himself just below it. I always tend to err on the side of caution however and did field rest for a couple of weeks as its still technically a fracture and therefore still bone activity and remodelling taking place
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    What do you feed your poor doers / your thoroughbreds?

    top line cubes, dengie performance fibre and omega rice in the winter. Summer tend to play it by ear and normally just end up using the omega rice, fibre and a cheap stud balancer.
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    What human products do you use on your horse because they are better/cheaper than the horsey version?

    lidl dandruff shampoo for any scurfy skin issues, about 50p a bottle and miles more effective than horsey brand sensitive skin stuff!
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    Quad bikes for poo picking paddocks

    We used to have a little honda ride on mower with the blades taken off to tow a poo trailer, cost a fraction of a quad bike! Now use a Kubota compact tractor which again still probably cheaper than a quad and a lot more practical as has both ball hitch, 3 point hitch and pto
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    Polytunnels as field shelters for summer

    if they are open both side I cant imagine it will build up an excessive amount of heat to be fair, our wooden shelters get bloody warm in the summer but they still go in them to get the sun off their backs and into the shade away from the flies so I wouldnt hesitate. Mine would absolutely shit...
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    The price of horse feed

    I haven't noticed to be honest as I need to buy it so its not an escapable cost so I dont look!
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    Chaff options

    Sugar and starch under 10% is a bit of a mythical number. 10% of what, 1kg, 5kg, 100g? Please bear in mind horses do not eat percentages and hay and grass will be higher than most if not all chaff
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    Part/Full Livery Stigma- Does it happen elsewhere?

    Normally by people who absolutely despise mucking out etc and barely have time to ride by the time they've done it all but still pretend they love it all and look down upon others for it
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    Hat Indecision (Karben, Air Rider, Do I stick with a Skull Cap?)

    i have the Uvex exxential as my everyday hat and its great, keeps my head nice and cool but I do tend to use my HS1 for any XC and my Ayr8 for competing
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    Chances of colic after scoping

    We were told there is a very very slim chance of colic post scoping. So of course ours colicked after all 3 scopes
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    Pink Mash for weight gain?

    Don't think you'd see significant weight gain from pink mash unless you fed vast quantities of it. Best way is to use a high oil supplement as people have said like Equijewel, Outshine etc I use Omega Rice and find it works very well on my TB, cheaper than Equijewel too
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    Fat horses

    Its reflective of the obesogenic society we live in sadly, it is becoming viewed as more and more normal. Fat people riding fat horses is my biggest issue!
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    Could you please help me with a project survey? :)

    Haha I didnt actually write the questions as its a group thing, I also would have said Nutritionist rather than Nutritionalist ;)
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    Could you please help me with a project survey? :)

    Thank you to everyone who has filled it in so far!
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    Body Protectors! When do you wear them?

    as stupid as this sounds I wear mine XC and whenever I think about wearing it, if i think about it and dont wear it i feel im jinxing it
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    Supplement or what? Not really sure what I am looking for.....

    Have a look at Immuno RS, friend of mine used it as an immune booster after a course of steroids and seemed to have a nice 'bloom' after a month or so
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    Could you please help me with a project survey? :)

    Hi All Would really appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes of your time to fill out the enclosed survey for a project im doing as part of a course :) Thank you
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    equine job roles

    Done :)
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    Poo picking and birds?

    The birds are doing your paddocks a favour and spreading the nutrient value around,
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    Winter mud protection for belly

    I use one of the snuggy turnout rugs with the weatherproof belly flap
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    Cantering on the road

    I was always told it was a big no no I always think its probably more likely to induce a slip on tarmac given the gait
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    Le Mieux Pads

    This thread cost me £75 today as I felt compelled to 'treat myself' to one of the PE ones
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    Sheepskin/wool saddle pads?

    Supafleece is an excellent alternative to proper sheepskin
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    Knowall novices

    tell em to jog on
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    Ulcer supplement

    Ekygard is probaly the most effective one out there, plenty of studies on it too. BUT, if you dont adress management issues then you can throw £££ of supplements in and they'll just pee it out and you'll get nowhere