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    Livery near St Boswell’s?

    I’m moving up to the borders from Somerset in June. Can anyone reccomend any livery yards within about 25mins drive of St Boswell’s? Full or assisted part livery considered.
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    Nearest to the Comfort Zone Lapel Rug?

    Used to love these rugs and gutted that I sold my old one! Can anyone reccomend something similar? Looking for a rug for winter travelling and post exercise or bathing so must have good wicking properties. I’ve found the ‘giraffe’ version on eBay but looks like it might be a lot thinner?
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    Insurance query - splitting claim

    You only get 12 months from when the condition is first noted. So if it’s time that is tight then splitting the claim if they do let you won’t change anything.
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    bridle/rein dilemma for in-hand showing- opinions needed please!

    Judges really don't care if tack is brown or black as long as the rest of it is correct! Adults should be shown in doubles or Pelhams with two reins inhand but for a local show a smart plain caves son bridle with a set of reins will be fine.
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    Weak stifles on a young horse?

    You have a year from when the problem was first noted on the record in order to get any tests or treatment claimed through the insurance. If you're covered I would bone scan her now. You may still end up turnning her away but you won't have the option of insurance cover if you turn her away...
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    PS of Sweden High Jump Bridles

    I'm thinking of treating my boy to a new bridle. Just wondering what the leather quality and fit of these are like? Anyone seen them in January sale?
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    Any Duck experts!?

    If it's a newly acquired thing I would be concerns about mycoplasma arthritis that is now causing tendon slip (mixed practice vet here). If that is the case antibiotics needed asap but potentially untreatable.
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    3.5T lorry and hay issues - what solutions are there?

    I've recently purchased a 3.5T Nissan conversion. It was converted 6m ago but only in a basic way so plenty of scope to individualise as I want it. I always travel my boy with a haynet but the horse area opens into the grooms area at the back, with the saddle racks on the back doors as per...
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    Five British Labs Use Horses in Experiments, Claims Animal Right

    They don't have barns of ex-racehorses etc. This will also include things they do do such as extra tests on bloods initially taken for diagnostic reasons etc.
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    At what age - teeth

    Permenant incisors and premolars come through from 2.5 years to 4.5 years. Permenant molars come through form 9months to 4years (no deciduous molars in horses)
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    Reading through BEF results

    We were discussing that the other day cundle green, that the marks seem to be lower. Maybe its just the standard of horses coming forward, but also the mark sheets have changed alot this year, with much fewer categories of marks. I do think the vetting has been much more thorough this year which...
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    Second Futurity Plumpton Date Now Up!!!!!

    We're taking another 2, and helping a friend with a further 3... Making it 11 i've helped with/run over 3 venues!
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    Foal and 2yo pictures

    Valient is looking really well! He's really matured since last season.
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    How Are The Evaluaters At Futurity Or Gradings Evaluated?

    If county shows up and down the country can release judges names months in advance (as entries for some do close ridiculously early!) surely the BEF can? We all know that illness/accidents do happen so last minute judges changes can occur, but surely what harm is there in releasing the names?
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    Futurity : its all go :-)

    We've got 3 for College and 3 for Plumpton.. can't wait!
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    Futurity and Production Levels

    Will hopefully see you at plumpton too, your filly is a really nice sort. Will you keep break/ride her?
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    Sport horse youngstock... a few questions...

    For sports horse class an inhand bridle is prob best. You may find you prefer to use a simple snaffle as opposed to an inhand bit seeing as she's an older baby just in case you do need the extra control. You're outfit sounds fine... is the class under Sport Horse (GB) rules? in which case you...
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    Evy and Ella first show 2009 - Pictures

    O right... thats good as we don't have any 3yos for this year!
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    Double Bridle on 3yo - advice on bits please

    That last bit made me giggle cruiseline! It is not a rule to show 3yo hunters in double reins (Pelham/double) its just done. Like its not a rule to use quartermarks.. its just done as it enhances the over picture. Our 3yo's have always been introduced slowly to the pelham at home before...
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    Evy and Ella first show 2009 - Pictures

    Well done! Which one of Moggy's was it?
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    Double Bridle on 3yo - advice on bits please

    We use simple pelhams on our 3yo hunters as opposed to full double bridles. Under sports horse GB rules no sports horse in any sports horse class should be in any bit other than a snaffle. Horses have been sent out the ring at the National show in the past because of it.
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    Where to buy a youngster

    We have a yearling colt by Lauriston out of Vital mare going for a grand as owner overstocked? Don't think it'll be very big once finished but can find out some more info/get more pics?
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    HHO 2009 FOALS

    Our first one was born this week. Lovely little colt by Lauriston (Latus I x Granit) out of a Bandmaster mare. (pics are huge so i'l link!) Called Roly!
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    Showing turnout for yearlings

    Ours are pulled... although technically they're scissored! Takes a bit of practice to get it right tho.
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    Tracing Microchips?

    Thank you, i have emailed them as so far i've had no luck tracing the chip. I will let you know if i have any joy.
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    Showing a Yearling

    Don't completly rule out bitting him though, ours all wear the little black nylon bits from yearlings upwards. Once they're in a show environment you might find you need a bit more control, especially the slightly bigger ones!
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    Comfort Zone Stud Girth or similar

    I have a comfort zone too, and love it!
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    BEF Futurity Evaluations - Which Section?

    From the sound of her i don't think you'd go far wrong putting her in the jumping section. As far as i know the evaluators can change the section (With your approval) if they feel she is best suited elsewhere. We'll see you at Plumpton if you're going this year! With regards to advice, post...
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    Equestrian Centres in the South East?

    For the natural horsemanship try Hilary Miles at Malthousebarn Stud, near plumpton.