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  1. Sprout

    Bow Balance or Flexon?

    I am considering getting my OH some new stirrups for Christmas. At the moment, he just has a very old pair of cheap and cheerful bendy ones for his hacking and lessons. Any opinions between the Sprenger Bow Balance and the various different Flexon stirrups?
  2. Sprout

    May I introduce my new puppy .....

    After 2 years on a waiting list, I am now the very proud owner of Mabel, a Great Swiss Mountain dog. She is joining my other dog, a Border Collie called Daisy, and at 8 weeks old, Mabel is already on twice as much food as Daisy - she is settling in beautifully and has a huge character...
  3. Sprout

    King Shepherd.

    Has anyone got any experience/knowledge of this breed?
  4. Sprout

    Chelsea rugs .... any opinions?

    Thinking about a Chelsea half neck rug, and wondered if anyone has any opinions? I am a fan of the Weatherbeeta Freestyle combo, as they have decent tail flaps and fit all of mine really well, but they are getting harder to get hold of, and my local shop stocks the Chelsea. Any thoughts...
  5. Sprout

    Great Swiss Mountain dog.

    I am starting the process of considering our next canine family member, and have been drawn to this breed. I have been reading up about them, but not met one yet. Any advice would be very helpful.
  6. Sprout

    Trail riding in Brecon Beacons or Cotswolds.

    My daughter and her friend are hoping to do a few days trail riding around the Brecons/Cotswolds - does anyone have any particular centres that they can recommend?
  7. Sprout

    Keeping a fly mask on.

    I have a real fly issue in summer here, so my horses are in fly masks, particularly to protect their ears. I have never had a problem before, but my pony who came last year just WILL NOT keep his mask on! He doesnt mind having it put on, so I know its not the mask that he hates, he really hates...
  8. Sprout

    Prestige saddler fitter/ Zoe Taylor.

    Hi, I posted up in South West, but didn't get any joy. I have been trying to get in touch with Zoe Taylor for a saddle fitting for over 6 weeks now, but with no luck. I also tried Fiona Dunning, but again got no reply. My local saddle fitter Martin Andrews cannot alter Prestige saddles as...
  9. Sprout

    Prestige saddle fitter.

    Can anyone suggest a good saddle fitter who can fit and possibly alter a Prestige saddle? I have been trying to get hold of Zoe Taylor for the last couple of months, but with no luck after she initially said she would get back with an appointment. I tried Fiona Dunning, but again no luck...
  10. Sprout

    Aston-Le-Walls photographer.

    Can anyone tell me who was the photographer at Aston-Le-Walls yesterday please?
  11. Sprout

    Brogini stockists.

    I am trying to find a local stockist of Brogini long boots for my daughter, but the search facility says there are no stockists around here! I live near Fordingbridge, Hampshire - does anyone know if there is a stockist around Salisbury/Southampton/Winchester etc? :confused: Any help would...
  12. Sprout

    Prestige Pro Tech Stud Girth.

    I need to get a stud girth for my daughter's horse, and really like the look of the Prestige Pro Tech with the neoprene as it is supposed to be so much lighter than traditional leather girths, brilliant at shock absorbing etc. Any one got any opinions they would like to share with me? :D
  13. Sprout

    Prestige saddle advice needed.

    I could do with some quick advice please ..... I have been trying to find a second hand Prestige Eventing saddle ( cant afford a new one! ) for my daughter, but they just dont seem to come up. I have found a second hand Paris D and a Paris K both the right size - can anyone advise me which...
  14. Sprout

    Opinions on what he is worth?

    I would really appreciate anyones opinion on his value. 16hh 5 year old, out of an intermediate mare and Midnight Legend. Currently doing BE100, with scope to go much further, always clear XC/SJ good dressage, snaffle mouth. Nicely put together, no vices, very sensible for his age etc...
  15. Sprout

    Bovington BE90 today.

    I know from a previous post that quite a few people were going today, and for some it was their first attempt. So, how did you all get on? My daughter was riding there today, her first attempt at anything like this, so even plaiting and putting studs in was a challenge! :p Dressage is...
  16. Sprout

    BE 90 in Hampshire.

    My youngest daughter wants to have a go at BE90 - Valium and a wine box will be required for me! :rolleyes: Could anyone let me know which courses would be good to start with, to give her confidence? We live in Hampshire, near Ringwood. Thank you. :)
  17. Sprout

    Where to ride in the Cardiff area?

    My daughter is living in Cardiff, having just graduated from Uni there. She used to ride a lot, had her own pony/horse but then lost her nerve and gave up for a few years. She is desperate to start riding again, and wants to find somewhere that will help her regain her confidence, but without...
  18. Sprout

    Hoplands XC clinic.

    Is anyone doing the XC clinic at Hoplands this Saturday, or done one before? I am taking my daughter, and we were just wondering what to expect, what the jumps are like, instuctress etc. :)
  19. Sprout

    Loose pony, and stranger to the rescue!

    Although she will probably never read this, I just want to thank the lovely lady who was out jogging on Latchmore, and helped me catch my daughter's pony today. My daughter was trotting along when suddenly a huge herd of deer that were lying hidden in the bracken, leapt to their feet all...
  20. Sprout

    Who was it ...... ?

    During the forum migration, someone posted up that they thought they might have to sell their cob ..... possibly a Welsh sounding user name, and in the Andover area. I sent a pm and replied to the post, but I think it got lost in the move! Anyone know who it might have been?
  21. Sprout

    Tram lines - what am I doing wrong?

    I dont do a lot of clipping ( daughter wont let me go near her pony with my clippers .... very wise! ) but I seem to be VERY talented at leaving tram lines. Are my blades not sharp enough .... am I putting too much pressure on the clippers, or not enough .... or am I just naturally rubbish...
  22. Sprout

    Jump Cross, Brockenhurst.

    I heard on the grapevine that there is going to be a jump cross comp at Brockenhurst next Sunday, but cant find any details about it. Can anyone help me with info or a link etc? Thank you.
  23. Sprout

    Collecting a sample - help!

    I have to collect a wee sample from one of my dogs, but everytime I try to slip a little container under to catch the wee, she stops and looks at me with absolute horror. She is a very ladylike, well mannered young lady, and obviously thinks I am being VERY RUDE! Any suggestions?
  24. Sprout

    Foot sore pony - any advice?

    Last Monday, I asked my farrier to remove the shoes off one of my ponies as he is not in work at the moment, and probably wont be for some time. He warned me that the pony might be a tiny bit foot sore for a couple of days - well its been nearly a week, and he still looks VERY foot sore. Can...
  25. Sprout

    Wilton Horse Trials - Are dogs allowed?

    As title really - going along as a spectator tomorrow, and wondered if I could take my well behaved dog, who has promised not to escape her lead and chase any horses! I cant find any info on the website, so wondered if anyone can tell me? Thank you.
  26. Sprout

    Horse drawn carriage rides in the New Forest.

    I have had what I hope is a great idea for my daughter's Birthday - a horse drawn carriage ride in the New Forest, where we live, but I cant remember where the stables is that used to do this, and have had no luck searching on Google. I know its a bit of a long shot, but can anybody help me...
  27. Sprout

    Introducing new pony to others - Advice needed!!!!!!

    I have over the years had to introduce new horses to our existing horses, and have never had a problem. I always put the new one in a paddock next to the others for a couple of weeks so they can get to know each other over the fence first. Then I choose a quiet day, usually after they have been...
  28. Sprout

    Terrifying ride for my poor daughter!

    My daughter was hacking out our new pony, and I had gone with her on the bike. Everything was going really well, when all of a sudden, a herd of wild ponies suddenly appeared behind us, galloping flat out screaming their heads off. We didnt have time to even think, they came past us like an...
  29. Sprout

    Pre purchase vetting.

    If you were buying a pony mainly for just for hacking, and it had come recommended through the local grape vine, was exactly what you had been searching for for over a year, would you still have a pre purchase vetting, even if that might mean you missd out as there are other people in the...
  30. Sprout

    Willowbrook Stables near Chichester.

    Has anyone bought from Willowbrook stables near Chichester? They seem to sell off horses and ponies used in their riding school from time to time, just wondering if they are worth a look.