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    Jaw crossing advice

    Check your tension isn’t transferring to your hands/reins in competitions, try using body and legs more and keeping hands still. Certainly dont go down the route of clamping her jaw shut anymore.
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    Any ideas on why my cat won't stop licking the wood burner?!

    Its called it, and chat with your vets on the phone, something else may or may not be going on with her..bloods and an examination would be needed..
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    Do ride and drive horses 'wear out' quicker?

    Mine was 9 when i bought him, front feet weren’t great, but a good farrier and diet helped, certainly wasnt bombproof with lorries and tractors but training helped with that, did everything, pleasure rides, xc, jumping, dressage and hacking, one of the most well mannered polite horses ive known...
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    My boy had just been diagnosed with stomach cancer :(

    I’m sorry to hear this sad news, I had my old boy (23) pts two months ago, cancer,, it had spread, he went downhill very quickly in 4 weeks, no option but pts, they cannot cure the cancer, it’s a horrible decision but it’s about quality of life in the end..
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    Cushings pony dropping off

    Linseed and speedibeet
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    My new horse has turned into a hamster!

    Has he had a dental check recently?
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    Using your leg on a sharp horse

    Try using your weight instead of putting your leg on ?
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    How hard to pull reins

    As above but you pull and give back, pull and give back with your reins, if you just pull you won’t win the strength contest! You’ll come on in leaps and bounds in private lessons.
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    Leftover Prascend

    Thank you all for your responses I’m sorted
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    Leftover Prascend

    After losing my old boy yesterday, I have 95 Prascend pills leftover! My vet won’t take them back..anyone know what I can do with them? Or anyone want them reduced (as long as you’re already getting Prascend for pony/horse)!
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    Innovative ideas for keeping horses on small acreage?

    Does depend on the land, well drained, sandy, clay or peat like mine, which is a nightmare (with 15.1 and 11.2).. as said get rid of walker, open up a couple of the stables for storage for hay and feed. Take it there is a water supply there? Go for it..
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    paint and colours for stable

    Just bog standard masonry paint I for colour, whatever colour you want!
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    Haylage or wrapped hay?

    Wrapped hay user for the first time last winter, was unsure as I have to soak for my ppid horse and fatty pony, ended up feeding straight (no soaking) as the weather was so bad it kept freezing in the trugs, worried re high sugars but ended up being not as dusty as hay, not as wet as haylage and...
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    Any 'Happy Hackers' on here?

    Love hacking, but hacking where I am is limited unless you have transport, but you def have to be on the ball hacking, I can’t stand the degrading looks you get when you say you ‘just’ hack...I used to compete locally, and have done pleasure rides (which are fab on a horse that’s that doesnt...
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    Neighbour Burning Muck Heap

    Unless it’s smoking into your house and garden, id leave well alone..
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    Anyone want a thread for the Olympic dressage live?

    Agree with bernster.uncomfirtable viewings of dorothe schneider riding tired or not, it wasn’t good riding on her part, lots of hard hands, bad seat..shows how much more subtle Charlotte was with aids..
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    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    I was going to suggest Shamus but then realised she’s a girl! Shandy’s good..
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    Would you cover their vet bill?

    Any update OP?
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    What type/make of wheel clamp do you use for your trailer?

    I used a hitch lock...
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    In praise of farmers

    Nice to hear farmers being appreciated! OH used to be out till midnight silaging and pair of us in bed at 10 up at 5 for’s a way of life not a job, but knackering at times!
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    PSSM suspicion

    Prob not related but has he had his teeth checked too?
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    Suggestions for (human) insect repellents and bite remedies please

    Vicks vapour rub, excellent for stopping midge bites itching, after I looked like a pizza last summer all over when the little sods bit me, i dabbed a bit on each bite (took a while, face head and body!)..I didn’t itch and they went down from volcanoes to nothing....any jungle repellent should...
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    Riding School recommendations - Manchester area

    Whereabouts in south manchester.
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    Feel inadequate having cob?

    I bought a cob x 14yrs ago, and have had a few people turn their noses down at him, with their warmbloods/tbs other breeds of horse..however, he has the best manners, we clicked together, have done all sorts at riding clubs, and he’s still going strong at 23, only ailment? Cushings, all those...
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    Hay soaking question

    I use then largest trig I could find, fill the net, dunk it in and stand on it, like treading grapes, till it’s squished down covered in drain, I have an upturned old metal hay feeder, heave the net onto that and let drain for half an hour..
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    Pasture management and dock plants

    ANother for glyphosate..we were covered in docks, I’ve been religiously spraying them with my hand held hairdressers water spray for the last 3 years, and now now i have barely any.. watch out if there are any in neighbouring fields, as they will just seed back over into your field..
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    Hay soaking question

    I’ve been soaking my cushings horses hay for 6/7 years now, sometimes for 3 hours (in summer when it’s warm), sometimes overnight, sometimes for 6 hours in the day, he always eats it, never had a weird smell from it, just the usual not unpleasant smell that comes from soaked hay, he’s not been...
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    Strimming nettles?

    I tend to leave them for the butterflies, then in autumn when they start wilting, the horse will eat what they want/need..
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    Sweetitch - micronised linseed or Ker E03 oil (or something else)

    I read somewhere that spirulina was meant to be good for sweetitch, but I think you have to start feeding it in January, before sweetitch season begins. I’m sure someone on here will know more about it!
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    anyone got any grass yet?!

    Need some warmer weather, frosty nights aren’t helping! def no rain thank you! Being on peat, the ground turns to bog as soon as a cm of rain appears! They’re finding a something out there but I can’t see much but dry mud!