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    Ifor Williams door catch- Am I just really clumsy?

    Mine snapped not long after I got the trailer, as have many of the other fixtures and fittings. Really disappointing :( The newer ifor williams trailers just aren't made as sturdily as they used to be.
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    Gutted about my young horse and thinking of just giving up

    I completely agree with riversideeu about how stressful it can be for young horses to be sent off somewhere new and then ridden. Had anyone apart form you ridden him before he went? It was probably a big shock for him to go somewhere different, be ridden by someone he didn't know and probably...
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    Starting a horse bridleless?

    Try riding in a neckstrap, with a bridle initially but trying not to use the bridle, use all your other aids instead! Then when you feel he is happy take the bridle off and see how it goes. Start somewhere enclosed and start slow. It's certainly a good test.
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    Looking for unaffiliated one day events in the South

    Thanks everyone, I will look up the ones people have suggested. I'm north Surrey, very near the M25 so Kent isn't too far.
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    Best turnout rugs?

    I really like the Bucas rugs and the lightweight ones aren't too expensive. If you have a bigger budget Premier equine ones are very hard-wearing.
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    Looking for unaffiliated one day events in the South

    Struggling to find many! Does anyone know of any coming up over the summer/autumn? I'm based in Surrey but will travel a reasonable distance. Thanks.
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    Irish draft feet

    Thanks :)
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    Irish draft feet

    I've recently bought an young mare who has a lot of Irish Draft in her. Her feet had been very neglected when I got her and were really overgrown and splayed out. 5 months later after regular trims they're a lot better than they were but are still quite flat underneath and wide, a bit like...
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    Help me choose..?

    Agree with the above comment. Do the showjumping for now and get her listening more, otherwise she might think she always does cross country after showjumping so can storm round!
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    Is a stock/tie essential?

    I think it depends a bit on the judge. I've managed to forget my tie before but get away without anyone noticing (and this was affiliated). But equally I've written for a judge who is very strict on turnout and will pull the rider up and the end and tell them off if they haven't got a tie on.
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    Good colours for a chestnut?

    Bright green and grey used to really suit my old gelding, he was a skewbald chestnut and white.
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    Saddles to fit a flat backed wide horse with low withers?

    As title! My horse has no curve to her back so most saddles tip. Need something designed for a flat back with low withers, she is currently in a riser but it's not ideal. She is also quite wide as has a lot of irish draft in her. Thanks
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    ODE ideas for a beginner

    You're a bit north of me so I don't know your local venues but if you know of places that have xc courses sometimes they will list ODEs on their websites that might not be on other sites. Also look in local tack shops etc, it is still quite early in the year so some places won't have their...
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    Hyundai Santa Fe for Towing

    I have a 56 reg Santa Fe, I like it a lot. Mine is a manual and can tow up to 2.2 tonnes, I have towed two small horses with it comfortably though I wouldn't want to take two large ones. I find it smooth to drive, it does cost me a bit in diesel as I drive around a lot but when I bought it it...
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    myler combination bits - anyone tried them?

    I've used it on my warmblood who can be a tank, it did work but he is quite clever and managed to get his tongue over it, so I had to ride with a drop noseband as well in order to keep his mouth shut. A bit of a faff but the only way to have brakes!
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    What do you define as a big spook?

    I had to be very careful not to sneeze when riding my old anglo-arab as if I did he would spook so dramatically he would almost fall over.
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    Worm egg counts, which company to use?

    Westgate look good, I have 3 horses, is it worth getting 3 of the 4 count packs? Seems the best value way to do it. We've recently moved yards to somewhere where they have their own field having previously been in a shared one on a big yard. I would like to test them regularly.
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    Worm egg counts, which company to use?

    As title really! I'd like to get my horses tested, there seem to be a lot of different places that do it so just wondering who everyone uses and how good they are? Thanks
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    Has anyone used Mickey Gavin or Guy Robertson for backing?

    I've not used them but used to know a girl who worked for them who really rated them.
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    What to look for in young sport horses

    Thanks for the advice so far everyone. I want a horse that can do grass roots but my real passion is dressage hence I want something that can go further in this. I'd hope something athletic enough to do higher level dressage could cope with lower level eventing. I hope the two don't...
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    What to look for in young sport horses

    I am currently looking for a young horse to bring on to do both eventing and dressage. I want one that's unbroken as I love to back them and bring them on myself, I do it a lot for other people but then have to give the horses back once they're established, now I want one I can keep! It is...
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    Sport horse studs

    Hi I am looking to buy a young horse soon, ideally want one that's unbroken so am thinking of buying direct from a breeder. Does anyone know of any good sport horse studs? Ideally in South East England though I will travel a bit for the right one. Just want a nice unspoilt youngster to bring...
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    Any tips for the B+E trailer test?

    Lane positioning! Be really strict about it especially on roundabouts, make sure the trailer doesn't block any other lanes or cut anyone up. Also practise lots of reversing (I'm sure you do anyway). Try not to get too stressed about it (I am terrible in practical exams and normally fail first...
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    Defender or Santa fe?

    I have a Santa Fe, it's the older version so can only tow 2.2 tonnes but on the whole it is a great car and when it eventually dies (it is 10 years old now) I plan to replace it with a newer version of the same. It is a really comfortable car to drive and there's lots of storage space in it. I...
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    follow on from retired horse looking ok but feeling bad!

    I'd imagine it is his feet. Where he's been off work they won't be as strong as they used to be. One of my horses used to event and hack for miles barefoot and had fantastic strong hard feet and was never footy. I had to retire him awhile ago due to an injury (not foot related). Anyway he...
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    Sprenger bow balance stirrups: cheaper version review

    I have some Shires bendy ones I bought probably about 8 years ago. They are still going strong and get used nearly every day. I love them and much prefer them to just standard non-bendy stirrups. I ride some horses for other people that have Sprenger stirrups, personally I don''t see a lot of...
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    I think my horse has had a mental breakdown

    Thankyou so much everyone's who's replied, it's really useful to hear other people's experiences. There is an animal communicator near us so I might look into having him out or find someone who does shiatsu, bowen etc. My mare is getting better slowly but it has definitely had a massive mental...
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    I think my horse has had a mental breakdown

    Thanks everyone, she goes out daily but the fields are too wet where she is to go out full time and there isn't a lot of grass, where she lost so much weight I'd rather have her in more so I can feed her lots and keep her warm and sheltered etc. nato I did consider this but as she is very...
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    I think my horse has had a mental breakdown

    Basically has anyone experienced this? Long story short my horse was very ill several weeks ago, she had to go to the vets for emergency treatment, she went into shock and nearly died. She was put into isolation as they didn't know what was wrong with her and thought it might be infectious...
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    solo rake?

    I've not tried the solo rakes but have used a mane rake (think it's basically the same thing) and I really like it. My horse also violently objects to any mane back-combing but he has no problem with the rake. It thins his mane really well then I just use some thinning scissors to tidy it up...