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  1. Goldenstar

    Daily Mail Today

    Has some great pictures of dog breeds one hundred ago and today .
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    Modern pentathlon

    I think it’s time for this sport to remove the jumping from the test . It was very very uncomfortable viewing . At the very least the selection criteria for the horses chosen to form the pool needs to be looked and adjusted to ensure what happened yesterday does not happen again . ETA just saw...
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    Do I find myself trawling Horsequest this morning I don’t want another horse I 😱
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    Look at these plaits

    They are wow .
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    When loans ...

    go right ,here’s my lovely old Tb J in his loan home
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    You Tube Labrador ...

    Labrador father teaches puppies to swim . You Tube recommends all sorts to me it rarely gets it as right as this. If you like Labs and puppies it’s worth looking up .
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    Puppy Play Pen

    I am thinking of buying a play pen for the Pup it could go in the garden room which runs off the kitchen . I am thinking of putting a crate in the cage with a bed in it . This would allow me to leave the pup in house outside the crate while I ride etc, while knowing that she’s safe while Mrs...
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    Look at what I am getting

    For Christmas I am pretty sure mine is the one sitting to the right of the black ones
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    Here’s Sky today he’s been here just over a year now He’s been a real success although the first nine months where slog . The two before him did not work out fingers crossed the luck keeps running our way with him Like all Draughts he’s taking time to strengthen but his self carriage has come...
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    Gratuitous Dog Photo

    Just looked this out it’s my favourite picture of Killi (who died last year )and Pearl who went on Friday In Ireland on visit to MrGs’s family
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    On to the next place Puppy Pearl

    My lovely old friend puppy Pearl has just gone on to the next place she was 16 . A pup to the end She had some sort of heart related episode earlier this evening it was dramatic she was PTS on my lap in front of the AGA . A happy merry lab she was mainly famous as an epic raider of bins .
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    Blue at Fat Camp

    Here Blue on the 5th of September And here He is Yesterday
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    I am in trouble I went to the Pet shop today for Kibble and bought them a bag of treats . they are Pet Bakery Luxury Liver Brownies . Happily the gang think they are super super tasty ,however while I was out of the room MrGS saw the price on the packet and emptied them out and they worked out...
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    Simply Blue
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    The vet comes to take a look at Tatts , he’s mildly lame on the soft on the leg where the suspensory has given us three lots of trouble over the years at 20 I won’t box rest and try to get him sound again so it looks likes the end of road for my delightfully batty care in the community horse . I...
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    Almost about Rugging

    So Fatty is out during the day in at night he’s unrugged He is losing weight ( I am restricting forage ) and that is good . However he has a bad smell he’s drying to slowly and defiantly has an off smell . Because he has non sweating syndrome he’s prone to skin infections because he does...
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    Help !! insurance

    Please could anyone who insures their let me know what they pay monthly . Some of you may now we are having a nightmare with my parents . My mum is paying £117 a month to insure a dog that’s seems mad to me . Is that right ?
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    SKY update three

    Last week we did our first dressage session all the way there I had not decided if I would ride or my trainer in the end I did . I took a draw rein ( ok shoot me if you like ) my guts told me that’s the way to deal with the naughty spooking . I am not strong atm still out of shape after the...
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    SKY Update 2

    I picked up Sky a week ago today . I have been working him twice most days and he’s beginning to knuckle down and get on with life the way I want him too . The hacking has improved a lot as has the behaviour in traffic although I would not go out alone atm In the school I have been lunging...
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    Sky an update

    This morning I turned him out he went nuts bucking and playing like a loon Fatty tottered after him for a few minutes and then gave up and just watched . They then spent ages grooming each other which sweet to watch . It was a a lovely afternoon and they grazed and Sky spent ages browsing in the...
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    Oh no it gets worse

    Well big changes here G has been sold to young pro and I put Harvey down . Hey ho that’s horses I could write pages about the last fortnight but will just draw a line under it So moving on to hopefully happier things a google of Pleasant Blue Sky will bring up the h and h add for my new horse...
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    Zara at Blenheim

    You have to read the hysterically funny piece in the DM . Zara was wearing white trousers, riding boots and a blue jacket and Watkins ( the horse ) was wearing a blue wool hat to keep his ears and head warm .
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    Great article

    I can’t do a link but if you go the Tarr Steps services Facebook page she has posted a link to a lovely article where Carl Hester goes through the way he starts and progresses horses from purchase to GP very short of course but interesting .
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    Oh No .

    So my old friend Tatts is lame . I feel sick , I am trying to tell myself it might be a touch of fetlock arthritis but it’s probably chronic the suspensory trouble he’s had before . The vets due tomorrow anyway for yearly health checks ,dentals , etc . There’s a cloud hanging over me .
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    Straw pellets

    Does anyone use them ? H is a very big wet horse and uses a lot of shavings in a week , I can get straw pellets easily and wondered if they might be better for him. How do you manage them ? I don’t deep litter btw . All information gratefully received I don’t think I have ever seen them in use .
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    Back on board.

    So this morning I got back on a horse just over five weeks since I managed to fall off and break my hip I rode Harvey for half an hour this morning I only walked . It felt a little strange but generally ok Harvey was a very calm boy ( he’s a really sweet person ) so I will aim for half an hour...
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    What weight ?

    What weight do you all think a small (15.2 ) Chunky tradional type of ID would carry .
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    Fairfax breastplate

    The saddlers been today to reflock H’s saddle and bring me a Fairfax breastplate . It’s really really looks so comfortable when we got it fitted (G and Harvey will share it ) . You need to fiddle about a bit to get it spot on but I really like how it sits I can’t wait to get out and try it ...
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    Lovely purebred ID over there >>>>>>

    How I wish I was looking for a ID mare . She so reminds of Fatty when he was young , the wrong colour but the expression is so like Fatty as a young horse . Of course what I really want is a magic wand so I can make Fatty six again .
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    The trouble with Fatty

    Some of you may remember that my lovely ID Fatty who carried MrGS so well has a damaged stifle and was unable to hunt last winter . So he’s now sort of retired we where leading him from another horse but he was uncomfortable in trot and although we saw some improvements with a little work it...