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  1. ColandMe

    Update on horse abandoned in my field

    Some of you will remember a short while ago my thread on the horse left in my field. Well, RSPCA eventually got back to me and came out to see her. Straight away decided to pts. I gave them as much info as I could and they found owner. Owner denied the horse was hers, said she belonged to me...
  2. ColandMe

    horse been left, help and advice please

    Hi, will try to keep this brief. About 2.5 years ago I sold my horse to the girl who'd been sharing her for some time, horse was still kept in my rented field with my others. Everything fine until some point last year,girl got herself into self inflicted financial difficulties ( could still...
  3. ColandMe

    My horses, past and present.

    3 year old Teddy and my daughter Teddy Bear My beautiful old girl, Colleen, about 24 in this pic Col again, somehow she got into the pond earlier this year despite it being fenced off, and the fence still being intact just with her on the wrong side! Hairy beast Charlie...
  4. ColandMe

    Good evening, I'm new.

    Hi, have been lurking for a while and after a pants week thought it about time I joined. I lost my old horse unexpectedly last Saturday, knocked me for 6 and still not coping too well. On top of that I have flu :( Still, at least being poorly now means i'll be ok for Christmas :) I have a...