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  1. bryngelenponies

    Underweight rising 2 year old?

    This is my rising 2yo filly, Welsh D. She has 2 feeds a day, using d&h mare and youngstock mix as well as supplements. She lives out and her field has good grass, but I do put down some hay in the evening. I personally think she is OK- yes she could have slightly more condition but I don't...
  2. bryngelenponies

    Best insurance company for a yearling?

    Hi I was just wondering whether anyone could recommend any insurance company for my new yearling filly. The main thing I would like cover for is colic surgery. At the moment I'm thinking that KBIS would be the best, anyone have any experience good or otherwise with them covering a youngster...
  3. bryngelenponies

    Can anyone recommend a good animal portrait artist?

    I'm already thinking ahead to my dad's big birthday in November and I'd love to get him something really special. His 15yo dog is the apple of his eye so I was thinking it would be really nice to have a portrait done of her- BUT I've spent hours searching all over the internet looking at loads...
  4. bryngelenponies

    I visited my new baby last weekend!

    I visited my little filly last weekend. Last time I saw her she was 1 week old so now at 1.5 months old she has already changed quite a bit. I love her and can't wait to get her home with me :D
  5. bryngelenponies

    Meet my new baby!

    I just rang the breeder and she's mine :) She's a Welsh D- dam sire the gorgeous Nebo Daniel. Sorry if they're huge- I don't know how big they're going to be. I can't wait to get her home :D
  6. bryngelenponies

    How much should I offer?

    Foal I went to see last week is offered at £1650 ono. She really is lovely but I'm just wondering what sort of money I could offer- would £1500 be acceptable? Both of my horses were fixed prices so I'm rubbish at making offers! Thanks in advance :)
  7. bryngelenponies

    Hackamore suggestions for horse whose just lost half his tongue!

    My friends horse in America recently had a horrendous accident (no idea how he did it) but it resulted in a huge cut through his tongue and the front half of the tongue subsequently falling off :eek:! Otherwise the horse is fine in himself apparently (still getting used to drinking with half a...
  8. bryngelenponies

    Owner of Teveri?

    I've looked everywhere I can think of but can't seem to get a name for the owner of Teveri. I know that Amanda Ratcliffe rode him but I don't think she was the owner as well. I'd like to get in contact with the owner so would be grateful if anyone knew how I could get in touch. Thanks! :)
  9. bryngelenponies

    Help please choosing membership with public liability

    Next year I will be getting my gelding back from loan and potentially getting one or two youngsters (total of 3, maybe 4 horses to cover). Since I consider public liability to be the most important thing I've been thinking ahead and considering the possibility of getting membership that includes...
  10. bryngelenponies

    How many rugs has/have your horse(s) gone through?

    Since I use my gelding's destroyed rugs to cover my hay I was counting up how many rugs he's gone through (yes it is depressing to see how much money I've spent). In the 7 years I've owned him he's gone through 9 that normal :eek: I don't really rug my mare so she hasn't had the chance...
  11. bryngelenponies

    Got to see my boy today :D

    As some of you may know me gelding is on loan whilst I'm at university, I usually go and see him every Christmas and Summer and drive past every so often. He's on loan to a good friends so I know that he's being very well cared. She does sj and hunter trials with him- he's qualified for the...
  12. bryngelenponies

    Do mares become more affected by their seasons?

    I've had my section A since she was 2yo and she has never been mareish even in the slightest. Even when my gelding was still with me she was never overtly in season, but this year (she's turned 8yo) and she seems to be more affected by her seasons. The first season of the year she was a bit...
  13. bryngelenponies

    Using Depitox or other weed killers...

    I need a selective weed killer which will mainly kill docks and ragwort- I also need a larger quantity than something like Ragtime- enough for about 4 acres. Depitox looks like a good option, is it? (I've never used anything more than a spot weed killer up until now). However it appears that you...
  14. bryngelenponies

    Tips for an advert for work experience

    I'm writing an ad to put up in some local tack shops/feed shops and wondered if anyone had any tips. I would love to do work experience at a stud, to get experience of handling youngsters and general workings of a stud. I haven't really handled anything younger than 2yo but I'm keen and eager to...
  15. bryngelenponies

    How much do you pay for the dentist?

    As title really, just out of curiosity to see how prices differ around the country. Just wondering the cost of a visit from the dentist- routine treatment for uneven wear etc. My dentist is £20 call out and last time he came he said that nothing needed to be done so can't give a price for...
  16. bryngelenponies

    How can I change my name back to what it was?

    I changed my name for Christmas but have no idea how to put it back. I assumed that it would revert automatically but nobody else seems to still have a Christmas one. I have tried everything I can think of and am now at a total loss :confused: please help! P.S. I do mean my H&H name :p
  17. bryngelenponies

    How can I change my name back to what it was?

    I changed my name for Christmas but have no idea how to put it back. I assumed that it would revert automatically but nobody else seems to still have a Christmas one. I have tried everything I can think of and am now at a total loss :confused: please help!
  18. bryngelenponies

    Some pics of doggie Billy from the past year

    Here's the handsome boy himself In his waterproof poncho :p In the bath with his 'sister' Finally the 'three muskateers' with the matriarch in the middle at the grand old age of 13yrs :)
  19. bryngelenponies

    Ideas please for an xmas present for my pony :)

    I've started doing my xmas shopping and I'm struggling with what to get my 12hh section A mare for xmas this year. Last year I got her a rug so she doesn't need one of those and I don't think she'd be too interested in any sort of snack toys. So any ideas would be greatly received :D!
  20. bryngelenponies

    How much turnout space do you have at livery?

    Just wondering how big the area is that your horses get turned out on at your livery yards. When I was coming back on the train this morning I went past a good number of stables who had small fields sectioned off into even smaller parts and each part had at least 2 horses in it, is that normal...
  21. bryngelenponies

    What happened to Witch Doctor?

    I'm not sure whether this is the right forum to post this but thought someone on here may know. I remember years ago going to Badminton and seeing a spunky little horse called Witch Doctor. A while later I saw it for sale in H&H- so just wondered randomly if anyone knew what had happened to him...
  22. bryngelenponies

    Questions for those of you who use horsehage...

    I bought horsehage for the first time yesterday- the high fibre variety. I'm just wondering how much you feed to yours, is it less than hay or the same? I'm of course going to gradually introduce it over a few days. This may be a stupid question but does anyone else find baling twine in with...
  23. bryngelenponies

    Someone else selling bute on ebay now...and 200 sachet of it! I would report it but I have no idea what options to select in order to do it. Why do people think it's ok to sell prescription drugs?
  24. bryngelenponies

    Does your horse wait or run when you fall off??

    Just a bit of fun and out of curiosity. My gelding stops immediately and waits, doesn't even consider running off. Whereas a friend's horse who I was riding threw me off and as soon as I'd been tossed she ran home. Do you think you can change a horse's behaviour and make them stay rather than run?
  25. bryngelenponies

    Question about bannermaker...

    I've made a banner but; problem 1- which banner code option do I choose? 'Normal banner or forum banner?' problem 2- how do I then put it on here? thanks!
  26. bryngelenponies

    Anyone with experience with Riding for the Disabled?

    So whilst at university I'm considering volunteering for my local riding centre. I miss my ponies so this seems like a good idea. The riding centre is also a Riding for the Disabled centre so I would be required to help with that aspect as well. I'm just curious whether anyone on here has nay...
  27. bryngelenponies

    Student housing legal advice please? (not horsey I know)

    I don't think 'legal' s quite the right term but I'm not quite sure how best to word it. So basically we got the house in August and began paying rent in september-we moved in then as well. When we moved in one of the bedrooms was slightly damp and we were told it would be sorted. Two weeks ago...
  28. bryngelenponies

    Horse put down after hit and run- RIP

    Just checking the news as I usually do and came across this terrible incident. It's a shame that riding on roads is so dangerous- without having inconsiderate drivers like this. I hope the man makes a fully recovery and I hope that the horse's suffering was ended quickly- RIP horsie...
  29. bryngelenponies

    There's rearing and then there's this!!

    I would not like to be on this horse- I can safely say that I would never in a million years have been able to sit that rear.
  30. bryngelenponies

    I think I've finally found out how to upload pics...

    I think I've figured out how to post pics- hopefully I'll be able to show you Misty and Toby :) Misty Toby (p.s. I did buy the photo but this one is easier to see than taking a picture of the picture) Sorry if it doesn't work!