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    Foreign Dogs Rescues are up in arms and there is already a petition trying to get this overturned but all those scamming rescues...
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    Did anyone watch Channel 4 Supervet about the Bulldog
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    Best food for dogs with DCM

    Diesel has been diagnosed with DCM very early stages and Darcy his sibling is even earlier and is not on meds(Cardisure) which Diesel is, they are both 11yrs old in Feb and are in good condition still running around like lunatics and no symptoms apart from Diesel who has the occasional cough...
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    BHA cancel racing on Thursday due to Equine Flu Outbreak This is really concerning as affected horses are vaccinated and of course so close to Cheltenham
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    Anyone here who is with Elite or Owners Group

    A friend bought me a hair in a horse in Owners Group and I joined Elite Racing even though they are mainly flat they do have a couple of NH horses including Constancia who has won a maiden hurdle. I also bought a share in Getaway Trump who is 2nd fav for the Betfair Hurdle on Saturday at...
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    Monets Garden Sad to read this news, he was one of my absolute favourites, he never knew how to run a bad race and his jumping was spectacular. He was so gutsy which was very evident when he got Laminitis...
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    AHAR The beginning of the end? Great news for all of us that have worked so hard to get change, the animals are the winners.
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    Ponies Free To A Good Home. AHAR

    Ok guys. We still have such a large amount of equines to home. We are feeding hay round the clock the same as the Winter months. A very costly situation to be in. Just draining funds. All our equines are fully vetted, the males are gelded since last year. All wormed and feet done. Pass port in...
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    A lovely write up on Denman
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    Horrendous arson attack This is just heartbreaking and I loved the film about Dream Alliance, sadly the dream is over.
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    Rich Dog, Poor Dog

    Did anyone watch this earlier on Channel 4, now on 4+1
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    Irish Mail On Sunday expose on AHAR Scroll down the page to the post, just when you think you've seen everything something else comes along and shocks you to the core. I dont understand how this woman is allowed anywhere near an...
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    Giggingstown remove their horses from W. Mullins Well there's a turn up for the books, apparently its over the fact that Willie has Increased his training fees for the first time in 10years. I wonder who will get the majority of the horses, Gordon Elliot Im sure would be...
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    This is a new one to me

    8wk old platter Dale x bull mastiff pups £170 Weston-super-Mare 2 bitchs are 170 and 3 dogs are 150 loving playful temperament selling on behalf of a friend Can you believe the bitch was the Patterdale, poor girl must have had an awful time giving birth to these pups.
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    More revelations on AHAR This has just come up on my newsfeed, it is horrifying and has moved me to tears, what the hell is going on there and why are the authorities not doing something about it. We all moan about the RSPCA but I cant believe they would...
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    Important petition for the Kennel Club Can I ask everyone to sign this petition and share...
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    Mixing Raw With Kibble This makes for very interesting reading and debunks a few theories.
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    Dorset Dog Rescue Over a year ago since the BBC Inside Out programme exposing this rescue, this is the outcome. In January of this year DDR had only about 3 rescue dogs on their site for rehoming despite other genuine rescues being inundated with dogs...
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    Should rescues buy from the meat man.

    Animal Heaven Animal Rescue Yesterday at 11:56 · *********Code red*********** Calling my army from all over the world, I need you now. The meat man rang..... So far 9 ponies and a horse but the number may rise again by tonight. Straight out, no I don't have the funds to buy them but we...
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    A knighthood for A,P.? If anyone deserves it its him, hope he gets it.
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    Thoughts on my magnificent custom made dog bed

    h This is what I have on order
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    Whats the verdict on AP joieamning the Channel 4 T

    I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, he has a great sense of humour and is also self effacing, I just think he is great and is a welcome addition to a tired Channel 4 team. Apologies for the title but cant edit it.
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    Is it just me who finds this wrong. This has come up on my news feed, this poor little donkey has pneumonia and it seems to me they are blatantly using this image to raise funds. Please tell me I'm not the only one...
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    Victoria Pendleton to train as a jockey Considering she only sat on a horse a week ago and has to get her licence do you think she will succeed in her quest to ride in the Foxhunters at Cheltenham.
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    Does anyone recognize this poor dog warning graphic photo.
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    Bristol Dog Spinning Project Anyone who has a dog that spins or chases his tail repeatedly can get in touch with the above who are looking for peoples experiences in order to better understand and hopefully fix it.
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    Lisa Walsh

    Lisa Walsh is on the move again, she is also back into selling horses, so anyone out there who is viewing or about to put a deposit down on an animal belonging to her or one of the others she trades with be aware. They currently live in Easton near Norwich, but have contacted estate agents...
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    Dog travel harness

    Im looking for a good quality travel harness which is strong enough for a Dobermann, any recommendations? preferably something which isnt fiddly to put on.
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    Follow up programme to Dogs Their Secret Lives.

    Tonight at 8pm on Channel 4, they revisit some of the dogs and owners featured in the series.
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    Tomorrow on BBC1 9.15AM Fake Britain.

    Dont forget to watch our Sam talking about puppy farmers and BYBs.