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  1. Aidey

    Hand reared foals..

    Do they generally tend to have more issues/problems than 'normally' reared foals? Would you buy one? Any thoughts/personal experiences? Things to watch out for/to expect..
  2. Aidey

    To buy or to breed? Dilemma..

    I am now at the point where I can breed from my mare next year, I have also found the stallion I would hope to use. But.. I have also found a foal for sale which ticks my boxes and I have fallen head over heels in love with! So the big decision, do I breed from my mare and get the homebred I...
  3. Aidey

    Is Furst Kiss still available at stud?

    Is Furst Kiss still available at stud? I noticed on his Facebook page he is now in America? Does anybody have anything by him? What is he like temperament wise? Any info would be great, thanks
  4. Aidey

    What colour tweed?

    Which would you say went best with a deep liver chestnut horse? Dark Green based tweed or brown based tweed? I can't decide between two jackets!:o
  5. Aidey

    Appaloosa/Coat colour/genes people help please..

    My blanket spot appy is a deep liver chestnut, on her blanket she has the usual spots the same colour as her coat but she has two small spots which look like a very pale chestnut, is that what colour they will most likely be or could they possibly be a dilute colour? I'll try to find a photo, if...
  6. Aidey

    Rembrandt DDH

    Thoughts and opinions on this stallion? Anybody used him? Have or know any offspring of his? I Have been thinking of breeding from my mare for a number of years, at 16.2 I feel she is a little big for me, I wish I could shrink her a hand! Looking to breed to keep, ideally something that...
  7. Aidey

    Korolieva (IRE) TB mare

    Anybody know this mare? Or find any photos of her? I have found the usual breeding info etc on racing post. Preferably looking for someone that knows/knew her. Thanks
  8. Aidey


    Lately when my bitch gets a treat (bone/denta stick etc) she will take it and bury it, in the house, in an old blanket, under her bed or basically whatever she can get her paws on. Never noticed her doing this before. She will place the treat down and nudge the blanket/bed as far round the room...
  9. Aidey

    Excelsis TB Stallion

    Looking for info on my mare's Sire Excelsis 1986 Bay TB stallion By Shirley Heights Out of Sacred Ibis Would like to know his height plus any photos etc is he still alive/standing at stud etc? Thanks
  10. Aidey

    Strinesdale Gingerbread

    Looking for info/owner of my mare's Dam. Strinesdale Gingerbread - British Riding Pony By Strinesdale Mastermind Out of Strinesdale Breadstick
  11. Aidey

    Thoroughbred sales

    When are the next ones and where? (only ones in UK) I want an OTTB, had one before but had to sell due to a change in circumstances and would have her back in a second! BIG regret :( Now I am in the position to have one again and considered every aspect of it. Been searching the internet and...
  12. Aidey

    Ariat Grasmere or Dubarrys?

    I'm getting some new boots and really love both of these two! However I am leaning more towards the grasmeres as I heard Dubarrys aren't made/good for riding in and the Grasmeres are. Any pro's/cons on either boots you could enlighten me with?
  13. Aidey


    I have bought a coloured filly foal who will be arriving once weaned in the next few months, I get to name her on her passport and would like some help from you lovely lot :) She is by a TB named Don Bollinger and ideally I would like to stick with the 'Don' at the start and then something...
  14. Aidey

    Possible new horse, height help..

    Found a potential new horse, only round the corner from us and more or less fits the bill but one thing is niggling at me, her height. She was born March 2011 and is out of a 15hh PBA by a 13.2hh Riding Pony. She is currently standing 13.3hh, what do you expect her to eventually mature to? I...
  15. Aidey


    So hopefully if all goes well I am going putting a deposit on my new boy this weekend He is a palomino tobiano (colt at the minute) and doesn't have a name, suggestions please! So far I like Joey, Sonny and Oscar.
  16. Aidey

    Buckskin or Dun?

    Right this might sound silly but can a dun be a dun without having a dorsal stripe? I thought if it had a dorsal stripe it was dun, if it didn't that made it buckskin :confused: Helppp :D:o
  17. Aidey

    Those of you with children that ride

    What age did your little one/s start riding? Also what breed/height pony did you buy/loan for their first? At the minute I am 'in-foal' and expecting a 'filly' :D so getting the pony will not be any time soon but I do hope to eventually get the little one into the dreaded pony bug :D...
  18. Aidey

    Bluechip Lami-Light v Topspec AntiLam

    Has anyone used either of these before? If so what are your views on them? Did they make any difference to your horse/pony at all? Any opinions/experiences are valued :) Thanks
  19. Aidey

    RIP Whitney Houston

    Sorry if its already been done Loved her music and especially 'The Bodyguard' RIP thoughts with her family and friends x
  20. Aidey

    Are these sarcoids?

    Found these on my mare, the area is roughly no bigger than an inch and they are on her belly where her umbilical cord would have been. Do you think they are sarcoids?
  21. Aidey

    How old before stopping feeding suregrow?

    Yes another boring suregrow thread :D What age would you say stop feeding suregrow? We was talking about feeds today at the yard and I mentioned that my colt was being fed suregrow and one person replied that now he is a yearling he should be on a 'proper' adult/conditioning feeds such as...
  22. Aidey

    Pay box you put money in to turn paddock lights on..

    The best way I can describe it as, the box you have on the wall and you put your money in and turns the paddock lights on for a set amount of time.. What are these boxes actually called? Do you know any companies/people who make them? There was a fire at our farm a few years ago and since...
  23. Aidey

    Another one of them 'how big do you think he will make'? threads :)

    Measured my little man last night and he measured 14/14.1hh at the withers and 14.2hh on his bum, he is 11 months old. TBXISH, dam is 15.2hh and not sure about sire's height. Was told he would make 15.2hh maybe 16hh. People at the yard pass comment that he definatly won't stop at 15.2hh. I...
  24. Aidey

    Warmblood x with what?

    I plan to eventually breed from my mare, to keep the foal for my next horse. She is a Belgian Warmblood and also has blanket spot colouring. I have always just thought I would put her back to another WB/Hanoverian/Westphalian/Holsteiner stallion but just out of interest (and reading an...
  25. Aidey

    What to do now? PTS?

    My childhood pony has been out on loan to a girl for the past nearly 3 years, 2010 she got lami and was very lame, this has been on and off since then, lame infront then sound then lame in both behind etc etc* Since 2010 she has only been turned out a few times a week for 3 hours grazing...
  26. Aidey

    What do you plan to accomplish in 2012?

    Sorry if it has already been done, just been looking in the photo gallery of last years pictures and I sooooo can't wait for summer! My horsey plans for 2012 are: 1. Take my mare Aidey to the beach, not done it for years and every year I say i'm going to but never get round to it! 2...
  27. Aidey

    Showname help please :)

    Need help thinking of a showname for my yearling. Stable name is Biscuit. He is chestnut with a blaze and 3 white stockings. Dam - One Better (IHR known as Carrowbanny Clover) Clover Hill lines. Sire - Ajaad Aljaree by Sadlers Wells out of a Persian Bold mare. I'm rubbish with shownames...
  28. Aidey

    What do you do with your yearlings?

    I've seen a couple of threads on here of people with youngsters who have them walking over large plastic sheets and taking them for walks etc Just wondering what age you start to do this? Eg introducing to traffic, walking over tarpaulin .. Thanks
  29. Aidey

    Bretton Woods stallion

    Considering different stallions for my mare, I have put up a few different threads on different stallions (Dante Weltino/Hotline/Fidertanz/San Amour) Bretton Woods... Anybody have any/saw any offspring by him? Thoughts on conformation/temperament/rideability? Anybody seen him in the flesh...
  30. Aidey

    This pic just makes me cringe ..*20913778*HHO:292303&pg=1&si=CAT*1**0&sr=h&cr=2&kwe=Stolen%20horses& Lovely looking boy but the main pic, his...