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    Christmas Prezzies ???

    Hi Everyone ! What have you all asked for for Christmas ? My main prez was delivered yesterday, I have getting a pair of Durbarry boots but Mam and Dad won't let me have them till Christmas I have asked my bro for a pair of Jods, I want a good pair to compete in has any one got any...
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    Going Cubbing 2moro 1st Time.

    Hi there, My friend and I are going cubbing tomorrow, I have never done this before but my pal has. My question is do you platt, My pal say's you don't but would hate not to be the odd ones out ? haha Thank You x ;)
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    Going on Holiday.

    Hello I have just booked a holiday with my pals to go away next June ( I knows it 10 month away hahaha ) It is my first hol away since I have been @ the livery yard, I had my own place b4 this and my sis was into horses so it hasn't been a prob going away as she would take care of them. I...
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    Dressage tests

    Hi there hope you can help. At the end of July I am doing an unafil ODE, I haven't done one b4 and haven't even done a dressage test but my horse and I are working real well on our flatwork and lessons and think it time to do one. My problem is where do I get the test from ? It a 2007 101...
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    Medical Armbands

    Hello there I am doing a show x in 2 weeks and it is noted in the rules that arm bands must be worn for the x country phase. I gave bought one but what kind of info do you need to put in it ? Thank You x
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    Does it matter.......?

    What side you get your horses name put on their numnah ? I have had my horses name put on the right hand side but my other pony has his name on the left ?
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    Anyone going to Horse camp this summer ?

    Hello I just got information through last week to go to Horse camp @ High Plains near Hexham. I cannot wait for this as I missed out on Pony club camp as I got my 1st pony at 13 but had no transport. So in August I am off to camp, The timetable looks fab and the place it is help at is...
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    Anyone doing Pallinsburn On the 8th July ?

    Or have you done it before ? I am taking my boy and can't wait, Just wanted to know what the course is like. I am doing the show X 3 ft , Which I am a little nervous as we normally just do 2ft 6.As this is my lads 4th comp. I have faith in him though !
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    Show X

    Hello Right I am hoping to do a show cross in a few weeks time, I have done them before but was wondering what to wear. In the past I just wore my cross country gear for the SJ & cross country. Should I wear a show jacket for jumping and also would you platt up ? Cheers me dears ! x
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    Lost Confidence update

    Hi Guys, Just thought ad let you know how I am getting on with the confidence thing ! Well last night my pal came over to help out, I did some flat work and a little bit of jumping in the school for about 45mins he was a bit sweaty then took him into the field, I trotted up and down and...
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    Lost confidence

    Hello there I am hoping you guy's can help and tell me what you's think. I have been at my new yard now for 8 weeks, It is great and my 2 boy's are real happy and so am I. The facilities are great, I have use of an all weather arena and can ride in the fields as long as there are no horses in...
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    Hose Pipe Palarva

    Well I told you about the carry on with my big horse and the hose pipe last Thursdy night and how he towed the YO around the yard, Now my boy stands like an angel getting his legs hoses and I think he enjoys it. YO said to me he's a quick learner and I said no I think it's more of he's sh*t...
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    Hose pipe palarva !

    Well as you all know I moved my 2 boys to a new yard 4 weeks ago, The YO has 5 horses and they all stand in a row waiting for their hooves and legs to be cleaned using the high water pressure hose pipe, My Murph will kinda let me clean his but does have a paddy but least I can get it done...
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    Horse Camp woohoo

    I was reading a post a couple of weeks ago about Horse Camp, It looked fab but was too far for me as most of them are in Yorkshire and down south, I have just found a place that does Horse Camp which is about half an hours drive from me yipeee I have sent for the infor so can't wait, I think...
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    Anyone Sad like me

    Buy their horses a valetines present ? I got my 2 a biscuit each from Greggs with a little heart on. HAHAHA they gobbled them up this morning. Also I have had my big lad 3 years tomorrow, It is so scary how fast that has flown over. Wallis
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    Rubber Mats & Bedding

    For those who have stable mats how much bedding do you put down ? At my new yard the whole of the stable floor is rubber matted and the back part has a 1 - 2 inches covering of shavings. I find this so much easier to muck out as I you can see the wet partswhich just gets swept up. I was just...
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    Moving stables went well

    Well I moved my 2 lads on Saturday from a field I rented on my own to a yard with 3 other ladies and 8 neddies, It has been the best decision I have made ! I was really worried about if my boys would settle, If they would all get on, If I would get on with the other ladies etc... When I...
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    Any Ideas (Feed)

    Hello there ! My old boy who is about 26 has lost a bit of weight, He is well rugged and has hay all day, He get's a feed on a night time which consists of A scoop of 16+, scoop of Alfa A Light and a scoop of bran. He has a healthy shiney coat and a good appetite. I got his teeth checked in...
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    Moving Stables

    Hi there, Well I thought I would shere with you's that I'm moving my 2 lads next Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it . At the moment I rent a small field two stables and a tack room, I am the only one on the field. I am moving to a yard which is not too far from where I live...
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    Rainscald ???

    Hello there Am in need of some help. My old boy got a patch of rainscald on his neck, I bathed it and put his neck cover on to keep it dry, This heeled real quickly so took the neck rug off and the little buggar scubbed it red roar . I have now sorted that patch and now he has patches on his...
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    Hi there ! I have 3x Green equimats, I no longer need them as I am moving to a yard that provide matting. I have used them for one month, They are in very good condition. They were £170.00 when I bought them and the whole point of this post is to ask you girlies/guys how much I should sell...
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    D.I.Y Livery

    Can I just ask the people who are on D.I.Y Livery how much you's pay a week and what it includes ? Think You for your help. x
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    Intrevenus Injection.

    Anyone had to have the vet to sedate your horse to clip ? Might have to get my lad done and was wanting to know how sucessful it is and any stories you have good or bad. Thank You x
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    Alfa A

    Was looking at my bag of Alfa A and noticed on the side a voucher/token, Anyone know what they are for ? x
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    Need your advice please....

    Hi everyone ! Well I was all prepared to clip my lad out on Saturday, He was all nice and clean, I had made marks with tape on where I wanted him clipped ( chaser clip with neck all off ) twitched him up as that's what I used last year with no probs, Started on his neck he was ok for 5mins...
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    Would you.....

    clip a pony if it was out 24/7 with a good Newzealand rug and once clipped will have an under rug on. He is rode on a weekend and sweats up alot and suffers from girth galls. When I say clipped I mean half his head a bit of neck, His chest and around front legs so a bit like a bib clip. x
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    What are they ?

    My old pony has had a rug on now for about a month and I have noticed when grooming and just looking at his rump he has little scabs under his coat, When I touched them he appears to like it . I have picked one off and it is like yellow crusty stuff and tuffs of hair come off but doesn't leave...
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    Soaking Hay

    How do you guy's soak your hay ? I have a bin which I fill with water, Fill a haynet and soak the hay for about 12 hours (over night ) then tie it up and let the excess water drip.
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    What would you do.......

    Right I still have my horse out at the mo, He isn't rugged yet as am going to be clipping soon. The thing I need help on is. ... Should I put him in next weekend ( Saturday night) and clip him Sunday or put him in and wait a while to clip (won't need rugged as he has a thick fluffy coat). I...
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    What a bargain

    Hey everyone, At work we are doing things for children in need, One of the things is a book sale, I have bought 2 for a £1 each Horse and Pony ailments and The Veterinary Care of The Horse. I think it's always handy to have books like this. Pointless post really but am chuffed with them.