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    Window shopping....

    Sorry to disappoint but you would be perfectly wrong in your assumptions there. However if it makes you feel better to make things up about someone you don’t know then feel free. I know that your assumptions aren’t the truth so you aren’t making anyone else look bad except yourself. I don’t have...
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    Window shopping....

    what a nasty post yourself, grow up. Opinions differ not everyone will always agree.
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    Window shopping....

    Do you really need one right now? Is this the best time to be buying a horse when yours might actually come right? Give her a chance, if she’s the horse you have made her out to be then don’t write her off. Also I wouldn’t think that filling your riding horse shaped hole is essential travel...
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    Weekend plans

    Nothing really. Hoping the weather will allow me to get a saddle on and go for a hack, not looking too promising however.
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    Anxiety or Enthusiasm?

    Didn’t she come From Ireland? If so chances are that she has been taught to just jump what’s infront if her at a pace that takes her fancy out hunting. Get them over and stay in the plate. Doesnt look anxious but I don’t think you both look to be on the same page and I agree that you look over...
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    Hypothetical situation

    I am not the livery, I was just the shoulder to cry on and having no experience with this sort of thing I just thought I would ask a question. As I said the livery has no problem with the horse moving at some point. But after losing a horse to a blown tendon/ligament damage (not entirely sure...
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    Hypothetical situation

    The livery is very upset, they lost a horse during the summer and this recently bought young one is their hope for a fun horsey future. Livery doesn’t want to leave, just doesn’t want the young horse injured. Has said they they are happy for him to move once the ground hardens up, has no...
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    Hypothetical situation

    No horse is fairly new to the yard and the YM wants to balance out the herds. We have mixed herds here. There is one gelding in with two mares but the mares get too fat and are removed from the herd in the summer. The other horse in that field has gone so left an uneven number. Ym believes this...
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    Selling a horse that doesn't load...

    Having a bad loader I would never buy another one. Months and months of help and practice and various methods and nope still not consistent. Will Load, won’t load, Will load to go somewhere but won’t load to come home :( trailer, 3.5t 7.5t honestly just became and expensive circus. Lost...
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    Hypothetical situation

    No YO is who we pay. YM is a relative and honestly the yard is great apart from YM having these moments.
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    Hypothetical situation

    Question for you all If a YM moves a horse into an area or field that the owner doesn’t agree with or want to happens without the owners consent and the horse is injured in the process then who is liable for that? YM wants to move a liveries horse into a new herd just because they believe...
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    When they're not quite right

    I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anything like what you are describing but I hope you get to the bottom of what it was
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    Hello Dolly....

    Gosh that was quick. Fingers crossed for a happy ending for this one, I hope you have better luck with this purchase, she looks nice.
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    wet and windy weekend plans!

    Shopping and working really. It’s miserable so no riding as I’ve got a cold starting and I don’t want soaked to the pants ;)
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    Where are all the decent loaners?

    Having been a loaner and been taken total advantage of I can see how good ones are hard to find. I took on one and got left with four the vast majority of the time. I spent my time sorting the other three out instead of riding the one I was paying for. I love spending time at the yard and doing...
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    What would you be feeding 🤔

    A little Speedibeet or fast fibre with a powdered balancer/vit&min supplement is all I would be giving natives. Unless they are hat racks or in serious work I wouldn’t be feeding what you are. Mine only gets a cup of balancer and half a cup of grass nuts soaked twice a day.
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    How often do you fall off?

    Probably about 5/6 years ago. I don’t hit the ground that often, in fact I actively avoid is as bouncing rattles my teeth ;)
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    I need a training plan...

    If you are already competing in events shouldn’t you have had a plan already in place?? I always though a fitness plan was a basic for fittening a horse for the season and there fore a lessons/improvement plan was the next step once areas of weakness had been indentified? Or maybe is that too...
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    Rug weights today/ last night - horse type and rug type

    Unclipped native, nothing unless bad wind and rain forecast. Then just a 100g to keep the bulk dry, good grazing and good weight. In at night now getting balancer and hay
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    Resting hind legs

    I have never noticed it to be indicative of issues. Interesting thought though.
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    Can't see the wood for the trees... Ginny

    Excuse you but I’m not a troll :rolleyes: I lurk More than I post as I’m not doing anything really worth posting. I enjoy reading people’s exploits more than I like talking about my own. Just because I don’t post much doesn’t mean I’m any less a regular than those who post about...
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    Aldi (again) - the Parkas are back

    Saw jodhpurs bought those and some nice socks and a hoodie type thing but I never saw and actual jacket. Might have to go back and have a proper look now thanks for this
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    Can't see the wood for the trees... Ginny

    Chronic pain kills humans so it stands to reason that it’s the same in other species. Having a few good days doesn’t outweigh the dozens of bad ones. By the sounds of things you need to make that decision if you have tried everything else. Dragging things out isn’t pleasant either. You...
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    How long does a round bale of hay last you ?

    Round at £30 lasts my horse a month adlib, Out during day in at night.
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    Trotting on the road

    I must have a miracle horse then as I've probably clocked up weeks worth of hours trotting on the roads with my gelding both shod and unshod. I read that article and being honest i am not barefoot crazy but I found the inconsistencies disturbing so I left a big question mark over his claims...
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    One sex only yards?

    When it's only because YM is stirring things up that the issues occur and it's being blamed on horses who aren't even in the same field then it becomes an issue for me. Is gelding owners are being made to feel like our horses are causing issues when they aren't and not one gelding has done wrong...
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    One sex only yards?

    Very much feeling you with this post lol :D
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    One sex only yards?

    Unfortunately we have a mixture of poor doers and food doers and this is how the fields are split. The poor doers going in the Field with lots of grass all year round and the good doers stay in the paddocks that have less grass. Not enough fields to separate into smaller groups even though the...
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    One sex only yards?

    I have to say I do disagree having seen more mares kicking the crud out of each other than geldings, hence why I wouldn't have another one.