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  1. Berpisc

    Livery query

    For all the above reasons I would start looking for somewhere else sharpish.
  2. Berpisc

    Thoughts on a weird horse ‘thing’

    Yes agree, sounds like a neurological issue, worth a chat with a vet.
  3. Berpisc

    Fat horses

    The frustrating thing is that "show condition" ie obese has been a problem in showing for decades that I can think of. As has been said above, the entrenched ideas and lack of action from judges and some breed societies speaks volumes.
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    Can't happen soon enough for mine they have done so well but are starting to get bit militant
  5. Berpisc

    Ideas for building a basic yard from scratch

    If you are looking at containers, go for insulated ones, they are a lot better for storage, they don't get condensation in them.
  6. Berpisc

    Being present at a vetting?

    @SEL Yay! good news! Dont forget those pictures ;)
  7. Berpisc

    Update again Happy!

    Brilliant well done all, you are setting the pony up to be a pleasure to own.
  8. Berpisc

    The Occasional Dave Part 2.

    Love bit of Dave!
  9. Berpisc

    I can't believe this!

    You are paying for the trainer, so I would politely but firmly ignore the YM and concentrate on what you want to work on with the trainer.
  10. Berpisc

    Your cancellable takes...

    I feed straw in certain situations. When I was still riding I would groom the bits of the horse that mattered when time was short.
  11. Berpisc

    Locking stifles-update

    Poor lad. What a list of problems, lucky you cared enough about him to do the right thing.
  12. Berpisc

    Dream breed(s) you've always wanted

    I would love a Saluki, I dont think we would be a suitable home though. I would like another Biscuit, another collie gsd cross like Sam, another GSD and a Parson Jack Russell. Then something like a Papillon, and a mini Jack Russell..various did say dream dog scenario didnt you ;)
  13. Berpisc

    Time tells its own tales

    Years of wear left in them yet ;)
  14. Berpisc

    Update on Lari - riding

    If its any comfort, my welsh cob mare could spook at her own tail when it was windy. Well done, keep going.
  15. Berpisc

    The Newbie (Boast)

    Heres to many more good outings then 🙂
  16. Berpisc

    Countryfile Exmoors

    I am glad I dont watch Countryfile.
  17. Berpisc

    lameness in right a loss

    Excellent news! I am so pleased for you.
  18. Berpisc

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Yes that does not sound a good prospect does it?
  19. Berpisc

    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - A Trip To The Races

    Another thank you for your posts, they are so well written and informative.
  20. Berpisc

    Video He may be 29 but

    Aww love him! That daftness still there despite the years 😍
  21. Berpisc

    Prince update

    Long may you continue to have great times together! (updates always welcome :))
  22. Berpisc

    When do you considered a horse old ?

    I have a retired pony who until last year when she was 30 looked like a 20 year old, other than gradually going greyer round her face. She still moves well but last year didn't carry her condition all that well. At 31 I am wondering if this will be her last summer.
  23. Berpisc

    Would you breed from this mare?

    No, for reasons posted above. Also she needs to consider the whole youngster upbringing weaning etc.
  24. Berpisc

    New Horse Day!

    Ah he is gorgeous, long ears are ace :) I hope you have loads of good fun on him
  25. Berpisc

    Pictures Penny update - growing up and settling down

    Ah thats a good update, she looks a real star.
  26. Berpisc

    Full Livery People - Do you see your horse daily?

    Oh hell @Ratface, that is awful, I hate that you are being bullied like this,I understand the politeness dilemma though. I think LadyGascoyne's suggestion is a possibility.
  27. Berpisc

    Horse being left unchecked in stable

    Its a pity the yo is useless. I had someone come on to my yard who was like this, they refused to answer phone calls etc and I turfed, poor youngster that they had.
  28. Berpisc

    Things learnt from today

    Oh nooo! that is rotten luck.
  29. Berpisc

    Worth the wait

    He looks great! I bet you are so pleased to be starting to get out and about.