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    Mine are all wearing a Seresto collar as the ticks here are rampant, so far so good. They are expensive so shop around but dont be tempted to buy off Ebay as there is lots on there really cheap which have to be fakes.
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    In terms of positive cases, the options put forward by the CVO are euthanasia or to at least neuter with pre- and post-operative antibiotics. The rationale for the latter is protection of the staff involved in the neutering procedure – appropriate PPE is still necessary – and to suppress...
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    That is true but dogs are being infected in the womb ie from the bitch or sexual contact, my dog, indeed all my dogs and friends dogs are all neutered or spayed. Its certainly not so infectious as Covid for example and I did discuss with my vet what would be the implications if she tested...
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    Very true but if your dog needs an op then vets wont do it without a test so you could be risking your dogs life. If my dog had tested positive I would not have had her pts, obviously she would have been restricted but as I live on a farm a lot of which the gp dont have access to the chances of...
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    After receiving the initial email asking me to bring my dog in for testing I sent my vets a list of questions prior to my appointment, this is their reply. Thank you for your...
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    If your practice is incredibly busy why not send out emails to clients like mine did, Im sure if you contacted Langford they would be happy for you to use their email. How much are you actually charging for the tests in total, like Langford you will have to charge for the bloods that are sent...
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    My understanding is the Ukraine pets go into quarantine unless they have the paperwork to show they are vaxed etc which is highly unlikely because if you are fleeing for your life you dont pick up your dogs passport and vax card so they will be doing titre tests in quarantine etc. Due to the...
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    Surely though he has caught it from the cattle which will be bovine brucellosis
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    Brucella in Dogs Important Information Dear practice client, The UK has recently seen an increase in the number of dogs presenting with symptomatic Brucella canis. There are several species of Brucella which affect a wide range of animal species, including people. We have been screening cattle...
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    I had an email from my vet suggesting I get her tested, its my understanding the BVA were going to contact all vets to contact their clients over it. I asked my vet if many people had responded and they said not that many which will be a problem if that dog requires an operation as they wont...
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    So it appears we may have the first human case of Brucella Canis in the UK. The woman is out of hospital and recovering but this should never have happened and sadly it’s the tip of the iceberg unless DEFRA act and sooner than later! My vets contacted me back last year knowing I had a foreign...
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    Foreign Dogs

    Transport has to be DEFRA approved so hopefully that will weed out the scammers bringing over non compliant dogs and falsified paper work.
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    Foreign Dogs Rescues are up in arms and there is already a petition trying to get this overturned but all those scamming rescues...
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    Does this happen, surely not, Police Chief's turning a blind eye to illegal for hunting?

    Of course illegal hunting is going on, around here our local hunt is notorious for it, they have been through our land, through my friends woods so obviously not following a trail, all the while being followed by terrier men. Badgers and fox dens have been blocked and no one bothers to go around...
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    Over 100 horses removed from premises in Pwllheli by joint operation[0]=68.ARCzXFPi4mRpxO70kWbreKhC00B9PsZ85rhVz19j6AYQmT-Uk1MoM04zlhNQdL...
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    Over 100 horses removed from premises in Pwllheli by joint operation

    According to fb this is the guy who had the Criccieth stud and was jailed for 10 weeks in 2011 and was banned for 10 years, its now in his daughters name.
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    Romainian rescues.

    Whilst Im sure its very rare Ive seen so many posts from rescues advertising a dog and saying they are Leish positive but its easily controlled with drugs. Dogs coming in non compliant and failing titre tests are a huge concern.
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    Romainian rescues. Theres more about this so called rescue on the above page, I cant tell you how angry and upset I am about this particular rescue and how they exploit dogs,fosterers and adopters alike.
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    My Dog is ill I need advice

    How good is your vet, I follow Equine Egypt Aid and they frequently have animals come in that has been misdiagnosed or had bad treatment ,some of the vets in Egypt are not good. Their vets are not like our vets , if you are not confident yours is a good one I would certainly do some research and...
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    Imported Rescues

    My sister adopted 2 from Spain, adopted about 2 years apart and the rescue was run by some ex pats who had the dogs live in their homes. Both dogs were as described and are lovely dogs who she loves dearly, sadly one of the ladies is terminally ill so they have given up the rescue. I would...
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    Imported Rescues

    Pmd you.
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    Imported Rescues

    Ive pmd you Ester, well I hope so as its all changed now, let me know if you havent got it.
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    Imported Rescues

    This has just come up on my fb feed, this dog came from a rescue that loses quite a few and they have been told where this dog is but as yet have failed to do anything. This just makes me so incredibly angry, these dogs are nothing like dogs in UK and need a completely different approach, some...
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    Stolen dogs, a thread to post links?

    Its very bad in Ireland too especially as a lot of people there keep their dogs outside, some people are thinking they are being stolen to bring over here to sell so I guess the ones being stolen here could end up over there.
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    Breeding thoughts

    I certainly wouldnt be breeding from any dog that was nervous which could be passed on to the offspring. When I bought a puppy back in the 80s the breeder told me she would never breed from a bitch that wouldnt accept a male, she said it amounted to rape and she had done it in the past much to...
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    Imported Rescues

    Dont forget those bringing dogs over individually like CC will be coming over on a pet passport whereas rescues have different criteria but some are offloaded on the Calais side and come in on pet passports.
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    Imported Rescues Serbian, Macedonian and Bosnian dogs coming into Romania with their chips cut out and being re-registered as Romanian Dogs all non compliant obviously. Have a read of Natalies post and how she is hounded and threatened by the rescues she is...
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    Doberman dog bed help!

    Ive tried lots of beds over the years and the sofa is still the bed of choice:D:D