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  1. Aidey

    Hand reared foals..

    Do they generally tend to have more issues/problems than 'normally' reared foals? Would you buy one? Any thoughts/personal experiences? Things to watch out for/to expect..
  2. Aidey

    To buy or to breed? Dilemma..

    I am now at the point where I can breed from my mare next year, I have also found the stallion I would hope to use. But.. I have also found a foal for sale which ticks my boxes and I have fallen head over heels in love with! So the big decision, do I breed from my mare and get the homebred I...
  3. Aidey

    Is Furst Kiss still available at stud?

    Is Furst Kiss still available at stud? I noticed on his Facebook page he is now in America? Does anybody have anything by him? What is he like temperament wise? Any info would be great, thanks
  4. Aidey

    Is this little lad good enough to show ?

    Cute little pony, as you have said you are addressing his weight issues, ignore the nasty comments, have a go at the showing and have fun! X
  5. Aidey

    What colour tweed?

    Which would you say went best with a deep liver chestnut horse? Dark Green based tweed or brown based tweed? I can't decide between two jackets!:o
  6. Aidey

    Appaloosa/Coat colour/genes people help please..

    Loving the photos but seems nobody know what our random light spots are :(:confused: Anybody else?
  7. Aidey

    Appaloosa/Coat colour/genes people help please..

    Here's a photo. Sorry it's huge I don't know how to make it smaller.
  8. Aidey

    Appaloosa/Coat colour/genes people help please..

    My blanket spot appy is a deep liver chestnut, on her blanket she has the usual spots the same colour as her coat but she has two small spots which look like a very pale chestnut, is that what colour they will most likely be or could they possibly be a dilute colour? I'll try to find a photo, if...
  9. Aidey

    Cheshire Bloodhounds - New Pack

    Ooo I saw this too, hoping to go as well and will also be my first time hunting :)
  10. Aidey

    Rembrandt DDH

    Thoughts and opinions on this stallion? Anybody used him? Have or know any offspring of his? I Have been thinking of breeding from my mare for a number of years, at 16.2 I feel she is a little big for me, I wish I could shrink her a hand! Looking to breed to keep, ideally something that...
  11. Aidey

    Korolieva (IRE) TB mare

    Anybody know this mare? Or find any photos of her? I have found the usual breeding info etc on racing post. Preferably looking for someone that knows/knew her. Thanks
  12. Aidey

    Tagula foals?

    As a yearling he was sold at the sales for 19,000 Euros. As a 3 year old he was withdrawn from one sale but then sold at another for 15,000 guineas.
  13. Aidey


    I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and stopped riding as soon as I found out I was pregnant (about 6 weeks) I miscarried before this one and would not have forgiven myself if anything where to happen. Had my horse for 8 years and even though she is safe as a row of houses, anything can happen! I'm...
  14. Aidey

    how many dogs have you got?

    You're like the real life version of the film snow dogs with 'Nana' the collie :D We have 3, a choc lab, a black lab and a staffy cross.
  15. Aidey

    100g Turnouts, who makes them? Have Shires stopped?

    I recently got some Masta 100g turnouts from Robinsons when they had the sale on, not sure if they will have any left online? If not I'd try eBay!
  16. Aidey

    Riding after baby - how long for muscles to come back?

    No help to your question but might I say I am very jealous, i'm 35+ weeks pregnant and haven't ridden since I found out I was about 6 weeks. I am itching to get back on board but realize it won't be for at least a good couple more months at least :(
  17. Aidey

    I have to sell my wonderful boy :(

    Why is he letting you? If it was the other way around I would be telling my OH that no way were they selling their horse to sort out my problem. I once sold one of my horses for my then boyfriend (of 4 years and the father of my child). NEVER again!
  18. Aidey


    Lately when my bitch gets a treat (bone/denta stick etc) she will take it and bury it, in the house, in an old blanket, under her bed or basically whatever she can get her paws on. Never noticed her doing this before. She will place the treat down and nudge the blanket/bed as far round the room...
  19. Aidey

    miracle baby

    What a lovely post :) love the first pic of her as a foal
  20. Aidey

    New Pluppy!!

    Another vote for Zack :) He is gorgeeeeeeous! Got a serious soft spot for a dobe, always wanted one but some how ended up with two labs and a staffy cross! :o:D
  21. Aidey

    Standardbreds .Has any one got one ,what can you tell me.

    I went to look at a horse described a TB type and when I got there he told me it was a standardbred, this did put me off, from experience of riding a friends horse a few years ago and the whole trot/canter scenario. Was wondering is it standardbreds as a whole who have trouble with canter or...
  22. Aidey

    Excelsis TB Stallion

    Thanks wallykissmas :)
  23. Aidey

    Strinesdale Gingerbread

    Yes Cuffey I have emailed them but heard nothing and tried calling earlier but it just kept going to answerphone, no luck yet
  24. Aidey

    Excelsis TB Stallion

    Looking for info on my mare's Sire Excelsis 1986 Bay TB stallion By Shirley Heights Out of Sacred Ibis Would like to know his height plus any photos etc is he still alive/standing at stud etc? Thanks
  25. Aidey

    Strinesdale Gingerbread

    Looking for info/owner of my mare's Dam. Strinesdale Gingerbread - British Riding Pony By Strinesdale Mastermind Out of Strinesdale Breadstick
  26. Aidey

    Really, really wrong horse names...

    Hahah! :D:D
  27. Aidey

    Really, really wrong horse names...

    Went and tried a pony once whose name was Mavis. My new girl is coming tomorrow, her name originally was Sweetheart! But the people I am buying her off renamed her Lady, I'm not a fan of either but I will prefer shouting Lady at the field gate rather than Sweetheart :o:D
  28. Aidey

    I hate to ask

    Sorry that you are having to consider this. My old pony (13.1hh) was collected, cremated alone and we had his ashes returned to us and I think that cost around £500 but that was around 11 years ago now. There was the option of having a group cremation, if you didn't necessarily want her ashes...
  29. Aidey

    Really, really wrong horse names...

    I've had a popcorn. Bit different but I met a border terrier called Gary! That one tickled me! Haha :D
  30. Aidey

    M6 closed near Birmingham after horse box crash

    Hope all is ok x