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    Car and trailer hire (driven, not self drive)

    Just looking to see if there is any call for this mode of transport - not by me, I don't hold the required licence and have my own little horsebox. Just curious as there is a lot of trailer hire and self drive 3.5t hire's about but you don't see any car and trailer hires about. Not...
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    On Friday my mare was scanned in foal 16/17 days (heartbeat scan in 2 weeks time!) We are due to worm as per the worming programme at the yard - strongid p is the wormer of choice. I have spoken to the vet who said just avoid the equest wormers. I'm just wondering if, at this very early...
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    Horse gone on loan - woe is me alert!

    I need a HHO slap and told to quite my crying! So, my mare has gone on loan to a stud, I dropped her off last Tuesday, contracts signed, handover of all her little ways and things she doesn't like (she is a bit quirky!) all parties happy etc. Now, I am very happy with the place she is at...
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    Broodmare loan/insurance/passport HELP

    My mare is going on loan as a broodmare. She is insured and I pay that and will continue to keep the level of cover, will she need a higher or greater level of cover for breeding? I am currently in possession of her passport, who is the keeper of that in these situations? She is vaccinated...
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    Turning away around SS CM postcodes

    Anyone know of anywhere that have a place for a well behaved mate who needs turning away for 3-6 months (ideally 6 months) I'm in SS area and would like to be close enough to see her a few times a week as a minimum but know on the few days I can't that some one will cast an eye over her...
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    Albion KB Double bridle.. Can I use as a snaffle??

    In my haste at finding a secondhand brown Albion KB bridle on eBay, I placed a bid and won, I was so excited by my find I failed to see it was a double - doh!! Can I just take the slip head off and use it as a snaffle bridle?
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    Straw pellet bedding

    As title.... Anyone with an opinion on straw pellets? My mare is allergic to wood based bedding, but she is wet (but very clean) so I need something more than just straw. Thanks
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    Your Horse Live traffic A46 diversions?

    I am going to YHL for the 1st time ever tomorrow - just been flicking through Facebook and it would appear the A46 has been closed - preplanned it would seem! I am googling like a crazy woman, but I can't seem to find a decent traffic website to do an 'avoid' option on! Is anyone able to...
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    Smelly PROtector hat

    My PROtector hat stinks! I am not an overly sweaty person but I really sweat in this hat and as a result, its stinks and makes my hair stink too. Is there any way of cleaning the lining? I didn't realise when I handed over nearly £400 for it that it wasn't a removable liner :( II only...
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    Get Hamlet home. Horse sanctuary being underhand?

    Please have a look (Facebook link, I hope it works!) this has happened on a yard less than half a mile from me and is not the first time I have heard of it from this particular sanctuary. Ordinarily I am a supporter of...
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    I'm sorry..... Wood pellets brand v unbranded

    I'm sorry, I know it has been done to death and then some, BUT, with with winter knocking on the door its time to stock up on bedding. So, White horse wood pellets have a deal on at the moment, their own White horse premium pellets V the unbranded bags, price difference is about £15...
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    SNELL E2001 Riding hats

    I am looking for a new hat, I currently have a Casco and a Champion ventiair. Both lovely hats but both are 6 to 7 yrs old now and really should be replaced. I would like a SNELL E2001 rated hat, I don't do XC (the odd play but no eventing etc) I SJ and Dressage, school and hack a little bit...
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    Rug addicts - PE SALE!!

    Just saying...... PE have a end of season sale on 40% off Buster lite T/O's and Fly rugs. All sizes in stock atm! Nothing makes me happier than rug shopping - both girls have to have matching, so lots of ££££££ !!!
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    Where to sell an Ideal H&C?

    Quick question - other than ebay where else can I advertise my saddle? Its an Ideal H&C, I was lead to believe they are highly sought after..... or not! I bought it 2yrs ago and was never happy with the fit, its been used a max of 10 times, I now have a WOW. What is really confusing me is...
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    Professional choice dressage girth - SMx or Ventech? Or Wintec

    As title - which one to choose? I am having trouble sourcing either, but I have found a company called Classic Equine who do a rather good range of Professional choice products. My local saddlery, Ingatesone won't order me one, because they come from the USA I need to fit in with them doing...
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    WWYD - Lame!

    Ok, I will try not to waffle on and make this too long and waffly...... Background info - Dutch bred mare, 20yrs old, I have owned her 14yrs. We have done pony club, riding club, affiliated SJ, local level XC and a bit of hunting, she is by no means high mileage! Never had a day lame in the...
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    Felsted Leisure Horseboxes Opinions/Reviews pls

    Evening!! I am looking at purchasing a 3.5t van conversion from Felsted Leisure vehicles/horseboxes in Witham, Essex. Has anyone got a horsebox converted by the company or have had any dealing with them? So far I have liked what I have seen heard and am hoping to purchase a little box...
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    Livery wantd, Rose Green Sussex

    Posted on behalf of a friend. Does anyone know of places in the Rose Green, Sussex area that do DIY livery. A friend is moving to the area and is frantically looking for somewhere for her 2 horses, both geldings. Turnout is a must, preferably a school as well. Thanks
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    Really tough lightweight T/O needed!

    Any recommendations for a really really tough, hard wearing lightweight..... My girl has ripped her premier equine L/W and her Mark Todd L/W to ribbons on the barbed wire - HATE the barbed wire but its really the only down side to the yard so I am putting uo with it for now. I was hoping not...
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    No grass, anyone else having the same problem?

    We have no grass, haven't really had any all summer Now the YO is talking about restricting the grazing to every other day. My mare has been on winter rations of hay pretty much the entire summer, all the horses are wanting to come in at 4 becasue they are hungry, even my feed bill hasn't...
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    Any one bedded down on Megazorb? How much is it a bag? Does it smell? I am changing from straw and am looking for alternatives Many thanks
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    Stinky rubber mats and stable on a slope!

    What to do? My stable is 12ft x 15ft and on a slight incline so all the wee runs to the front, I have mats covering most of the floor, just a 3ft gap at the back which is covered in bedding. I recently changed from shavings to straw which has made the problem of the wee coming out the door even...
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    Ripped nostril *pics*

    Lia has managed to rip her nose, I think i know what she has doen it on and will be removing it from her stable asap in the mean time its taped up to stop another accident! Unfortunatly, I was away until sat eve so only saw it when I put her to bed at about 6.30pm. I don't know when it happened...
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    Pro's and Con's of a straw bed??

    I wonder if you lovely lot could give me a few pro's and con's of a straw bed, so far all I can think of is - Pro's- Cheap Available on the farm my horse is stabled on (hence no travelling to get bedding and no running out and not having time to do a trip to the feed shop) Con's- Smelly Not...
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    Long leather competion boots for short fat legs?

    Please could someone recommend a pair of leather competition boots. I have spent the last 2 days trying on all the leather boots in Ingatestone. I bought a pair of Ariat Bromonts yesterday (see post about being disappointed) had to return them this morning because the zip broke before i'd even...
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    Not impressed - Ariat Bromonts

    Today I treated myself to a pair of lovely chocolate brown Ariat Bromonts, tried them on in the shop, walked about in them - lovely!! Pay for them, hurry home to ride in them... get the naughty horse in and tacked up, go to change my boots and put my lovely new Ariats on...
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    Azotoria management

    I have just spent the evening at the yard waiting for the vet to come as my mare tied up. She has never had Azotoria before tonight (I have owned her 10yrs) she did show an increased level of muscle enzyme in bloods run as part of a performance work up when she was competing back in '04/'05 at...
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    Azotoria management

    I have just spent the evening at the yard waiting for the vet to come as my mare tied up. She has never had Azotoria before tonight (I have owned her 10yrs) she did show an increased level of muscle enzyme in bloods run as part of a performance work up when she was competing back in '04/'05 at...
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    I bought a saddle!!

    Yay!!! I got a saddle, walked into Ingatestone saddlery this afternoon and asked if they stock the Ideal H&C 17"5 extra wide and they did, had 1 in the shop that i could take then and there for £765, just under £200 cheaper than what i was quoted yesterday by the saddler Obviously i...
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    Saddle post again - Barnsby extra wide

    Ok, so i have spent the entire afternoon trying to find a secondhand extra wide Ideal H&C saddle without any luck, whilst i was browsing the internet i came across the Barnsby website, had a look at their Haflinger range and really like the look of the GP's does anyone have any experience of...