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    A What would you do? (sorry long)

    Hi all, I have been on this forum for some time, but not really posted much, but some recent threads have interested me and have prompted me to post to get your views on my head/ heart quandry. Tea and cake here if you get to the end! Background; I am 51. Came to horse ownership late, having...
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    post tenoscopy 7 months on.... others experiences please

    In march this year my pony was diagnosed with a ruptured tendon sheath and torn manica flexoria. His treatment has involved scans, tenoscopy, a course of PRP injections x3 and two steroid injections. Throughout this period (until 1 month ago) he has been on box rest for the majority of the time...
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    Manica flexoria

    Hi all, My pony has recently been diagnosed with damage to his manica flexoria in his near hind leg. He is currently waiting for a tenoscopy and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem/ can give me some information regarding what to expect. Thank you
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    Please vote for my daughter

    Hope no one minds me doing a cheeky post here as I don't post very often, but was wondering if anyone would mind voting for my daughter in the airowear 2015 ambassador competition. Fiona is 14, and has only owned Oliver for three years (her first pony) but as the photo shows, they are having a...
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    Advice re clipping/feathers/ mane.

    Hi all, thanks for reading this as you may be able to help me with a few daft queries (I am a rookie at this still). Olly is a cob, and we are getting a variety of advice at the yard re clipping/ mane pulling/ feather removal. When we brought Olly his mane was pulled, but imo a bit over...
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    advice for napping

    I have recently bought our Olly, who is showing a tendancy to nap at times when out alone on a hack (he is fine when in company). He is 4 years old. Any advice would be appreciated, he was fine today once we had got the first road out of the way, but we must have looked a sight!