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    Riders ability/ Bringing on a younger horse

    Just something that I have been thinking about rather than doing my uni assignments, oops! What level of ability do you think a rider would have to be to buy/loan a younger horse? When I get my next horse in about 3/4 years I would really like a younger horse to bring on but I'm terrified...
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    Nothing compared to what you guys to but I had to share :D

    So I rode for uni today in a little friendly competition (my first one in 2 years). We did the jumping first, I drew a little 14.2hh skewbald that according to the notes 'may require encouragement', I thought that would be it, me- a nervous jumper + horse that requires encouragement =...
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    Hey haven't been on here for a while! Does anyone know of any good riding schools for advanced riders in Staffordshire or Manchester? I ride for the uni riding club since loaning out tabs but would like a few private lessons to improve my jumping (and general riding :P). Thanks, Rach
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    Wow! Haven't been on here for a while!

    After having a good old break from horses, I'm back and could do with a bit of help. Does anyone know of any good riding schools for advanced riders in Staffordshire or Manchester? I ride for the uni riding club but would like a few private lessons to improve my jumping :) Sorry if this is...
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    slightly shocked

    not really horsey but another liveries dog went for me today! even though i have had dogs around me for years i have never had one go for me so aggressively i was a bit taken a back tbh she didnt seem that bothered even though she said sorry it seems a bit mental as its a collie and she...
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    the best bridle?

    for me to get tabs? ideally i want it for shows the yard is now going to have and dont mind how much it costs as its my xmas prezzie really i want one for a bit of everything so jumping dressage and showing so can u all help me decide thankies xx
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    new yard owners

    if anyone remembers my post about the yard possibly being taken over i have an update 4 u a lovely woman has bought it and we are having a new surface in the outdoor and will hold shows so maybe me n tabs will do well so happy just had to tell u all
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    Dressage-What is the best test?

    out of Prelim 7 10 12 14 18 for a first timer
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    sorry clippers again

    Gonna get some so i may be able to clip the very scared horse next year have narrowed it down to these
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    wahl clippers

    are the wahl moser aksar clippers any good? seen some on ebay and need a good quiet pair
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    clipping services

    what do you all think about these prices? £60 full clip £40-50 hunter clip not sure about price £35 blanket clip £35 trace clip just wondering as im gonna have mrs clipped this winter (with the help of sedalin) and gonna have a high race or possibly a hunter clip but not sure whether to buy...
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    pairs hunter trials

    what do you do exactly? dont know whether 2 give this a go or just do the mini on my own
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    North staffs hunt

    just wondering if they let non members go cubbing/autumn hunting? and how much? and if anyone would like 2 look after me if i go
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    should i give it a go?

    i have never been hunting before but i really would love to go at least once and im not worried about me going (am i right in thinking that there is a non jumping group that go around usually) its just tabby as far as i know she has never been and im worried that she will completely flip and...
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    dressage people (or anyone else) legal bits?

    hi ive been riding tabs in a waterfoed gag recently becuase we are having jumping lessons and she goes very well in it but we usually do flatwork in a snaffle so i switched it today as we did flatwork and she just leaned and kept pulling and generally not listening could this be that she has...
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    do any of you have a horse that.....

    rushes really badly into fences? as a result of poor schooling when young and bad habits they have learnt throughout their life do you wish you had got them when they were young? with tabs being 19 shes abit set in her ways but my instructor has said we have to go back to basics as she just...
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    Dressage peoples in staffordshire

    any good places to go in staffs? apart from beaverhall and aston manor dont know any other places gonna give it a go wish me luck
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    first aid kits (horsey ones)

    what are the essential items you have in yours? just want to make sure i have everything
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    strange lumps

    tabs came in this morning with what looks like a cross between fly bites and a heat rash i dont know what the hell it is? its on both sides of her neck in lines have bathed it in hibiscrub and whitch hazel as it seems sore and kept her in with a haynet which she is not happy about havent...
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    BIT advice please

    i currently jump tabs in a normal french link snaffle but i need more control have got a waterford gag but she doesnt like the mouthpiece so would i be better getting a) normal jointed gag (bit worried that she wont like the nutcracker action) b) french link gag or c) mullen mouth gag btw not...
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    was at a big show today and next to the ring we were in a young girl was walking her horse and it got stung by a wasp and reared up went straight backwards and landed on top of her! she wasnt moving for a while but then i saw her get the oxygen mask (paramedics were there by then) hope shes ok...
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    anyone know? (again sorry)

    anyone who will hire out a large trailer (for two 16.2hh horses) in staffordshire as given up on hiring a horsebox thanx
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    please reassure me

    going a showing show tomorrow its a big annual one and im really nervous! the one a couple of weeks ago was brill (came 3rd out of 5 a record for us) i dont know if its just because it a big one but i know we wont get placed ive decided that its me that make tabs play up as i get soooo nervous...
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    which one do you prefer and prices in your area please? in response to the price of shavings going up
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    anyone know?

    of any good horse transport/horsebox hire people in the staffordshire area?
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    Showing- Betley Show

    Anyone going? should be going but never been before what are the rings like? have heard they are very far away from the main fun fair and are quite level
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    another bit question

    right i school tabs in a french link sweet iron loose ring snaffle and she is fine until we jump or go to a show atm go showing in a jointed pelham for showing someone has suggested a straight bar/mullen mouth pelham do you think she would go better in one and she sometimes backs off the pelham?
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    i would like to get into eventing in the future like when i have a job or when im at uni (so a couple of years away at least) and i was just wondering how you all got into it what did you start off with? what did you make sure that you could do? im the sort that has to be jumping 1m before i...
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    Noseband bit combinations

    which nosebands would you never use with particular bits and why? just thinking as im sure i heard someone saying you shouldnt use a grackle with a gag or something similar and i dont want to use the wrong combination or anything thanx
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    i know this has probably been asked before but....

    what is the blue chip calmer like? does it work becasue i have bought some and to use next weekend thankyou