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  1. MiJodsR2BlinkinTite

    Introducing a new horse

    What is the shoeing status of all members of the herd?? I'd be inclined to remove hind shoes before putting everyone together. If you want to know every good reason why NOT to turn out mares with "boys" too soon then just Google "mare kills stallion"........ (warning it is NOT nice to watch)...
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    No mares

    See I've always had this thing where I'd never ever in a million years consider a mare, then a friend let me have her lovely girl on loan (she later gifted her to me). So suddenly I had this very complex equine personage in my stable - all Welsh D of her!! - and we both looked at each other...
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    Awful lesson, any tips?

    OK so you're feeling a bit discouraged right now. Maybe the problem is with the horse you are riding?? It sounds like a typical riding school "plod" who knows exactly what it can get away with! I would be inclined to ask for a different horse, something perhaps a bit more off the leg, to give...
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    Feathered cobs?

    I've had hairy-feathered cobs for a good few years now. With my old gal (sadly no longer with us) on vets advice we clipped her legs as she got very itchy - vet couldn't find any feather mites - but she was a lot better off without her hot itchy feathers so we kept them short & clipped (had to...
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    Livery Contract Templates

    Well shock-horror go-and-lie-down-in-a-dark-room but I had a livery here for 10 years without a Contract; whilst we weren't close chums I'd known her from Pony Club days when she'd been at a local dealers yard. IF there were any issues (and there were one or two in that time) we'd just talk...
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    Premier Equine transport ltd

    IF the "Premier Equine" transporter is supposed to be based in Cornwall, might be worth posting on the Regional board on here?? I'm in Devon, and we have had a horse recently transported to our yard here from Cornwall and then back again a week later (t!ts-up loan - don't ask! Owner not pony)...
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    Just taken shoes off

    Ohh my days! Would just love to know who the "Mystery Farrier" is. There's one in Devon who's fantastic for barefoot, but sadly because he's just that little bit out of our area - and was cutting down clients - we had to lose him.
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    Rider/PL insurance: what's everyone doing?

    ^^^ EXACTLY why I'm looking elsewhere now. Object to supporting their pathetic toxic bullying. Time they all grew up.
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    Just taken shoes off

    Well done! There is a very helpful FB group for all things connected with barefoot called "The Barefoot Horse Owners Group UK". I found it invaluable when I first transitioned. Ehm...... word to the wise, I don't know whether you intend using a farrier or an EP (Equine Podiatrist); but if a...
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    Cost of Keeping at Home Vs Livery 2022

    I keep my girl at home and have a couple of DIY liveries; no way could I afford to keep a horse otherwise. Yes know I'm lucky, but the livery hardly breaks even after you've taken into account the additional insurance needed plus maintenance etc.
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    Rider/PL insurance: what's everyone doing?

    As title really. Am currently considering options right now........ can't say I'm keen to go with BHS Gold again; wondering what everyone else does. Have looked at Harry Hall and wasn't keen on some of the small print tbh - a lot of wind & p!ss but it looked like they were doing everything to...
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    Taking the leap to barefoot

    There's a very good FB group "Barefoot Horse Owners Group UK" which I found mega-supportive when I was transitioning. Without wishing to farrier-bash, unfortunately the vast majority of farriers think that a "barefoot trim" is the same as a "field trim". It isn't! No way. Your best way...
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    EQUINE ASTHMA: talk to me about it please

    After scoping, vet thinks my coblet has Equine Asthma. Our normal vet is away till Friday and we will be speaking more then, but this is the initial diagnosis after scoping. Just seeking wisdom please: what works for people's horses, supplements, etc., please chuck it in the mix! Have a...
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    Saddles for Fell ponies/natives

    I would suggest you reach out to "sbloom" who fits for Andrea Hicks saddles. I don't know what area OP is in but I have had Steph to my yard for a client in the past and would be happy for her to fit to mine. Just a word-to-the-wise, if you feed in anything like "native pony saddles" to Google...
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    Head shaking and raised

    I think you have to wait for your vet tbh. The behaviour you describe smacks of pain somewhere; I sadly have experience of trigeminal headshaking - and really hope that this isn't what your horse is exhibiting. But lets not go there yet. What have you been doing with your cob?? What bit is he...
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    Survey for masters dissertation

    Sorry but I disagree with the word "naughty" when related to horses: horses are NOT "naughty" - there is always a reason for the exhibited behaviour (which is often perceived by novices as "being naughty") - and that is usually pain, and I really struggled how to answer that question accurately...
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    High waisted walking trousers???

    Ditto Rohan, tho' they do tend to be a bit longish in the leg which isn't helpful for shorties like me! I've got a pair of Mountain Warehouse zip-off ones where you can just zip off the bottom bit and you've got shorts! Very handy, but sadly they're a little small for me now post-Covid, tho' I...
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    Head shaking and raised

    Difficult to say without seeing a picture of your horse actually MOVING. Think you need to see what the vet says in the first instance as this could be such a lot of things.
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    Being dragged into a really iffy situation

    At the end of the day my understanding is that you did not actually see what happened, Yes?? If you saw nothing you cannot be asked to establish any so-called "facts" about what did or did not happen, or make any statement, or get involved. If you do make a statement of any sort, it will only...
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    Laminitis nightmare 😢

    FB has a "Laminitis Crisis Support Group". Might be worth a look for anyone with a laminitic. Some good advice on there.
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    Yard dilemma: not again!

    Easy answer is MOVE!! 7.5hrs travelling every time to want to see you horses (and presumably return journey as well) is frankly not workable. Crazy in fact. There is also the issue of your needing to get there in an emergency; frankly you won't make it in time if any sort of decision has to be...
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    Itchy horse won’t stop what can i

    Did the vet take bloods, and if so was there any test done specifically for the saliva of the cullicoides midge? Because if the answer to these questions is "no" then I would strongly advise you get some bloods done as this sounds to me VERY much like sweet itch. To be sure that it IS sweet...
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    Yard rules

    sorry posted in error X
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    Experience of loaning out horse/pony or a bit of a wwyd

    If you can I would keep your horse at your present yard and ask for a sharer rather than send away. I've been both a loanee AND a loaner; and there are three people involved in the loan equation who must ALL be happy. Namely Owner, Loanee, and Yard Owner. There needs to be Transparency...
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    Yard rules

    My boy was on a BHS Training Yard once and one of the rules was re. "Dress". You weren't allowed to wear Jeans not even jods made out of denim, and you had to stick to the requisite colours of fawn, black, brown, navy etc., no pink!! You also had to wear hard-hat & boots & gloves for anything...
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    WARNING DISTRESSING VIDEO: Mare kills stallion

    Yep I wonder what happened when the vid ended; and the realisation that the stallion was actually DEAD had gotten into their thick troglodite skulls; and at some point the "Oh sh!t" moment would surely kick in where they got to realise that they just might have to compensate the owner of that...
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    Anyone tow with an estate car?

    I'm not any sort of expert but tbh I think you'll struggle with a 2.0 to pull two. I had an X-Trail that was supposed to be 2.5 and I put my 13.2 who weighs 464 in a Pegasus Huntsman trailer and it wouldn't pull the flippin' toilet chain let alone a single pony up the back. Granted it was an...
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    WARNING DISTRESSING VIDEO: Mare kills stallion

    If there IS anything remotely "good" (if such a thing is possible with this) the stallion would have known absolutely nothing about it. He fell to the ground literally like he'd been shot; mare obviously touched the right spot when she kicked him which was identical to the effect of a gun, or...
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    Weigh-taping: didn't realise how inaccurate this was!

    As title really. Have always conscientiously weigh-taped my good doer and always given myself a "hurrah" for doing it. Had a portable weigh-bridge chappie to the yard this week (they're in the area):- Weigh-tape said 420k; weigh-bridge said 464........... Not even remotely near.
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    WARNING DISTRESSING VIDEO: Mare kills stallion

    WARNING: you are about to see a stallion killed by a mare, please do not watch it if you think you cannot deal with it. This is awful......... One of my students shared this with me today. Not comfortable viewing, and so very unnecessary.