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    Does everyone crate train??

    I do go on rescue forums yes. Rescue world is a very small place isn't it.
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    Does everyone crate train??

    I don't know you, as I said knowing now your mother runs the rescue says alot. As I said if she'd like to come on the forum..I assume she supports and reads your post regarding rescue issues? I'm not quiet sure why you feel I've got some problem with you in any other incident :confused...
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    Does everyone crate train??

    So I put it down to someone not knowing where a comma or full stop is to be used? I'll wait for her to explain the comments herself before reading more into it. Having it clarified that is her mother that runs the rescue helps, I'd prefer her mother to come and comment on another rescues...
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    What do you all feed a good doer?

    Big lad will get nothing this summer, he was on feed last summer because he was just being backed and started off his ridden life so I wanted him to get nutrients and supplements but this summer as he literally can live off a blade of grass when that's what he'll get. Little one needs feed as he...
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    Views on Gypsy Cobs

    Not if you get one in brown. :D 1 white leg and the rest is nice and easy to keep clean.
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    Does everyone crate train??

    Translated : 'she takes in easy dogs with no behavioural issues and I'm a saint because I take in the nasty horrid creatures no one wants and how terrible putting a dog with behavioural issues in a kennel'...although hold one its a heated kennel with run, canine company and one to one...
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    Does everyone crate train??

    I am extreamly opened minded and if people cared to read I did put that I understood others need to use cages AND I do have one in the house so I'm sure why they felt the need to attack me and my dogs and my work??? I've worked long and bloody hard to ensure the dogs in my care do not need to be...
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    Does everyone crate train??

    Okay bye then..shame you are not able to speak for yourself though, would have preferred to hear exactly what qualifies Cayla as the all seeing 'expert' in all things doggie..but I'm sure she'll be on to speak for herself, well I hope she'll come on and qualify her comments and explain her...
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    Does everyone crate train??

    And could you expand on what makes and 'expert' in this field???
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    Does everyone crate train??

    Really???? Damn right she's clear and consise...very very clear in her attack and insuation. I WILL NOT stand back and let some person who doesn't know me make rude and damn right incorrect comments without responding. The only 'ramming' I've seen is from those who cage their dogs. All I...
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    Bomb proof enough video!? trains and cars

    I think if that's the type you are looking for they are both nice. 1st one looks abit heavy on the hands when schooling, but the traffic and that train are very impressive, my lads are good hackers and I think they'd have moved at that train!! Personally I'd go for the younger one..but I like...
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    Does everyone crate train??

    I'm glad you said that because as I'm damn sure you know I do not have the 'luxury' of picking and choosing the dogs I take in, I just happen to work full time in a paid job as well as work full time in this un-paid role so don't think a working home is a place for a puppy, I assume you agree...
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    green lipped muscles

    I use GLM for my elderly dog. It's absolutely brilliant stuff..but I give him 3 human grade tablets a day and he's a 20kg imagine the amount you'd need to give a horse!!! Definately buy powdered stuff specifically for horses, that way you'll know the correct dose.
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    Signs of concussion in dogs?

    I'm not a drama queen and I'm absolutely sure she is totally fine...but my parents lab x banged his head a few years ago, similar thing they laughed it off as silly old Benji...but he had a epiletic (sp) fit that evening and has suffered from them since. :( The vet thinks the bang triggered...
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    Does everyone crate train??

    'My house is your house' ;) I have a plaque (now is that the right way to spell that????) on my house with a group of dogs and that inscription.. basic translation is it's open house for dogs or humans alike. I'm with you on the crating issue, can see the advantages to some but personally...
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    5'6 adult on 15hh - too big?

    LC is 15hh on a good day, I'm 5.7 and not 9 stone ;)... and I've never felt or looked big on him. My other lad is 17hh now (and still growing) and I do feel like a pea on a drum sometimes on him as he's a heavy heavy weight!! I actually prefer now riding the little lad, cos he's more speedy and...
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    Does everyone crate train??

    Nope never had the need for puppies. Got a cage to shut the fosters in for time out if when they first come they decide my cat needs bouncing or get cocky with my bitch, but otherwise Mi Casa Es Su Casa for dogs and humans alike.
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    Tricky situation with other livery.....

    Explain to her you need to get and keep your horses fit so you and your friend go out for a fast hack before her, then when you come back go out again with her, will be a good cooling down session for your horse and help her gain confidence to hack. That way you don't upset her which I'm sure...
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    Ideal weight?

    Looks just about right to me! I like chunkier types anyway. He's lovely. ;)
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    is there anything that indicates to you, if someone can ride?

    Lol! It was the worry of just slipping off cos he was so thin and remembering to relax my hands, I'm so used to needing brakes it was lovely to just say 'whoo' and he slowed down!! These are very nicely behaved well trained horses I add...not sure I'd have been keen to get on some of the other...
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    This makes me feel sick!!

    Saddle etc aside...£800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll be lucky mate! They are selling for £80 here and that's a bombproof proven safe little pony not just a youngster with any old saddle thrown on it!!! :rolleyes:
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    Views on Gypsy Cobs

    Lol!! I've got new friends who are into battle reinactments (sp) and they keep asking me to go with them with LC. They use TB's usually but after having a go on him at the weekend they are desperate to take him 'into battle'!!!! I'm very tempted and seeing the behaviour of their horses I'm sure...
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    is there anything that indicates to you, if someone can ride?

    Very interesting your comment Horserider about people asking you ride when you had a cob!!! I found the same with new liveries who have a few TB's. They needed someone to help them exercise them as the lady had broken her ribs, they asked the alot of people on the yard but never me. So on...
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    Views on Gypsy Cobs

    Thanks interesting. Proud to say my LC is a Irish Cob (as I was told when I bought him) he was born in Ireland and I bought him over here when he was 3. When people ask I tell them he's an Irish Cob but am abit ignorant to whatever that means, the guy I bought him from said it basically means...
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    Views on Gypsy Cobs

    Whats the difference between and Irish Cob and a 'Gypsy' Cob?
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    Do Nappy Horses Ever Get Over It?

    LC was very nappy, spinning, running off, standing still (for hours!!) etc. Worked for years with him..and honestly? He's still nappy now at 9 but certainly not to the extreame he was and it's not really an issue to me at all but he is very spooky and at nearly 10 I suspect he always will be. So...
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    40 somethings - Time to 'man up?'

    I hit 40...not so bad I thought!! Then after a month or so I started thinking there really had to be more to life and I needed to start getting a move on to accomplish things I'd always wanted. SO booked some jumping lessons on LC with my YO'ers daughter (she was 14 then but what a jumper..and...
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    Does anyone's horse not buck/bronco??

    BC has never bucked...doubt he ever will that would require effort!!! LC has bucked once because I asked him to go down one path and he wanted to go down he bucked in frustration!! I laughed cos I was so shocked by his temper tantrum! AND funnily enough last weekend he bronced for...
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    My new horse's halo slipped today!

    Lol!! At least you know what work needs doing now!! Shetland de-sensitising lessons me thinks!!!:D
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    C'mon, Own up. How many of you would

    He said 'it's me or the dogs...' loving the single life and my pack of dogs are so much fun!! :D;)