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    Timothy hay for laminitic?

    Does anyone have any experience / opinion on this? It has being suggested to me today that my pony might prefer Timothy hay dry rather than the soaked hay he is having at the moment. I have been told that it is low in sugars. TIA
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    Recommend me some heated gloves and socks.

    Please could anyone recommend heated gloves and socks. They seem very expensive. Do they last? Do they work ok? I'm assuming rechargeable is the way to go. Some seem to have very chunky battery packs. Thanks in advance.
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    Boredom busters that don't involve food?

    Anyone got any ideas please? For a pony with laminitis on box rest.
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    Another how would you bring this horse back into work question.

    Sorry I have searched previous posts but nothing is covering quite the same situation. My horse has had a hoof abcess. He has been off work for four and a half weeks and on box rest for the last two and a half of those. Was thinking of reintroducing turnout first, then a week of walking, the...
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    Holiday care for chickens- how much do you pay?

    3 chickens for a week. Feed, water and clean/move coop if necessary. How much would a teenager expect?
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    Sun visors - where to buy?

    Does anyone know where I could buy a sun visor in the UK to attach to my skull cap. I can only find suppliers in the US thus expensive postage. I may have to make my own! I guess no one bothers here as weather generally not hot enough. I burn easily and have a large head so the peaks on skull...
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    New to chickens - what else do I need?

    I'm very excited as I've just placed an order for 3 ex-bats with the rescue organisation. I've got coop and run sorted, have ordered the recommended starter pack of food, and will pick up some bedding. What else do I actually need? I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the products available. They should...
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    Equipment for keeping chickens

    Now I have a bigger garden I would like to get some chickens in the spring. My family are starting to ask about Christmas presents and I thought that I could maybe ask for some stuff I will need. As I haven't read up on chicken keeping yet I am a bit clueless. (Dont worry I wont get them until I...
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    Body language with strange dogs.

    A question for dog owners. When walking in the countryside what is the best way to approach and pass barking dogs? Last weekend my OH and I were out walking when we met two loose dogs with the owner someway behind on her phone. They rushed at us barking. One was a black lab type which looked...
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    Skull cap cover with wide brim

    Does anyone know if you can get a skull cap cover that has a wide brim to keep the sun off the rider's face. Thank you.
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    Restoring colour of black saddle?

    Does anyone have any tips for smartening up a black saddle that is beginning to go brown in places? Should I put shoe polish on it?
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    My horse has had a cough for the past 2 weeks. It starts up as soon as we trot and once he has finished the coughing fit seems ok with ridden work. Hay is dampened and has been analysed and foung to be 'good' apparently. I was wondering if it is some kind of pollen allergy. Was particularly bad...
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    Livery near Bicester

    Can anyone recommend a yard near Bicester. Wouldn't be looking to move until next year but want to get an idea of what is around there. Part-livery or assisted DIY. Would like a school with lights and good hacking. And a YO who understands that natives don't need much food!
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    Loading help please

    Horse has always been a bit of a reluctant loader, not frightened - just plants. He had a bad experience in a trailer last Autumn and has refuse to go in one since, understanderbly. Will load in a 3.5 lorry but this we have to hire so not too convenient and last time he went in this refused to...
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    Any events on May 3rd in Bucks area?

    Looks like I may have hired a horsebox and now may have nowhere to go! Does anyone know anything going on on May 3rd? Not jumping. Preferably unaffil dressage or trail ride. Or just a great place to hack or a farm ride.Thank you.
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    How to name a haynet?

    Has anyone any suggestions please as to how I can attach my horse's name to his haynets?
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    What colour gloves for dressage?

    Am confused as to what the rules actually are now. I wear cream coloured gloves but would you get eliminated if you wore dark ones?
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    Clipper blade size help please urgent!

    have just ordered some clippers and want some medium blades as they come without. I have identified the blades I need but they have numbers on. I'm thinking a medium might be a 7 or a 10? Does anyone know please. I really want to order today as poor pony is very sweaty in this mild weather.
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    Riding boot bargains?

    Has anyone seen any bargain boots in the sales? Zips have just broken on mine so I need a cheap replacement until I get them repaired or a better quality boot at a reasonable price. Don't mind if long or short. Mince pies and brandy butter on offer.
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    Heather Moffatt Hip Saver or Latex Topper

    Have decided to buy one of these, swaying more towards the latex topper. On the Enlightened Equitation website it lists two styles of treeless saddle SBS/Old Phoenix or Vogue/High Back Phoenix. Does anyone know please which would be the best fit for a treed GP/VSD saddle? It would be really...
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    Hip savers and latex saddle toppers

    Could anyone advise me please? Was wondering if anyone had either of these two items and whether they do actually make a big difference with painful hips on a wide horse. Also I don't understand what is meant by...
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    Where can i ride in the Minehead area?

    Just going for the weekend and want a 2 hour hack while hubby looks at the steam railway. Last time we went i went to Periton Park but it looks like that is just livery now. I would like a proper ride not a beginners trek. Any suggestions please.
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    Working Livery?

    does anyone have their horse on working livery at an college? how does it work out for you? Is it a better standard of riding than at a riding school?
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    People who know about field management

    If a field is limed how long would you keep horses off it? Does there need to be rain? Fields at our yard are being done tomorrow and have been told to turn out again Saturday. No rain forecast. Thanks
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    Lunging advice please

    having a problem with lunging my boy. On his stiffer rein he keeps trying to come in. I keep very close to his hindquarters rather than the centre of the circle but he twists his neck and still manages to do it. I almost feel like I need a second rein. When riding a circle I have to use the...
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    Recommendations for jodphurs/breeches please

    Don't want to pay more than £30. Not too slim fitting and not too long in the leg. Has anyone got the Neddy's or Rhinegold ones? Don't like Dublin or Saddlehugger. Any ideas please?
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    Riding Stables near Bala?

    Does anyone know somewhere I could hack out from whilst on holiday. Just want decent 2 hour (or more!) walk, trot and canter hacks. I am not expert but can ride and have my own horse, but everytime we end up in Wales I seem to get a beginner's trek! On one memorable occasion I was promised a...
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    Markers in 60 x 20 arena

    Is there a website with a picture of where the letters are? Just looking at a test and it's got letters like S and V that I've never heard of before!
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    Does anyone know...............

    if I can ride in a showing class with a dressage whip? I am hacking to a show tomorrow and doing dressage as well.
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    Show for showing class?

    Could anyone tell me the best formula to follow when doing a show for the judge? Also what is the etiquette for passing people in the ring or should you circle? At the last show I went to the judge said I needed to learn some ringcraft, so I guess i got it wrong!