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    Starting young horse help shropshire

    Can anybody recommend somebody that would be able to come out and help me start a young horse? Ideally someone that could start hacking him as well? We are Telford/Broseley area... Thanks!
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    Can anyone recommend a decent Clydesdale breeder? Looking for a yearling colt - possibly a filly. I know there are a few breeders around but I would rather go off personal recommendations. Many thanks
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    Grazing/livery Bridgnorth/Much Wenlock area

    Hi, does anyone know of any grazing to rent or grass livery for 3 horses in the Much Wenlock/Bridgnorth area? Many thanks!
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    How much hay?

    Just wondering how much hay in lbs you would guess at feeding a big 18.1hh horse? Sorry - I don't know how much he weighs but would guess it's over 700kg...
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    Owestry Livery Yard

    Hi could anyone recommend a decent livery yard in the oswestry area for 3 horses (one needs a large stable) - main requirements are a decent school (pref 60x20), good year round turn out and good hacking. Thanks!
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    If your garden backed onto grazing land...

    Would you expect the owners of the land to ensure horses couldn't eat anything in your garden - ie back fence it so horses can't get near? Just curious really as had a bit of a run in with the people whose garden backs onto our field this morning as my horses have eaten their precious tree...
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    Part Livery Chipping Norton/Charlbury/Witney area

    Hi I am desperately trying to find a yard that would offer the following: Part livery - everything except riding/vet/farrier etc Pref indoor school but MUST have a school with lights Reasonable turn out I live close to charlbury and have two other horses who are turned out there so...
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    Bute - how much?

    We are having to give one of ours 4 sachets a day at the moment and it looks like he made need it long term (although he may improve in the warmer weather). A box of 100 is costing over £90 which obviously doesn't even last a month. Is this the standard price for bute?
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    Have any of you had the amount of hay/haylage reduced by your yard?

    The amount of hay and haylage given to horses on our yard have been reduced to almost half of what it was last year so was just wondering if anyone has had the same? Presumably it's to do with hay prices but when the cost of livery has already gone up, is it fair to give less hay aswell?
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    Weight tape - how to calculate overweight???

    Ok ridiculous question alert! I think I know the answer but it's something that's been bugging me all day after a comment made this morning.... If you were to weight tape a horse, how would you tell (from the tape measure) whether he was over/underweight?
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    Allen and Page Power and Performance?

    Just wondered if anyone uses it and if the results are anything like the website suggests they should be?? ie more energy, more concentration etc etc Thanks!!
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    Grass livery - how much to charge??

    Ok so how much should I charge someone for grass livery in a field with absolutely no facilities other than a water trough?? It's only a little 14hhish pony and will be kept in a small paddock so won't effect how much grass we have (we have 4acres). Also it is a friends pony so I don't want to...
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    thermatex - do they all slip back??

    I really need to buy a second cooler and think the thermatex are best for wicking and warmth but they always slip back if I leave it on overnight (in the middle of winter it's on under another rug or 2) - I only have the "normal original" version with no cross surcingles so was looking at the...
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    Clipping horses that live out

    Does anyone clip their horses when they live out 24/7? And if so do you do a full clip? Mine needs clipping shortly and has always had a full clip before but not sure what to do now she's out!
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    Dressage Trainers in the Oswestry/Wrexham area?

    Does anyone know of any decent trainers in this area as am thinking of moving that way? Many thanks! :)
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    Part Livery Oswestry/Shrewsbury area??

    Hi! Can anyone recommend a livery yard in the oswestry or shrewsbury areas please? It needs to have decent year round turn out (even if only a couple of hours a day) and at least one school with lights. Many thanks :)
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    Clare Goldie Dressage Instructor - anyone used her?

    As title really - just wondered what her style of training is like? Many thanks!
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    Black Box

    Has anyone tried this for their horses? What did you use it for and did you see any results? I'm thinking of trying it but just wondered what other peoples experiences were...
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    Collie friendly dog sitter needed!!

    Does anyone know of a very good and reliable collie friendly dog sitter in the Witney/Chipping Norton area of Oxfordshire? Thanks!!!!
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    Who trains with Gareth Hughes?

    What's he like as an instructor? I'm thinking of having lessons with him as greatly admire his riding but interested to know what sort of methods he uses when teaching... Thanks!
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    Black and white bridles - where can I get one?

    I'd really like a nice new bridle and fancy one of those with the thick padded nose band and white lining but apart from Elevator's I can't find any others ...are they out of fashion? I have ruled out an elevator but wondered if there was anything else to compare it with... Thanks!
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    "Relax me" ...anyone use it?

    I'm thinking of trying a calmer for my 8yo gelding and just wondered whether anyone had used "Relax me" with any success? Thanks!
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    Girth leathers pinching poor pony - any suggestions?

    As title really After I've ridden, (in dressage saddle) I've noticed a largish lump right where the back girth leather would be and can only assume it is pinching him It is always gone again by the morning but obviously I don't want to pinch the poor thing!
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    Is it possible to fitten a horse without hacking?

    I've got two horses who have both had a long period off work - the mare has had over a year off and the gelding 6 months. They are living out 24/7 in a 4acre field but I want to get them fit for spring/summer so I can compete them again. However, neither of them are very good hacks and...
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    Arena riding etiquette?

    Just a quick question - has anyone else been told to give way to those doing lateral work? I know all the usual left to left business but after nearly crashing a few times tonight I'm starting to wonder whether I got the lateral thing wrong?
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    Would you ride in the dark?

    As title really
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    Pelhams - which mouthpiece?

    I'm planning on buying a pelham for my mare who is coming back into work and needs lots and lots of hacking - she's schooled in a loose ring french link and sj in a waterford loose ring and I'm happy with both of those but feel like I need more breaks when hacking as she is a BIG strong girl and...
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    How much do you pay for a bale of straw?

    Just wondering what a bale of straw costs these days as have been on yards where it's been included for a couple of years and now need to buy my own.
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    Would size put you off?

    I'm trying to find a part-sharer for one of my geldings but haven't had any interest at all so far He's brilliant to do in all ways, fab show jumper and xc - dressage is pretty good but needs a decent rider to push the right buttons. His only fault is that he can nap when out hacking so needs...
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    Random slightly horsey question about sheep...

    Anyone know roughly how much a sheep costs? I need some to graze my arena area down and figured they might be cheaper than buying a quad and mower thingy...?