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    Retirement Livery - Berkshire

    Hi all, I need your help. I am looking for a retirement yard. Preferably Berkshire, Hampshire. Although will go slightly outside. Does anyone know of anywhere. All I have found is morewood stables in Newbury, but they don't seem to have a website. Don't want to pay a fortune. He just needs an...
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    Girths - Help

    OK, horse has lost some weight so need to get a shorter girth. He currently has a stubben string girth. Can't really afford another one of those along with hoping weight loss will be short term now he is on haylage. We have had issues with saddle slippage before with the stubben girth dealt...
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    Feeding Salt

    What are the benefits and how much do you feed ? Thanks
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    I need to get a fleece, horse is more of a mammoth than a horse, square body leg at each corner. I generally dislike fleeces as they strech and ride back etc, but he could do with something over night when re-clipped. I find MT turnouts the best fit for him but no idea on fleeces. Needs to...
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    Ariat MudBusters

    have decided on the above as a sensible replacement of my current falling apart dublins. What are the sizing like ? I have slim calves, am normally a size 5 but tempted with a 5.5. for thick socks in the winter ? Thanks
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    Caldene Estate Country Boot

    any views on these ? currently have dublin river boots, but they just do not stand up to my wear and tear, they are not waterproof anymore and starting to split. They have only done one winter ! I love them to as soo comfy, look good, but ....... I crazily like dry feet to ! Was looking at...
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    Hope Valley

    ordering online ....... Anyone used them ? Good bad or just ugly ? They have something I want but have never used before and I am always warey thanx
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    Greenguard muzzle

    Worth the money? Do you have to use the greenguard headcollar? What makes it so special? Tried the bucket type on home and it was useless. Rubs all over face. He also has a large muzzle. Takes a 6 inch bit. Many thanks
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    Hay Rations

    Can someone give me the calculations of how much hay a horse should have. tried searching Many Thanks
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    Riders Rasp

    Anyone used ? reviews etc Farrier has given me a normal rasp to use to tidy up feet between trims to prevent cracking, but I struggle badly to use it. Many Thanks
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    Question .. hangs head in shame for not knowing !

    please can someone what a curb strap does when added to a tom thumb snaffle bit ? How can it help or hinder ? Many Thanks
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    Anyone been recommended use on hoofs prone to cracking ? My brill farrier has advised to brush if on outside of hooves and to get into the cracks he has. Never heard of it being used before. Trust him but like to do my homework! ! Any ideas of where to get it cheap? Cheers.
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    Is it normal to.....

    Feel totally useless when you move onto a livery yard. That everyone is judging you? Comments imply that you have no idea what you are doing although had horse over 5 years ? Yes rugs never fit right cause of shape. Yes feet are crap. ..... yes I feed that..... no I don't do that ..... no it...
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    Hi all, being looking on line about using this. Read a very long post from 2010 and seems a good thing. Does anyone still use it? What dosage would I need, which oil and pepper? I don't do Facebook by the way! To old for all that jazz! A bit about the horse. A cob x at 15.3hh...
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    Clipper servicing

    How often do you get yours serviced and who do you use? Have had mine at least 5 years, only used on 1 horse and worked last time I used them, about 2 years ago. Might be needing them this year so will probably need a service. Also, any recommended places for replacement blades appreciated...
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    Stable rubber matting

    I need to buy some of the above. Never bought before. Any recommendations or where from would be greatly received. Shavings will be used with it. Thanks people
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    Out of Interest .......

    Those of you with horses in their latter years, how old are they, what are they doing, do they have any major illness (e.g. arthritis) Mine is early 20 (cob x) and I am just starting to bring him back into work/hacking after 2 year off with intermittent lameness due to start of arthritis in...
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    Amigo Bug Buster With Vamoose

    Do they come up roomy in the shoulder etc. Was going to get amigo xl for chunky boy but like the sound of saving money on fly spray. Along with belly coverage. This is our first fly rug. Having a bad year with bites and ticks. Hence investing Turn out wise he has a 7ft lw mark todd that...
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    Fly rug recommendations please

    Thinking of investing in a fly rug. Horse is a chunky wide cob. He has mark todd turnouts which fit well. Any recommendations? ? Ones to avoid? Thanks in advance
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    wec wokingham

    Anyone have any feedback?
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    Would you re-train at his age ?

    Hi All I have a 22 year old very chunky cob (not Fat!), he has had the last 18 month off due to a bought of lameness, start of arthritis in the LH Hock (seen Vet). He has been sound now for months, on no pain relief, so I have started to gently ride again (20mins a time round the block). Now...
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    Nuts and no chaff?

    Or very little chaff? 2 horses in same field, boss is fed happy hoof, minion is on lo cal and hi fi lite. Need both feeds to be the same size so boss does not get minions feed after his own. Fed a good space apart. Anyone feed just nuts with no chaff? Or very little chaff compared to...
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    older gentleman

    I have a 22 year old cob. Been out of work for the past 18 months due to intermittent lameness (arthritis) now under control and time. Would like to bring him back to gentle hacking, walking and gentle trotting. My issue is the same as I have always had with him, which is that he thinks he...
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    Has anyone used these ? Cheers
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    Absorbine UltraShield EX

    ANy one use this ? Where did you purchase and does it work, etc Thanks
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    Absorbine UltraShield EX

    anyone used this in the uk ? ordered ? experiences wanted. Grabbed my attention as it lists dealing with chiggers (Harvest Mites) Many Thanks
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    Mites ...... help

    Hello All ..... I have a very itchy piebald cob gelding (breaking my fencing) and not the easiest to groom by all means, but in his late twenties that is not going to change. He is retired so is left to be happy, except for his itching. For this reason I am looking for a spray to treat his...
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    WWYD ?

    You posted a while ago regarding the best website to order a rope halter/headcollar from. You where then offered to be made one by someone on this site. You decided to go for the user made one as looked brilliant quality etc, made to measure. You receive the headcollar and all is...
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    Urgent for Fides

    Fides, my husband is planning to be your way later this week for work. He has offered to collect the headcollar from you. Can you let me know when you are available for him to collect. Many Thanks
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    Still not heard from you?