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    Renting out land, legal responsibility?

    We are in the process of buying more land which is currently being rented out to a local couple for their three horses. They have been renting it for about 5 years and we are happy for them to continue to do so for the next year maybe 18 months while we sort out fencing and drainage on a another...
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    Am I expecting too much?

    Out walking my 7 month old springer/working cocker pup who it has to be said is very well behaved. Her recall is excellent and she walks off the lead to heel very well. We walked through a wooded area and there were two ladies infront of us with three dogs all lose, a large collie type, a small...
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    Cross breeds

    Ok I have just seen an advert on facebook for cockerpoo puppies costing £850 each. I am astounded and would like to know how we have gone from owners giving away cross bred puppies to them costing more than a pedegree. Seems completely mad to me.
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    Cats and worm/flea treatments

    I have an 18 year old cat that has been treated with Broadline flea and wormer for the last year or so, used Frontline before that but thought it wasn't working as well as it should so changed to Broadline. For the last six months he has started showing his age, getting a bit wobbly in the back...
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    Poorly older mare.

    I have a 24 year old mare that came in from the field last Friday very lame, literally on three legs. Nothing obvious but she has suffered with foot abscesses in the past so assumed she had another. Saturday morning her leg was swollen from fetlock to hock so hozed it and kept her in overnight...
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    worried about my elderly mare.

    I have a 23 year old TB/Wesh D, she has always been a good doer and tends to carry weight if I am not careful with her. She lives out 24 / 7 all year round and does loose weight over the winter. This winter she did really well and I past comment in February how well she was looking and I would...
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    1st ride in 16 months!!

    I haven't ridden my welsh d for 16 months due to my ill health last year and a very wet winter. Tacked him up this morning and took him for a half hour hack. He didn't put a hoof wrong. Very proud of him and me!!
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    Little things

    Stupid really but having not ridden for 14 months and my welsh d only coming in for farrier/dentist and to be brushed decided today to take him for a walk in hand to 'see' traffic again. He was a star, passed by loads of cars and a very loud motor bike whose driver obviously thought he didn't...
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    just lucky?

    I was speaking to a few friends who have horses and they often say that their horse has either bitten them or kicked out. I have had nine horses over the years and none of them have ever bitten or kicked out at me. Have I just been lucky or is it unusual to have a horse that will be aggressive...
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    whippet owners please help.

    My MIL has taken on a rescue whippet, a breed that neither of us have any experience off. She has had her over 12 months now but she has been very difficult to find a feed that she likes and that doesn't upset her tummy. She is now on chicken, rice and chappie mixed in as the vet recommend but...
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    to worm or not to worm??

    I always worm around this time of year and usually use equest promax. I have three miniatures and have wormed them with this before but I have now been told that this wormer can ge very dangerous for minus. So what does everyone else use for their minus?
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    what to feed?

    I have a 10 year old springer/collie and a 6 year old springer, they are fussy eaters unless it's human or cat food then there is no hesitation! I have tried a few of the dried complete feeds and the only one they eat happily is bakers which I know is not great so need to get them on a better...
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    to ride or not to ride???

    I have not ridden my horse since Christmas and to be honest not much before that either even though I have owned him for nearly eight years. I just didn't seem to have the energy to do anything with him except ensure him and my four others were loved and cared for. One is a retired oldie the...
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    What happened to Dolly?

    Anyone remember the surprise coloured foal Dolly? Just wondering how she turned out.
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    I have two dogs, a springer x collie and a springer and two cats. I use Frontline for fleas and over the summer had to use it every fortnight as one of the dogs was scratching constantly. Today, having treated them all again on Saturday, two weeks since the last treatment I have found two live...
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    Riding boots

    Does anyone have the Ariat Grasmere boot and if so what do you think of them?
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    I have always had very large oak trees around my fields and my eldest horse has lived in these fields for 20 years and has never bothered with the acorns on the ground. I now have a two year old miniature who is gorging on the acorns. I am horrified and have been picking them up since I realised...
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    Stiff hind legs in yearling mini

    I have a miniature yearling I have owned sine last November. The last two mornings she has come out of her stable with stiff, wobbly back legs. She walks about 5 or 6 steps and then seems fine. She canters out the field with no problems at all and even usually gives a little buck at the two year...
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    Poorly miniature.

    I have just had to have the vet out to our 11 month old miniature filly. About six weeks ago she came in from the field with colicy symptoms, she was sweaty and breathing very heavily, trying to lay down and didn't want her tea. I walked her around for about 15 minutes and she did a dropping and...
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    Green grass envy?

    I am not an envious person but I am starting to look into every field I drive past and comparing them to mine. When they are lovely and green and have obviously not had horses careering around them all winter I can feel the green eyed monster coming to the fore. I am driving my OH mad by passing...
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    Learning to drive (a horse)

    I have a miniature and my intention is to school her for driving. I have never tried this before and will be having lessons myself shortly. What I need to know is how to start the mini off, she is just a yearling. I long rein her but in a headcollar, no bit and she is excellent and responds well...
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    Transporting Foal Update!!

    Well we went to collect our new miniature foal today, followed the advice I had and emptied the trailer completely, filled with very deep straw and left foal untied with no head collar. Got home after a two hour drive in one piece if a little shakey, me as well as the foal! She has met her field...
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    Yet another bare foot question!!!!!

    I have a 10 year old Welsh Sect D that has very good feet, he was unshod until I bought him as a 5 year old, they had him shod to sell. Farrier recommended about 5 months ago that he went bare foot as was not doing a huge amount of work so had his shoes removed. I realised I would have to give...
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    Transporting foal?

    I am picking up my miniature foal next Friday and was wondering if anyone can recommend wether I should leave her untied or not in the trailer and if I should remove the central partition. The trailer I am borrowing does not have a solid central partition it has rubber flaps on the bottom half...
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    Should I breed again from a mare after still birth

    As some of you will know my miniature mare had a still birth in April, this was very distressing and the mare is doing really well. She does occasionaly stand in the stable where the foal was born and call which is heart breaking. I bought her last October knowing she was pregnant but she was...
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    Foot abcesses

    Mentiones this problem on another thread and advised to start a new one so here goes. I have a 19 year old TB/Welsh Sect D that suffered with an attack of laminitus in October when grass was not lush and she was not overweight, 11 years ago. She then continued to have abcesses every few weeks in...
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    Still born foals

    My miniature mare had a still birth in April this year, the pregnancy had gone fine and the mare had safely delivered healthy foals in the previous two years. Since this happened I have spoken to many people who over the last two years have experienced the same thing. Are there more still births...
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    Problem with wormers

    I have a ninteen year old Welsh Sectd/thoroughbred that for the last two or three years has had colic after worming every time. I have tried different wormers at different times of the year but always with the same outcome. I have now tried a herbal wormer and although the reaction wasn't as bad...
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    When is this foal going to arrive?

    I have a miniture mare that is due to give birth in 3 weeks but she has started having a sticky yellowish discharge, having read many web sites and books on foaling non of them mention this, any ideas? Only bred once before and that was ninteen years ago and with a maiden mare who showed no...