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    Dressage saddle and thigh rolls

    Probably a bit of a numpty question but I have bought a 2nd hand dressage saddle for my part loan horse. It fits both of us well but in canter I am slipping about alot. He has a big canter. I normally ride in a VSD which has thigh rolls and although I still slip, not quite so much. I would...
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    Dressage saddle help please

    I part share an amazing horse but between us we have a combined age of 84 so naturally both of us are a tad creaky but still enjoying life. We both enjoy schooling the best. In his younger days he must have been amazing but his canter work in particular is huge. I borrowed a Kent and Masters...
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    Fractured ankle in an oldie. Where do I go from here.

    Please bear with me this may take time. AI will shortly be reaching the grand old age of 65. I have owned horses since I was 35 and ridden since I was 8. At the beginning of May whilst turning out my horse he reared up and got away from me breaking my ankle in 3 places. I would like to say...