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    to breed or not to breed

    Hi I am thinking about breeding a second foal after our first was born 2.5 years ago. Sadly we have since had to have the mare we bred from first time put down (the foal was always going to be a keeper). When we went to view the stallion I fell in love with a two year old the breeder had and...
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    Hi has anyone heard anything about strangles being confirmed in the Doncaster area. Do not want to start scaremongering however there is rumours flying around at the moment.
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    Heather/Brian Dunning

    Hi does anyone on here have contact details for Heather or Brian Dunning (equinephysios)we used to use Heather and she was excellant but have lost her contact details.
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    Bit concerned

    My 19 year old mare has started eating the faeces of the other horse in the field (her daughter - 19 months have been weaned etc). She is out 24/7, permanent access to hay, fed morning and night also has a shelter bedded down with straw. The grass isnt brilliant but there is enough to keep...
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    opinion needed please

    Hi all after a bit of advice. Am well and truley pee'd off. My wonderful 3 year old is unfortunately not going to grow big enough for me she is currently 15.2 and I am 5'11 so she in practical sense we are not going to be able to event together as I dont think it would be fair on her. She is...
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    Any ideas

    hi guys Has anyone come across anything similar to this before. My three year old appears to be suffering from repetitive mild choke 3 times in 2 months now. Each time we have had the vet out to check 1st time put it off to a one off, 2nd time was the day after so it was put down to an over...
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    First foal - taking its time

    Hi I am currently waiting for a mare to have her first foal she is 2 and 1/2 weeks over due now. How long do you leave it before you start getting worried?
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    Colour query

    I was under the impression that a homozygous black stallion would always throw offspring that were black is that correct as have been looking at a homozygous black stallion with bay offspring??? Thank you x
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    Foals and protein

    Hi a question as I have been reading up on problems foals can get with too much protein in their diets. My 6 month old foal is still with her mum (who is producing very little milk and decided that foalies drinking days are over) is out 24/7 with a rug (I know i'm soft) and has access to adlib...
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    Foal Tails

    Hi this sounds like a bit of a silly question my foal is nearly 6 months old. She is bright Chestnut however was born with a white tail hair on the underside. Does anyone know if this will grow out because she looks like a bunny rabbit!?!? A very cute one but still! Her Sire is bay and the mare...
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    Does anyone know much about this stallion?

    Hi, Breeding plans for next year have started for selecting a stallion. I was just wondering if any of you have had any experience of the stallion Loulou de Villiers or encountred/bred/ridden any of his younstock? Thanks
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    Rugging mares with foal at foot

    Hi how do you put a rug on a mare with a foal at foot who is still feeding occaisonally. Mare is a full TB and a complete wimp when it comes to wet weather (has been a competition horse most of her life and pampered) In winter before she has been known to wear 3 rugs (heavy turnout, thick...
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    2 year old + rugs

    Hi guys after a bit of help. Am struggling to find a rug that fits my two year old she is a 5'6'' however all normal size rugs make her look like she is wearing a maxi dress and slip back on her shoulders. Does anyone know what make rugs are likely to fit have so far tried Masta and my...
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    Stressful Pregnancy

    Hi first time on here. Have been looking around for people with similar experiances. My mare is due to have her first foal in mid may however due to breaking a bone in her elbow she has been on box rest since she was covered! She is due to get out the stable this week and into the field. Have...