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    Saddle uncomfortable for me

    Padded knickers. I think Equitech do them.
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    Neck strap

    I use the neck strap from an old martingale.
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    Horse frightened of tractors

    My horse is the same. Bombproof with all traffic except tractors. In the past i have tried walking around stationary tractors with carrots balanced on them, among other things but nothing really worked so I just accepted it.
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    What's happened to shiteventers?

    I left the dressage one because it seemed to be made up of really good riders who had bought horses with problems for next to nothing and trained to PSG in next to no time. Made me feel completely inadequate!😂
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    Equitrek 3.5t Horsebox floor checks - Recommendations pls Brad Hope near Bicester
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    Blood Bank
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    Blood banks contacts This one is in Botolph Claydon in Buckinghamshire. No personal experience but have seen the horses grazing in the fields and they look well cared for. I believe they only take in horses a couple of times a year and there is a waiting list...
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    How to feel "horsey" with no horse?

    You could join a riding club, do the non-riding activities, volunteer at events, and just generally hang out with horsey people!
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    Calling all chicken people!!!

    There's a Facebook group called Chicken Keeping UK which has loads of info..
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    Online dressage

    Haygrazer Erider is good and has a friendly Facebook group.
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    Arcequine - using on yourself!

    I did wonder what the difference was.
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    Arcequine - using on yourself!

    I used arms and legs. I dont think you need to give yourself as much time as a horse. My leg went very strange - numb and tingly when I did three hours! Obviously as per the instructions you are not supposed to use the horse device on humans!
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    Long riding boots for wide calves?

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    On Radio 4 now

    It was a member of the Rothschild family who drove the zebras. If you scroll down on this link you can see the picture.
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    Christmas present for my wife - Help!

    A jousting experience. Knights of Middle England or similar depending where you live. A side saddle lesson.
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    Portuguese riding with jumping AND dressage

    Not Portugal but Spain, near Seville.Also BHS approved. I went here some years ago for a riding holiday. We had a hack out every morning and a lesson every evening. Different horses for different activities. The dressage horses were Andalusian. I've an idea that some...
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    Struggle 😩😩

    You can tie a horse up with a Dually but you MUST attach the tie rope to the ring at the back of the headcollar (under his chin) rather that to the rope that goes across the nose.
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    Riding on the beach at Hayling Island - Advice please ?

    If you want photos Wayne Jones does beach shoots on certain dates at Hayling Island.
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    Using an Arc Equine on yourself

    Are you using the horse version or the human version? The horse version says not for use on humans and I'd like to know what the difference is.
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    Feeding a Laminitic

    My horse who had laminitis last summer gets half a scoop Hi Fi Molasses free and a mug of Baileys lo-Cal balancer twice a day. he also has soaked hay at night and is on sparse grazing/starvation paddock in the day. He is looking great at the moment. Look for feeds approved by the Laminitis Trust.
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    Timothy hay for laminitic?

    Does anyone have any experience / opinion on this? It has being suggested to me today that my pony might prefer Timothy hay dry rather than the soaked hay he is having at the moment. I have been told that it is low in sugars. TIA
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    Pilates for riding - thoughts

    Pilates is great for your riding. Probably best to go to a class to start with as the instructor can adjust your posture and make sure you are using the right muscles. After that there are loads of free videos. The Balanced Life is one website which has some freebies.
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    Which horse events would you recommend

    Blenheim is good. I volunteer there every year. If you want an experience my sister and I are trying jousting soon. Its near Warwick.
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    Long boots for short wide legs

    Maybe too expensive but I wear Equitectors. Got my latest pair in a sale at about half price so you can find a bargain sometimes. It tells you on the website how to measure and what size will fit you.
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    Alternative to Thermatex ?

    Some people at the yard have Le Mieux ones which look nice..
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    Recommend me some heated gloves and socks.

    Thanks for the link. These sound great.
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    Recommend me some heated gloves and socks.

    Thank you these sound worth a look. Will also look at heat holders socks as a few people have recommended them. Thanks everyone for your comments.
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    Recommend me some heated gloves and socks.

    Oh thanks for sharing your experience. Perhaps not such a good idea then!
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    Recommend me some heated gloves and socks.

    Please could anyone recommend heated gloves and socks. They seem very expensive. Do they last? Do they work ok? I'm assuming rechargeable is the way to go. Some seem to have very chunky battery packs. Thanks in advance.
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    Boredom busters that don't involve food?

    Wow! Thanks everyone, Lots of great ideas. I will be putting them into practice. There is always other horses in with him and a radio on and he can see a lot going on from his window. In fact he has been hanging out of the window so much he has a sunburnt nose! But I love some of the other ideas...