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    Starting young horse help shropshire

    Can anybody recommend somebody that would be able to come out and help me start a young horse? Ideally someone that could start hacking him as well? We are Telford/Broseley area... Thanks!
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    We're West Midlands so would prefer closer but would be happy to travel to see the right horse
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    Thank you!
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    Can anyone recommend a decent Clydesdale breeder? Looking for a yearling colt - possibly a filly. I know there are a few breeders around but I would rather go off personal recommendations. Many thanks
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    Grazing/livery Bridgnorth/Much Wenlock area

    Hi, does anyone know of any grazing to rent or grass livery for 3 horses in the Much Wenlock/Bridgnorth area? Many thanks!
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    Gastric Ulcers- desperate!

    I would agree re getting him checked out for pain elsewhere as this is what is going on with my boy at the moment. Like you, I have ultra ulcer-friendly management, did a course of gastro guard and all seemed fine but they are now back and making him almost unrideable :( My vet advised that...
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    How much hay?

    Just wondering how much hay in lbs you would guess at feeding a big 18.1hh horse? Sorry - I don't know how much he weighs but would guess it's over 700kg...
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    Owestry Livery Yard

    Hi could anyone recommend a decent livery yard in the oswestry area for 3 horses (one needs a large stable) - main requirements are a decent school (pref 60x20), good year round turn out and good hacking. Thanks!
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    If your garden backed onto grazing land...

    Would you expect the owners of the land to ensure horses couldn't eat anything in your garden - ie back fence it so horses can't get near? Just curious really as had a bit of a run in with the people whose garden backs onto our field this morning as my horses have eaten their precious tree...
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    Calling all Mums with horses and young children

    I have a 21mo little girl, a dog, 2 part-time kids (oh's!), 3 horses and an allotment. Two horses compete at BD and the other isn't in work. I don't have family around to help so I just get up early to ride one and ride the other when OH is finished work. It is completely do-able and keeps me...
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    Part Livery Chipping Norton/Charlbury/Witney area

    Hi I am desperately trying to find a yard that would offer the following: Part livery - everything except riding/vet/farrier etc Pref indoor school but MUST have a school with lights Reasonable turn out I live close to charlbury and have two other horses who are turned out there so...
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    Bute - how much?

    ok thanks!!
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    Bute - how much?

    We are having to give one of ours 4 sachets a day at the moment and it looks like he made need it long term (although he may improve in the warmer weather). A box of 100 is costing over £90 which obviously doesn't even last a month. Is this the standard price for bute?
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    How do i make the pony eat?!??!!

    You've probably done this already but could you give her the haylage balancer (whatever supp she needs) on a big spoonful of treacle - obviously a big long wooden spoon is best and hold onto it for grim death! And then paint cribox or whatever it's called on all the kickboards?
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    Have any of you had the amount of hay/haylage reduced by your yard?

    Yes I coud but he is on part livery and I can't always get there and I know the yard wouldn't give it for me as there is no room to I don't really see why I should when I'm already paying more for less hay!
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    Have any of you had the amount of hay/haylage reduced by your yard?

    Thanks for replies! I'm a bit peeved cos our night nets have been reduced and livery gone up (and due to go up again soon) - they're refusing to give more on grounds that "all" liveries are overwieght anyway and theyy don't want to waste hay so are feeding by appetite, which would be fine but...
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    Have any of you had the amount of hay/haylage reduced by your yard?

    The amount of hay and haylage given to horses on our yard have been reduced to almost half of what it was last year so was just wondering if anyone has had the same? Presumably it's to do with hay prices but when the cost of livery has already gone up, is it fair to give less hay aswell?
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    Weight tape - how to calculate overweight???

    Ok ridiculous question alert! I think I know the answer but it's something that's been bugging me all day after a comment made this morning.... If you were to weight tape a horse, how would you tell (from the tape measure) whether he was over/underweight?
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    Right! I'm fed up with getting drenched - suggestions please?

    I know they're not trousers but have you got a pair of waterproof gloves?? I got a pair of the sealskinz last week and have been itching for wet weather to try them out in! have to say they are brilliant - hands stayed warm and dry whilst changing wet muddy rugs and then rode in them too! Can't...
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    Horses at home, kids, husbands, housework, jobs.....

    Could you turn them out 24/7 instead? This is the only way I've managed with 3 horses, dog, hubby, 18month litttle girl and hubby's 2 part time weekend children!! I used to do all 3 on diy when my daughter was tiny but it was getting ridiculous and nothing got ridden so decided to put the...
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    Allen and Page Power and Performance?

    ok thanks!
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    Allen and Page Power and Performance?

    Just wondered if anyone uses it and if the results are anything like the website suggests they should be?? ie more energy, more concentration etc etc Thanks!!
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    Did a favour for someone - how much payment would YOU expect

    I did a similar thing a couple of years ago - I'd arranged to go to a dressage comp with a friend but as I was in early stages of pregnancy and feeling a bit rubbish, decided that I wouldn't compete myself but said I would still take friend and her horse as didn't want to let her down. She had...
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    mud fever and feathers

    I've got a white legged mare with quite a lot of feather (although not as much as a traditional) and in the 7yrs I've owned her, she's only had mud fever once and this was when I clipped her feathers off and washed and dried her legs religiously as someone told me that if I didn't she would get...
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    Grass livery - how much to charge??

    Ok so how much should I charge someone for grass livery in a field with absolutely no facilities other than a water trough?? It's only a little 14hhish pony and will be kept in a small paddock so won't effect how much grass we have (we have 4acres). Also it is a friends pony so I don't want to...
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    Lame whilst on Bute - please may I have your thoughts

    Sorry I really don't have much advice but just wanted to say I know what you're going through :( My boy is slightly lame (obviously lame in trot) on his left hind - he has had steroid injections into his hock but the joint is fused now that they can't do it anymore. I was advised to put on bute...
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    How many school in your field?

    I school in the field! We sectioned a 60x20 (ish) arena off so it never gets grazed (unless I'm desperate!) and is on a slight slope so it drains fairly well. It is quite slippy at the moment so have to be careful but am hoping to manage throughout the winter. Prior to this my girl had done both...
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    thermatex - do they all slip back??

    I'm planning to use it in the day under a turn out on my other horse - I ride one in the morning (so not such a problem if rug slips a bit as not left on as long) and one in the evening so the eve cooler needs to be VERY good as left on over night often with a couple of rugs over it. Would hate...
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    thermatex - do they all slip back??

    I really need to buy a second cooler and think the thermatex are best for wicking and warmth but they always slip back if I leave it on overnight (in the middle of winter it's on under another rug or 2) - I only have the "normal original" version with no cross surcingles so was looking at the...