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    Bit to help with more pulling up power.

    Instead of going for a stronger bit, why not try a loose ring snaffle. When mine was ridden he would bulldoze in an egg but but with a bit of work went lovely in a loose ring. And far happier than a stronger bit (which we tried a fair few)
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    Vet or no vet?

    If you go to the website allaboutdogfood uk you can compare foods and make an informed choice. Food is definitely the key.
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    Stifle help!!!

    My old boy damaged his stifle. Bute worked to a point but was uncomfortable. We did not investigate due to his age and I know how he done it. We both then needed to retire shortly after. He looks sound living out and is happy. He pulls it every so often which we deal with Bute and then fine for...
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    Girth recommendations please

    Stuben string. Worked a treat for my round cob cross with no back or legs! Swear by them
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    Rugging question - for those who have horses living out naked

    My retired gent lives out naked. He is 27 years old. If it is very cold and wet/snow he might have a medium on for the day. Apart from that naked at all times.
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    Reverse sneezing

    All normal if not happening to often
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    Am I mad to try and get/keep this horse in work?

    I am going through this myself. Horse is in 20s and fell over beginning of year. Has been reluctant to ride, trippy, stumbling and withdrawn, no spark in him, this year after the fall. And just not right. His shoes are coming off. Am trying to find him somewhere he can live out. I have not gone...
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    Retirement Livery - Berkshire

    Thanks everyone, aus, have sent you a pm. Glous is a little far but .....
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    Retirement Livery - Berkshire

    Hi all, I need your help. I am looking for a retirement yard. Preferably Berkshire, Hampshire. Although will go slightly outside. Does anyone know of anywhere. All I have found is morewood stables in Newbury, but they don't seem to have a website. Don't want to pay a fortune. He just needs an...
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    Is anyone else always totally flat broke because of their horses

    Yes. I have an elderly horse that I can't sell and currently not poorly enough to pts. I work, have a mortgage and debt. I don't drive I don't compete I don't have lessons. Hubby has not been able to work due to ill health for just over a year . So live on my wage. Was not foreseen when I...
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    Goodnight Bren.

    Hi sweet pea. So sorry babe. I know without any doubt you have not let anyone down. Your love and care for him would of been 110% and will be after he has been set free. I am sorry you had to go through this so soon after the move. You know where I am. X stay strong. Love GW x
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    Raised Livery enzymes

    I had this after moving yards last year. My vet put him on milk thistle for 2 months and changed from hay to haylage. His second blood test came back much better. Will be getting re tested in June to check again when jabs are due. He was having soaked hay before and was blood tested for a...
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    Very small holed nets, can't be good for neck muscles

    Agree. Have no choice but to use one though as he would eat for England. Tried and tested. His neck muscles under neck have definitely grown. Roll on summer. Can't win either way
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    Winter Pigsty Stables - is it just me??

    You do realise that the damp in the air makes shavings go dark. Just because they are not pristine white anymore doesn't actually mean the horse has made them dirty. X
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    Horsey resolutions for 2015

    Brush my horses tail which still contains shavings from July and mud from last Jan!
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    South Reading Livery?

    Tried wokingham?
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    Shavings for wet/dirty horse!

    Mine is wet and walks it all around. Went through a stage of hating shavings and wasting tons of it. Even tried megazorb. Best thing I have found is shavings but make the bed deep. Works a treat. I add 1 bale a week which covers what I take out. Am amazed how well it works! Simple but very...
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    Girths - Help

    Ah okay thanks. Like the look of that. He is getting older now and want him to be comfy. Like fluffy! !! Will get a size down from what he has now. Should be OK! We are currently up 4/5 hole both sides on our current! But I suppose with elestic do I got 2 sizes down ...... Thanks everyone. X
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    Girths - Help

    I like the look of that. Especially the fluffy option!!! Did you order from them? Never used them before. Thank you
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    Girths - Help

    Not sure why you think saddle does not fit. But there we go, proves that some people take for granted that things fit correctly when peole post and some assume don't. And that I don't know what I am doing. Was merely asking for opinions on a girth. Thanks to other replies.
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    Girths - Help

    No one?
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    Girths - Help

    OK, horse has lost some weight so need to get a shorter girth. He currently has a stubben string girth. Can't really afford another one of those along with hoping weight loss will be short term now he is on haylage. We have had issues with saddle slippage before with the stubben girth dealt...
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    Antacid tablet warning

    ? confused
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    Horse Volume Control

    this made me lol, exactly the same here !!!!
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    livery yards are stressful!

    am with you there. I moved to a smallish yard few months back and I mist admit, I am struggling/hating it. Wish I could go back to being by myself .... you are so lucky to have the option in the distance ! I envy you with a passion
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    Riding hat suddenly too big for head

    lost weight - mine gets a bit slappy when I loose weight
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    Fuming WWYD?

    I would of wanted her handling my horse with me there before I left her by herself. Being shown a difficult horse being handled and handling yourself are 2 very different things. You might of picked up on the suitability there and then. If leaving my pride and joy with someone I would want...
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    Fuming WWYD?

    pay up, don't mention it and don't go away again ! or at least move the horses so they can stay out, more for your peace of mind rather than someone else's capabilities. Horses take the mickey out of new people handling them. Not entirely her fault in my eyes if they got away whilst leading...
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    Horse anticipates feed as soon as comes in stable

    Mine is needy before he gets his dinner. I just ignore him! !! Lol. Does him good to wait. Normally while I decide to be bothered to ride or not.!! He has no hay either to placate him until after diner.