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    Girthing up - stretching out forelegs...

    I always stretch out the front legs, one of the mares i ride is very sensitive and if you forget she always ends up with a sore. Especially at this time of year when a little wooly!!
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    Equestrian Centres in W Yorks (Leeds ish)

    I used to work at Acrecliffe and would highly recommend them, I also learnt to ride there and found they had a great selection of horses and ponies for all abilities!!!
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    Airdales transported in removal lorry in 30c heat

    And the police have to look into how much evidance they have, do the pictures not say it all!!!! This is discusting, they should be made to sit in a cage thats not even big enough for them to stand in, and be loaded in to a lorry in those temp, see how they like it!!!!!!!
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    RIP my beautiful Toby

    Oh no so sorry for your loss. Its always hard to say good bye to a beloved pet. Sending ((((((HUGS))))).
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    Bit of a shock (vets bill!)

    I wouldnt say that is too bad, it will have been about £120 just for the bloods!!
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    Mare on webcam very close to foaling

    Finally a perfect view!!!
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    Mare on webcam very close to foaling

    Bless her she looks like she has had enough now!!!!
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    what an over-tight tail bandage can do (warning, gruesome pics)

    People need to understand that for this to happen the bandage does not need to be overy tight to start off with for this to happen. By applying the bandage just a smidge too tight will set the horse off rubbing his tail,which will inturn make the tail swell. This is seen in may a show horse as...
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    Hovis' friday diary

    Hovis i do love you, and if your mum is really offering you free to a good home, im sure i can find room for you!!!
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    Sorry, sorry - Cat Help Needed

    So long as he is eating and drinking, and has no temp, only time will clear the blocked nose. Keep up with the vapour steams and keep him warm. Im sure he will start to improve soon!!
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    I've made a video in memory of Starla!

    What a lovely tribute to her!!
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    Anybody on here rescued a cat from RSPCA?

    I have a cat from the RSPCA but didnt have a home check as i worked in there clinic and actually hand reared her from 2weeks old. TBH considering the people i have seen who have passed the home check, you should have no problem at all!!!
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    A cheeky request

    Done it for you!!
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    Endocarditus...have anyone suffter with this??

    Sorry cant help you with info but just wanted to send my wished to you both, and i hope all goes as planned with the op next week!!!
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    new girl on the yard (sorry its long!)

    If i was you, i would try to explain to again about the lami cob, and if she refuses to listen, tell her she can pay the huge vet bill. Im sure that will make her listen. Unfortunatly some people just dont have a clue!!!
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    Hi All!

    HI and welcome to the mad house!!
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    Rip ava

    RIP Ava, all i can give you is huge vertual HUGS, i hope the pain you feel will heal soon.!!!
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    ok, lets have some fun. any cute photos

    My other halfs dog enjoying a shake after a swim! This is my cat
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    Following on from popularbreeds, what unusual breeds do you see in your area?

    The most unusual one i see is a lawchan, which apparently meens little lion!!
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    OMG sooo happy :D got my new baby today :)

    We need pics!!!
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    He's gone, probably the worst day of my life!

    I am so so sorry for your loss of what was a very very talanted spotty horse, thank you for your bravery. All i can give is a huge vertual hug. RIP KoKo, may you now enjoy the big green field in the sky!!!
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    Introducing the boys...

    Gosh they are all very good looking Gee Gee's, im loving the dutch draft!!!
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    Any West / North Yorkshire people ??

    Im so jealous, i used to be West Yorkshire lass, but now im a North Lincs lass!!!! I miss being a yorkshire lass!! :(
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    Anyone else (human) here had a neck/back/shoulder injury?

    I had a bad fall last year off my friends horse which resulted in a lot of ongoing back problems. Had a lot of treatment from a very good osteopath,which helped loads. So about £200 later i now know im over flexible in my spine. If i ride for more than an hour or 2 my back starts to really...
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    please be aware, new grass and colic

    How strange, i have just been to see the my friends horse today that i ride, and she coliced yesterday, only the vet said hers was in impaction, even though she was still passing droppings. Will keep in mind about the grass and i will wont get lulled in to a false sense of security now that she...
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    I use Mac Wets all year round, you just cant beat the feel you get with them!!
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    A bit morbid - ashes

    I still have the ashes of one of my dogs, my plan is to buy a really nice miniture weeping willow, and plant it in a big pot and put her ashes in with it. That way if we ever move she will come with me!!!
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    Issues when getting on horse!!

    Thanks Rachel, even tho she isnt mine i love her so much. The owner has hed her since she was 4. WHen she had her accident earlier this year, the vet said she had selling somewhere down her spinal canal thast was pinching the verves to her back end, it was very much touch and go as to weather...
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    Issues when getting on horse!!

    Thanks for that Snowysadude, I dont really know anything about kissing spine, is this some thing that can come on quite suddenly, as iv not had an issue getting on untill just resently?? At the min im getting a leg up, but someone has to stand at her neck hugging her, so that she doesnt see me...