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    Ok, it’s got to be done! The nickname thread (including cats!)

    Our springer Jess was Jooper, don't know why but she responded to it. Our new pup Daisy is called Crazy Daisy as she is a sprocker and lives up to the name completely, she is quite nuts.
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    Moving horse from livery to home - questions

    Have you considered two minis as when you ride your horse the companion will left on its own. They are easy to keep and will make you smile every day. I bought my first one purely because my gelding was afraid to pass a field with minis in so got him his own, I have three now and he adores them.
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    Posting pictures of horse that is no longer yours?

    I wouldn't like a previous owner posting photos of my animals. I can't understand why anyone would. I once had a girl come to see my cob about riding him for me, she took loads of photos and that same evening posted them on her facebook page saying she had found a new horse to ride. I...
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    Renting out land, legal responsibility?

    Thank you all, we are under no illusions of the cost of fencing and drainage already owned our small holding for nearly 30 years and are buying surrounding land purely to stop anybody else having it as we don't really need it for our own animals but it has been let to go by current owners for...
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    Would you buy a field near oak trees?

    All our fields have huge oak trees in all the boundary hedges. We have lived here 29 years and never fenced off the trees and never had an issue with any of our horses. The eldest now being almost 29, she was 6 months old when we moved here. My three minis hunt out the acorns which really...
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    Renting out land, legal responsibility?

    We are in the process of buying more land which is currently being rented out to a local couple for their three horses. They have been renting it for about 5 years and we are happy for them to continue to do so for the next year maybe 18 months while we sort out fencing and drainage on a another...
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    Hacking alone, let’s have some success stories please

    OP I could have written your comment, always used to hack on my own on my mare, preferred it that way. Loved just me and her up on the mountain with the sound of birds and not having to chat to other people. When I lost her and bought the cob things changed, he too is afraid of nothing that is...
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    Do you ever feel guilty…

    I haven't ridden for 5 years. I am quite sure mine couldn't care less. They are totally contented, well fed, free to roam and live in a little herd as natural as possible. As long as they are healthy and happy i don't feel guilty at all.
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    For sale due to our health

    We lost both our dogs last year and I decided to look for another one, husband wasn't so keen as we were having loads of reneovation work done but I missed a dog in the house. Saw an advert for a 10 month old sprocker that they were asking £1200 for. All the photos were of the pup in a crate. I...
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    Dogs Disliking Specific Breeds

    My springer/ collie cross hated anything that had a tail curled over their back and anything that had a lot of fur covering their eyes. She was a placid old thing but turned into a teeth baring, growling hound with any other dog like these and had to be put on a lead. She never had a bad...
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    Why are vets still consulting car parks

    We lost both our dogs last year, the first in March when our vets would not let us in with the old dog to have her PTS and I objected to having it done in the car park with other clients waiting for vets to come out and collect their pets. It was a very traumatic time and in the end I spoke to a...
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    Thinking of moving to wales

    We are a friendly lot, honest. My parents are both English, were evacuated to Wales from London and Kent as children and never went back after the war, their parents joined them here instead so Wales can't be bad. I live in South West Wales and there is fantastic hacking on my doorstep...
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    Horse prices

    I am just looking about at the moment, I have six horses here three minis and three elderly retired/injured so no room really but looking to a future when I will be able to get another to ride.
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    Horse prices

    I have been looking for a happy hacker between 14.2hh and 15hh, must be a mare and over 8 years old. Don't want anything special but must be safe and sensible in traffic and open spaces. i have just found one that states "home more important than price" but they are asking £12000 for her!! This...
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    Am I expecting too much?

    We always put pup on a lead to greet other dogs that are on leads and always have her to heel. I really messed up with this one and only left her off because I had a x collie myself and she was brilliant greeting other lose dogs but she didn't like dogs on leads. Won't happen again that's for sure.
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    Am I expecting too much?

    I can see your point but in my defence I don't usually walk in this type of environment and as the collie was laying across the path out of the woods there was no avoiding him and from experience a dog that is lose is usually less reactive to another lose dog than one on lead. Lessons learned...
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    Am I expecting too much?

    I would not allow her to run up to any dog and part of taking her to dog busy areas is to teach her that she cannot just run to any other dog and she is brilliant at staying to heel with other people and dogs around her. She is obviously used to horses and sheep and doesn't attempt to go near...
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    Am I expecting too much?

    We have always had more than one dog before but lost our two last year within a few months of each other so decided as we are now retired and home one would be ok as it would have company all day. We do walk with friends and family who have dogs and she is great with them, a little over excited...
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    Am I expecting too much?

    We have owned dogs for 40 years and I must say I have never experienced this before. We usually stick to walking our dogs around our own area where we have great places to walk but as it's a bit isolated we meet few dogs and those we do meet are dogs and owners we are familiar with so have been...
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    Am I expecting too much?

    Yes I can see that now, in my defence he didn't have the usual stalking stance he just laid down but not with the intense interest in us or the pup. He was looking back at his owner then back towards us. We have many collies around us in the farms and to be honest i would always put her on the...
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    Am I expecting too much?

    Our pup is usually very confident and as she is now our only dog, have always had two or more in the past, we have been walking her in areas we would not have taken our other dogs in order to socialise her and she has been an absolute star and has met and played with many dogs of all sizes and...
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    Am I expecting too much?

    Out walking my 7 month old springer/working cocker pup who it has to be said is very well behaved. Her recall is excellent and she walks off the lead to heel very well. We walked through a wooded area and there were two ladies infront of us with three dogs all lose, a large collie type, a small...
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    What age…

    I agree if they had spoken to the yard owner but the OP seems to feel obliged to stay at the yard because the child is unattended. It is not liveries responsibility to watch a child unless a parent has cleared it with that livery. Times have changed and even though I rode horses at 11 without my...
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    What age…

    Am I missing something here, why would the child be anybodies responsibility other than the parents or the YO if the parent had arranged that the child be there without a parent, definitely not the responsibility of another livery. If the parent has not asked you to watch the child in their...
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    I have seen some of this shooting, finding wounded foxes struggling to get up to get away because a clean shot has not been made. So cruel.
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    Non ridden owners

    I haven't ridden my 21 year old cob for 5 years, he lives out 24/7 with two elderly retired mares and three minis. They have about 16 acres of mixed grazing with some woodland and they are completely happy. He comes in for a brush and a bit of a fuss but to be honest he would be happy if I...
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    I do not hunt, never have, not because I am anti hunting but I am simply not brave enough. Speaking to many farmers they appreciate the hunt as they keep the fox population in check. I think a big problem with many is they cannot see that allowing the fox population to keep growing is going to...
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    Has someone else been riding my horse….?

    Could you please send the schooling fairy in my direction. Thankyou.
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    Where do you fit?

    I am 'other' as well, own six. two very elderly and retired, three minis and one that is just too much for me as I have got older but will never part with him.