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    Dillemma - what would you do?

    Ok - dillemma being i have a 17 year old NF pony, just been diagnosed with Cushings and after a attack of Laminitis has rotation of the pedal bones. He has just come back into light work and is sound, hes ridden in GMAC boots and is not shod. Now the problem i have is i would like to loan him -...
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    Cushings and stories

    Hello, my pony was recently diagnosed with cushings about 4 months ago after a very random bout of Laminitis, he was put on Pergolide which after a month he flatly refused to eat - i literally ran out of ideas to get the tablets down him - when he did eat them he seememed to have bad side...
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    After a bit of advice

    Ok.. i have a 13.1hh 16 year old New Forest Gelding, fantastic nature, great with kids. Just a great all round pony. Next year i need to look at either full loaning him or basically giving him away to a new home where he can get the attention he deserves. I have had this pony since he was 8...
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    Hi, i am looking for a companion shetland/miniature for my NF gelding. Does anyone know best place to look. Am looking for around West Sussex/Surrey area. thanks.
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    Does anyone know what happened to them?
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    Legal advice re - breeding/bankrupt

    Hi, this may sound like a silly question, if a stud/breeders have been made bankrupt and lost all property, are they legally allowed to continue to breed their mares?
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    Who best to contact? - neglect

    Hi, i need some advice but im not going to go into too much detail on here. Who are the best authorities to report neglect to? thank you.
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    Any show judges on here? i need a bit of advice please.

    If there are any show judges on here, can you PM me please, i would like an opinion on a showing issue. Thanks,
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    Anyone from West Sussex area?

    Where is the best place to advertise locally for putting my pony out on loan? thanks.
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    Would you be interested?

    Just wanted to get a few thoughts... i have a 13.1hh NF gelding - 15 years old. I am looking at loaning him out next year... However he previously had Acute Laminitis (about 3 years ago) and is now muzzled when out. Obviously due to having Laminitis and a bad farrier, he has had issues with his...
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    Hello, am after some advise with my OHs Northern Inuit. Hes 18months old, and very head strong, at the moment he has a bad habit of chasing (and sometimes bringing down) rabbits, deer etc. Whe he picks up the scent it is incredibly hard to bring him back down to earth and listen. He is by no...
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    Fat Versus Thin

    After reading another post i am interested to find out what is deemed by people as too fat/thin. After visiting the Edenbridge and Oxted show Monday i was appalled to see how many fat/obese horses there were waddling round the show ring. IMO they looked disgusting and incredibly unhealthy. Why...
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    Has/does anyone have this for their horses or any thoughts on it?
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    Laminitis Help

    In light of most Laminitis posts lately i thought i would post this which i took of the Laminitis Trust website as a possible help for others. You can prevent laminitis by avoiding high risk situations. The following is a list of "causes" or circumstances which we know commonly precede the...
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    Lammi - again.. peoples views

    Hello, after seeing a few posts up regarding Lammi i feel the need to have a debate/opinion on this. Alot of comments i have seen have been a case of - oh well if it happens it happens, i refuse to muzzle my horse its cruel etc Or my horse/pony is fat and still out on lush grass..but its ok...
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    Lump under eye - showing experts

    hello, my pony has a lump under his eye which he vet has said is a bone cluster. I used to do alot of in hand showing with him and he was successful.. however when he developed this lump alot of judges marked him down for it. Does anyone know/reckon if this will be a common occurance? i cant...
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    If you could change 1 thing about your horse

    What would it be? Mine would be that he was bigger (hes only 13.1hh) would like him to be about 15hh minimum
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    Simple Systems feed

    Does anyone use these feeds? just interested to know transformations etc