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    Thorneyside and Fronarth Welshies

    Could you all please tell me about your Thorneyside Welshies please. In particular horses by Thorneyside Flyers Magic and Thorneyside Flyer. Also what are your Fronarth Welshies like?
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    Waxed Nubuck Riding Boots ??

    I'm looking at getting some bespoke riding boots for winter. My current tan boots stain in the rain so I'm considering a waxed nubuck pair. Does anyone know if they will stain in the rain or (as I would assume) would the rain just roll off as they are 'waxed' ? What are your experiences of...
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    Professionals doing Area Festivals

    I've seen posts on here about this but now can't find them. Did I read something somewhere about BD making the Area Festivals for true amateurs? I read something about them putting Amateur in the title. Reason for me wondering this - once again I've seen a professional win an Area Festival...
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    Adverts for loan horses needing work

    I'm seeing FB flooded with adverts from people with horses needing work, and asking for a financial contribution. Am I missing something here ? Advert I've just seen which has prompted my post reads "looking for someone to help bring my horse back into work. He's strong and needs a confident...
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    Still no Summer Area Festival dates

    On FB tonight, Pet Plan have posted wishing everyone well in the summer area festivals. I hoped this meant they had released details re dates and venues so had a look on BD website to find there is no info. We're now in the qualifying period but no idea of dates and venues. My horse can be...
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    Who competes in navy boots?

    Just wondering if many people compete in navy boots and if so, could I poss see some pics. 🙂
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    BD convention itinerary confusing

    Does anyone know where I can find a concise itinerary for the BD convention. The write up on the website is really not clear. Are there different things on different days or is it the same thing each day ? Need to choose the right day to get the best out of it.
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    Feasibility of being a freelance groom

    I see daily adverts for people looking for a freelance groom. Seems that there just aren't enough, as people appear pretty desperate for help. I've become very unhappy with my fairly well paid office job and have been thinking about a career change. I've worked as a groom in my youth and I...
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    How to contact Huff equestrian ??

    I've tried both messenger and email, and simply cannot get a response. I tried recently, and got no response. But also tried several months ago, and got no response. Really really odd (and a tad frustrating).
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    Yet another Area Festival question . . .

    Sorry, another AF question (though it's a fairly easy one) I managed to get hold of a very rare hardcopy of the rule book (2021 edition) and on pages 163/4 I can't find any mention of 1 point needing to be from a qualifying test. Have they now dropped this?
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    Winter Area Festivals

    For the life of me, I can't find any dates/venues for the winter area festivals. We're currently in the qualifying period so why can't I find them on the BD website ?
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    Long boots dropping. Recommend brands which don't please.

    I've had Mountain Horse boots for years but they always drop. Had Richmond boots which dropped terribly and now have two pairs of Sovereign and they have now dropped too. They just don't look as smart when they are an inch too low on my leg (I'm a dressage rider) They are very snug fitting so...
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    2021 Olympia or HOYS (as a spectator)

    After the wonderful news that both are going ahead, I'm torn as to which to attend. Our yearly treat is a couple of days at Olympia which we love, but this year it has moved to the Excel Centre. It's doable, but will take considerably longer to get to, and won't really be 'Olympia'. Now that...
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    Cut away show jackets and curvy ladies?

    Is this a bad combo? Do cut away jackets not suit anyone over a size 8? I do like the look of them, but I'm about a 16 and have a tummy (carry all my weight from the waist down - true pear shape). I've trawled the internet but every picture has a minescule lady wearing one. Should I...
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    Can comp nerves ever be conquered?

    Over the last 6 years I took my native from very wobbly unaffiliated w&t tests, to still pretty wobbly affiliated elementary, including several area festivals. I was always absolutely crippled with nerves - so much so that life was put on hold for the days (or weeks) beforehand, and then...
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    Recommend long riding coat for pear shape

    I have such problems finding longer coats the I can actually do up! Due to my large hips and thighs, whilst they may fit my top half, I simply can't zip them up. So can anyone recommend a coat that is shaped to accommodate hips and thighs. Ideally padded, about knee length, and suitable for...
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    Online dressage. Tech help please

    Thinking of having a bash at online dressage. But I'm completely inept with anything technical. Using the usual methods of messenger and email, I can't send videos to anyone any longer than about 20 seconds. Phone is android. How do you submit your dressage tests if it's 4 1/2 mins or...
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    Dangers of grippy stirrups

    I posted on here the other day but came at it from the wrong angle so I'll try again. I keep seeing adverts for the new Le Mieux stirrups and after struggling a bit with my current boot/stirrup combo, I've been considering a new pair of stirrups. Everyone raves about flex on, and the new LM...
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    Spikey stirrups

    Currently have Acavello Arena stirrups but find the metal cheese grater treads slippery. Are stirrups with spikey treads like the new Le Mieux ones and FlexOns safe? Surely too much grip is dangerous? Any thoughts?
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    Stirrups with spikes

    Currently have Acavello Arena safety stirrups but even though the treads are wide cheese grater style, weirdly my feet slip through (I don't consider myself novice, riding 40 years, now reached the dizzy heights of medium level 😉) What worries me is sometimes they slip through and get jammed...
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    Sexy riding apparrell adverts??

    OK now I'm sure I'm about to show my age here, but I'm going to ask anyway. What is it with certain riding clothing adverts where the models are head to toe in skin tight lycra and stick their bum and boobs out?? Even sat on a horse they do this. I've just seen yet another ad with this...
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    High end saddle cloths?

    I've just seen on FB some Animo saddle cloth and fly veil sets for £275. I had to look twice!! I like quality stuff but what on earth goes into these things to warrant that price? Makes me look a bit of a cheapskate in my Lemieux ;-)
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    Grand Prix arena walk. Educate me please.

    Watching the GP Championships at Hartpury and noticed in the arena familiarisation, people pottering about in the arena doing their pirouettes, tempi changes etc etc. Whilst i was clambering up to the lofty heights of elementary, 'arena familiarisation' was an 'arena walk' and woe betide anyone...
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    Towbar fitting cost?

    Had two quotes today, one £499, one £607. Really?? Is that right? What have others paid?
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    IW tack pack drawer

    Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement top drawer (or anyone have a black one going spare I can have)
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    Aaaaaargh!!! Pop ups!!!!

    I can hardly use this forum atm due to constant pop ups. Anyone else?
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    Horse ads. Why no prices?

    I think I'm not understanding the horse buying process. Why are prices not put on many (not all) ads? I have a well regarded dressage horse dealer on my FB who has just published a list of what they have available, but never mentions any prices. Is it a case of 'if you have to ask the price...
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    Ifor Williams 506 mk1 / mk2?

    Does anyone know the difference in mk1 and mk2 and what year mk1 became mk2? Which is better?
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    3.5t v trailer....

    I absolutely can't decide what to do. Was out competing and training regularly. That's pretty much stopped for now - not sure how much we'll do in the future. Just about to sell my lorry as it's getting on a bit now and the yearly mot is a faff. Sensibly, I should get a trailer. But I really...
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    Full livery or at home?

    I'm still at a crossroads and not yet worked out which way to go. 15 yrs ago had horses at home but that was a previous life. Been on DIY ever since, and now just have 1 horse. We were looking for a property with a bit of land, but for a variety of reasons, did the complete opposite and...