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    New endurance rules This is horse abuse pure and simple.
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    Making feed / speedi-beet more palatable.

    Another vote for horse quencher. It is sold in the UK by Lucinda Stapleton who is herself an experienced endurance rider. A pouch is relatively cheap and worth a try.
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    First hack of the year and 7 1/2 stone down :0)

    14.2 with some decent bone can easily carry you :). Well done on an incredible weight loss. What diet did you follow out of interest.
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    Saddle for a PRE horse

    I am riding in andalucia at the moment :) The horses here all have barefoot saddles (treeless). However, I personally don't find them that comfortable. I also own a very short coupled horse and ended up with a solution saddle for him. They are rather pricey, but certainly money well spent in...
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    Equine Careers

    Have a look at It specialises in jobs within the industry and will give you an idea of the sort of jobs available. There are lots of different jobs, not just hands on with horses.
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    Tic Toc found. :(

    Very very sorry to read this sad news. My thoughts are with the family. Let's hope they are left in peace. RIP. Little Tic Toc - you captured our hearts.
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    do genuine people ever buy unseen?

    I've bought unseen. Paid quite a lot of money too. First time I saw her was when she stepped off the lorry after a 300+ trip. That was nearly 3 years ago and I would never sell her. Definitely the best decision I ever made.
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    Icelandic shows its pace

    Another Icey owner (aka addict here). I've got several - all beautiful colours and at the moment very hairy. Wouldn't have any other breed :)
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    Wind sucking question?

    Wind sucking can be a symptom of gastric ulcers caused by too much stomach acid. It can also be learned, stress-relieving behaviour. I'd try a ant-acid in his diet (any of the ulcer supplements) and also cut down on all cereals. Make sure he has plenty of hay.
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    Daft things told when viewing a horse..................

    Drove 200 miles to see a supposed saint of a happy hacker. Turned up to find horse loose wandering on the yard. Seller says he won't tie up. I ask if we can see him in a stable then. Horse proceeds to do wall of death round stable. Eventually seller manages to get fire breathing, sweat...
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    Daft things told when viewing a horse..................

    At well know horse fair. Possible buyer of pony "is that pony backed" Seller ties up pony & calls over young lad & instructs him to get on pony. Once pony has stopped thrashing about, seller turns to buyer and says "well it is now".
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    3.5t horsebox questions

    It is very important that you follow Rog's advice & get it weighed on a weigh bridge. I bought a box from a supposedly reputable horsebox dealer & was told it had a payload of 1100kg. I later had it weighed as I wanted to sell it and it had a payload of 800kg! I now have a sonic & it has a...
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    Best Place to sell a second hand saddle for the best price?

    I've sold a couple on eBay. And I bought one from preloved. Unless it is a particularly sought after make, you probably won't get as much as you would like for it. If you sell on eBay, make sure you include all marks, signs of wear & tear etc in the description and don't offer to accept a...
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    Treeless saddles - help please

    Is there such a thing as a treeless with knee rolls? I have a flat backed native pony, but saddles seem to slip round him. I like my old treeless on him - but I don't feel very secure! Any advice will be very welcome!
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    How much would this annoy you? Am I overreacting? :\

    She would now be an ex- friend.
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    Just bought a treeless saddle - what do i need to know :)

    As others have said - what make is it? If it is a genuine torsion, fit form free form, barefoot, etc. then it's fine. If it is cheap knock off, then don't use it. It s very, very important that you use a proper pad (these can cost £100 plus). If it doesn't have quick release stirrup bars...
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    Anyone got an Iveco 3.5t lorry?

    I had a look at a George smith 3.5 t iveco. The horses face forward. The ramp was steep and heavy and I didn't like the box at all. Much prefer my Peugeot :). Btw. The horses must face forward in an iveco, not backwards.
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    What is Endurance and what do you do exactly?

    Have a look at Your local group is Iceni. also put on pleasure rides. The national championships are at kings forest in July Come along if you can - rides will be between 10 and 100 miles in a day! We are a...
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    Sedating and riding

    Science supplements and other companies do some good calmers that your friend can "double dose" if necessary. There are also the magnesium syringes which might help. Feedmark do one I think. All of them are "competition legal" valerian and Sedalin most definitely are not.
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    Sedating and riding

    Absolutely not. Far too dangerous.
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    Scary incident yesterday

    Are there any mares in season at the yard, or has a new mare arrived? This behaviour could be dominance caused by in season mares. I have seen it before in a gelding. In that case, a new mare had arrived in a separate paddock and come into season The gelding seriously attacked his field...
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    Have a look at Whenever I see parelli I just think of Matt morelli. :) :). I'd just love a moose so I could unlock its true potential :D
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    Calling all Solution Saddle users

    I love mine! Have ridden in treeless for years. And I have gaited horses so it is very important that the shoulder is not restricted. Bought a new horse last year who is very short coupled. He hated all my saddles so I decided to try a solution on the recommendation of other owners of the...
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    Which bit bank ? I've bought my bits from them & had one on trial which I sent back as I'd ordered the wrong size. If you do return them, you must return all tags too. Great people to order from. Last time I bought one, it arrived the next day. NS are going to be at Brahman...
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    People taking pictures.

    Was out on my big heavy horse and nearly home when a man appeared with a camera and asked if he could take a picture. We posed for a snap and then headed home. He must have tried to find out where I lived because a couple of days later at 6.00 in the morning, an envelope was pushed through my...
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    EMS/Cushings - an ethical dilemma

    It sounds as if you are doing very well without prascend so there is no need to medicate. I had a horse on with cushings. He had to have pergolde (prascend) as no matter what we did, he kept getting laminitis. The pergolde made him very depressed & unwilling to eat. If at all possible, hold...
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    Horse going on a 2 week trial tomorrow....nervous!!

    Exactly this. Plus horse can only be returned if incompatible not if injured while on trial. Whoever these people are and no matter how well you know them, trials are to be avoided. Why can't they come & try him at your yard as much as possible? Going on a 2 week trial will hardly give the...
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    Treeless question from a treeless sceptic, aimed at endurance bods especially

    I have had treeless saddles for many years. Bought a torsion when they were first available in this country. Long before Dream Team began supplying them. I've still got it and still use it. But now I like to have a saddle that I feel more secure in! I have a solution saddle which I really love...
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    Check out this horses feet!

    ??? So his feet are a bit long - he has classic Appy striped feet. They are a bit long but look good quality horn. Ive seen loads worse.
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    3.5t horseboxes trailer box on chassis vs conversion

    Years ago I drove a transit with a trailer type box. Every time I went round a corner I thought it would tip over and roundabouts were a nightmare. Hated it. I now have an equitrek sonic and love love love it. Just like driving a car and the horses love it. Payload 1040kg.