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  1. xDundryx

    Tell me about Wintec saddles

    Another who has a wintec lite cair that has been perfect for young thoroughbreds, and super comfy to ride in. I also have a wintec isabelle wurth dressage saddle which is like an armchair comfy and safe. Both are easily adjusted and our saddler rates them for the tbs who change so much from...
  2. xDundryx

    Showing Youngstock advice

    She's very pretty, love a chestnut mare
  3. xDundryx

    Cheltenham Day 3.

    Any news on born patriot? Just off to sort the 4 leggeds. Fingers crossed for him 🤞
  4. xDundryx

    Cheltenham Day 3.

    I've really warmed to Ruby he's a fantastic pundit. A lifetime of knowledge mixed in with plenty of banter and he's really got a good rapport with the others.
  5. xDundryx

    Cheltenham Day 2 - Clash of the Titans!

    L'homme Presse, worthy winner! Ahoy Senor unlucky blatting a few fences on the way round.
  6. xDundryx

    Cheltenham Day 2 - Clash of the Titans!

    Paul Nicholls fuming on ITV interview. Going to be an interesting race, fingers crossed they all jump and come home safe.
  7. xDundryx

    Cheltenham Day 1

    Constitution Hill in the supreme! Wow! But green screens up after the last hurdle 🤞😩
  8. xDundryx

    Good or not?

    I got these for jumping as my lower leg has gotten into the bad habit of swinging backwards. No amount of lessons or being shouted at in lessons or brain training could stop me doing it. They really highlighted how much of an issue it was and helped train my leg to stay glued in place. I hate...
  9. xDundryx

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    She's also posted this on 9th looking for a ridden horse or Companion, height specific. Odd.
  10. xDundryx

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Do you reckon she's on the forum and read this hence the FB post...
  11. xDundryx

    Company refusing to give a refund....advice please

    Oh no, why couldn't they just have refunded or delivered the surface. Sorry you have to go through this process, what low lives.
  12. xDundryx

    Company refusing to give a refund....advice please

    Can you reply to them and include a picture of the non-existent surface?
  13. xDundryx

    Backing 3/4yr olds

    I've spent my evenings reading this thread with interest, we have a 3yo TB filly (officially 3 in April) who will be going off for backing with a lovely, knowledgeable local former eventer in May. She's going to be huge, already standing a good 16 2hh, chestnut, strong,moves like a dream with a...
  14. xDundryx

    Finally, some great customer service!

    I had a nosey, lovely stuff!
  15. xDundryx

    Testing bloods taken at a vetting

    Polo's mum has hit the nail on the head. It's worth remembering that bloods are only stored for 6 months as well. Good luck with the legal advice.
  16. xDundryx

    Finally, some great customer service!

    *off to Google Hooks Equestrian*
  17. xDundryx

    Horse supposed to go on loan but I am concerned

    They are taking the P. It doesn't matter if the girl and horse are a nice pairing, they'll be another nice pairing. The going behind your back to the YO/deciding to move the horse on 'x' date would have been the first, last and only straw!
  18. xDundryx

    New horse!!

    And the no turnout situation and the 2 horses 2 different yards.....
  19. xDundryx

    I've bought a horse...

    Crikey! Just goes to show you. Expecting lots of pics of the lovely Tucker on his arrival!
  20. xDundryx

    I've bought a horse...

    He's lovely! Rule the world had a pelvis fracture i think and went on to win the national so you never know what he will turn his hoof to 🦄
  21. xDundryx

    Shortage of grooms?

    Yard toilet?! Oh to have that luxury!
  22. xDundryx

    I feel like giving up!

    Completely normal to feel this way especially in winter. See of your mojo comes back in spring, if it does put some feelers out for decent hacking company. I have a very broken 5yo on box rest and a very ginger 2yo who is a lovely field ornament until she's backed. Zero mojo for anything...
  23. xDundryx

    What to do when there is not turnout HELP!!

    It's still school holidays I think 🙄
  24. xDundryx

    What to do when there is not turnout HELP!!

    So his current routine is out every day and only ridden a couple of times a week if I'm reading that right and he's happy/ulcers are sorted. So then completely upending his routine by having him in 24/7 and ridden every day isn't going to work. If the new situation is for a few days or a week...
  25. xDundryx

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Not the only one... is it still there 🤔 might have to revisit and comment.....🤦‍♀️
  26. xDundryx

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Haha I saw that basically you want somebody to take care of your 2yo and back it when the time comes..... I'm clearly missing a trick here with my youngster... 🤔🤔
  27. xDundryx

    Magnetic boots/strips

    Do you guys rate the magnetic bands? One of ours is in on box rest, 5yo mare, she's completely trashed a hind leg, both suspensory branches, medial and lateral distal sesamoids and issues with the distal Canon bone in the fetlock (phew) (pratting around in the field ironically enough!) she's...
  28. xDundryx

    People using my tack without permission

    I have a similar issue, caught another livery taking some of my hay as they had run out. Pretty sure it's not the first time.. Have been assured it will be replaced 🙄 she's well aware I'm feeding 2, 1 whos on box rest so my hay bill is horrendous this year, plus I've a massive vet bill to pay...
  29. xDundryx

    Do people just not recognise lame horses?

    Since losing our lad I've been tentatively horse hunting. I was sent a video of a 3yo still in training locally, going for silly money mid 4 figures. This poor sod has a leg in 4 different counties issues across it's back and quarters, could just be muscle tightness however this is walking along...
  30. xDundryx


    Does anyone know why there were only 3 runners? Shes just a class act and so tough, great to see!