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    Ages & Heights for BS(JA)

    Just a query - when i rode bsja as a junior i had a 148 pony until i was 16 years old. Now i ride as a senior on a 16'3 horse. Are the rules literally that under 16s ride 148s and under and after the age of 16 you move into horses over 148cm? I wondered if ever an under 16 year old can ever...
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    Hi - My friends Husky escaped last night and they are beside themselves trying to find her - she is a 5 year old grey/white siberian husky - please please contact me if anyone hears anything - many thanks x
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    Ebay Weirdos !

    Okay so i listed a top to sell - plenty of pics etc then i immediately get an email saying can i see a pic of the shoulders/neck & face - so i sent a clear one up the neck and they now they are asking to see the face - WTF!!! im not selling myself just the top the bloomin freaks!
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    Saddle Fitters In Essex?

    Could anyone recommend a saddle fitter in Essex please? x
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    Has anyone had bad sharer experiences?

    I just wondered if anyone else has had to 'let go' of their sharers after they discovered they werent treating their horses as they expected they would?
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    Tendon Injuries - Could i ask for others experiences pls...

    Hi - i was just wondering if anyone could share their experience with me on tendon injuries - ie what may have caused it/ when was it apparent something was wrong and how long it took to heal and horse to become sound again. Also any advice on helping horse to heal - i currently have mine on box...
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    Was anyone at Longwood last Sunday?

    Just wondered if anybody knew who the photographer was that was there - the jackets they wore said something like ponies in pictures? Or along those lines???
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    Cleaning pups enormous ears? Advice Please...

    Hi sorry about the numpty question but i am new to having a dog and my pup is 3/4 chihuahua and has gigantic ears that look bloomin filthy inside - what do others do to clean their dogs ears - should i do it with the normal cotton buds or iis there another way that people clean their dogs ears?
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    Am i overwalking my pup?

    Firstly i am a new dog owner - my 4 month old pup is a jack russell x chihuahua and is a very very active little thing but i just wondered if someone could tell me am i overdoing his walking every day? I absolutely adore this dog already and i really want to do the best for him but not sure if...
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    Katie Price pic in the Sun Has anyone seen this today - i cant make out if they are draw reins on that horse or not? If they are she needs to seriously loosen them up!
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    So fed up with neighbour stressing my horse out!

    Ok so a horse on my yard got moved next door to me and it weaves and generally stresses unbelievably - its making my horse the same - she has suddenly started kicking the wall, weaving and trying to fight with him over the door - its horrible to see her like this i have spoken to the owner and...
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    Weaving? Do horses copy one another?

    I have just had a new neighbour move in and the horse weaves like a nutter - every time i see it its weaving back and forth so fast - what worries me is that my mare who has been seen to weave a few years ago but not for a long while might start to copy? Does anyone have any experience of this...
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    I really want a dog - dont know where to start...

    Okay so i have spilt with oh and really want a dog so that i feel a bit safer being at home (was broken into recently while i was asleep - very scary). Im not allowed to take dogs to the stable yard but will be able to walk it at least 1/2 to an hour weekdays and definately longer weekends and...
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    Ridden Showing Advice Please!

    Hi i am entering my horse into a ridden coloured class - ive never done ridden showing in my life - only dressage and jumping. So lots of qu's if someone would be kind enough to take time to answer. What do i wear - general show gear?white gloves?spurs? What does he wear- ive seen some wear...
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    Newmarket Ride -Photographer?

    Hi anyone know who was taking pics at the end of the ride yesterday? Btw anyone who went how did you find it - it was my 1st go and i thought it was incredible!
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    Newmarket Ride Tomorrow

    Does anyone have the postcode of where we have to go to park and set off?- ive lost my directions - oops!
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    Sayings to remember dressage markers

    I know there are a few sayings to remember where short arena letters are but does anyone know any to help remember long arena letters?
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    Horse Dentist Recommendations in Essex pls..

    As per title really - specifically around Romford/ Hornchurch/brentwood - any recommendations would be welcomed thanks x Cant reach the one i usually use!
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    Vet Advice or Gut Instinct? Long..sorry

    Took my boy up to the vets yesterday he has been mildly lame for about 10days following a kick that had a bit of swelling. He has been fine going out in the field but obviously havent been able to ride him. When the vet looked at him running up he said the lameness and swelling were mild but the...
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    Long Arena- Dressage People...

    I just wondered as so many venues do all of their classes in long arena - how do people practice for their test - do all the people that compete have big enough schools at home?? Or do u learn the test and just have a crack at it when u get there?? Just wondered as i do like to have a practice...
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    I was watching a seminar with Carl Hester and he mentioned a horse that got a 10 for medium canter when he literally galloped down the long side. I normally get 6 for medium canter but just wondered if anyone else gets a higher score for their medium canter how do they achieve it - do you...
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    FAO TheresaW pic as req! Hopefully attached is a pic of my suffolk x - would love to see a pic of yours too - until now never met anyone else with one!
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    How do i insert a picture onto a post guys?

    Can anyone tell me how i can insert a picture into a post please?
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    Use of whips at showgrounds

    I watched an unaff sj comp a few days ago and I just wondered if anyone else got really annoyed watching sj and seeing the excessive use of whips and has anyone ever stood up and complained? I do get annoyed when you see some riders make a mistake then the horse/pony gets a beating for their...
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    Loaning a horse that goes lame..advice pls

    I have a loaner for my horse that has recently gone lame - my loaner does 2 days per week and pays me a set amount each month toward her cost. She has been lame just over a week - (having the vet out today) but unlik but what happens in these situations - should i give her a bit of her money...
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    Why is she lame? No Signs at all

    My mare has suddenly become really lame in her rear nearside hind leg - i cant find a thing there though no heat/swelling/lumps/kicks - nothing - it is a mystery - she has been lame about 4 days though and is practically limping in trot but fairly ok in walk- it appears to me to be coming from...
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    Does anyone else have a horse way out of their league?

    I thought i would ask as i find myself in quandry - does anyone else have a horse they feel is way out of their league? My horse is now 12 i bought him 3 years ago to give me back my confidence and do some local shows - the lady before me wasnt too confident so schooled him alot and not much...
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    BE PN Dressage Test Question Please!

    Can anyone tell me is BE TEST 101 (2009) the same as the 2001 version Pre Novice test 110? Most confused!
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    Hello - i have entered my 1st ode and the dressage test is BE Prenovice test 110(2001) - i have gone onto dressage diagrams to print it off and its not there! Does anybody know if the name if it has changed and if so what to?
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    1st Time One Day Event Help Needed!!

    Hi - i am doing my 1st ode in a few weeks and i know i will call for my dressage time - do you get a showjumping and xc time aswell? also in the showjumping phase is it one round against the clock and least faults/best time gives the best score? also on the xc is that the fastest time round -...