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    Tack shops in Cirencester open today

    Hello As title really stuck bored with the family and need me time! Please recommend Thankyou
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    What width of stirrup iron?

    For a size 5 boot, can't remember what size mine are and they are down the yard so can't measure them but need to order some for the youngester What size are yours, I normally wear mountain horse sportives boots if that helps
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    How to get weight off unbroken 3yr old?

    Weight taped my youngster today and as I thought he has put a "tad" bit of weight. But how on earth do I lose it from him, he's a welsh cob x so prone to gaining pounds. I can't muzzle him as the grass is too short he's on about 1/2 acre that I can't make any smaller, it's my winter grazing...
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    How to lose weight from unbroken youngster???

    Weight taped my youngster today and as I thought he has put a "tad" bit of weight. But how on earth do I lose it from him, he's a welsh cob x so prone to gaining pounds. I can't muzzle him as the grass is too short he's on about 1/2 acre that I can't make any smaller, it's my winter grazing...
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    Backing youngster, leaning over for the first time tips please!!!!

    Ok I've got the stage with my 3 yr old where it's almost time to start getting on broad. We can lunge, long rein, stop, turn, wear a saddle, so got to start thinking about getting on now! I have backed horses before, just not one for myself. And I've got a very good instructor helping me, but...
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    Anyone hunt with croome?

    I sold horse to them in the summer and was wondering how he was, tried calling but they are not really interested in old owners so don't want to go bothering them. Again! Anyhow he's a 16.3-17hh tb bright chestnut, a thin White stripe and one White hind sock. Called toby. Would just be nice...
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    Virus isolation times?

    There's a yard by me that has had an virus. They have had the vet ect but were unable to come up with an exact illness, and just treated as an virus. Now a few liveries from that yard want to move to mine. But what would the isolation time be? I'm thinking 6weeks from the last know signs, YO...
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    Anyone doing a late night check cos of bonfire night?

    The fireworks started by the time I left baby horse tonight, he did seem fairly settled just held up his head and looked around abit but not stressed. However by me there are loads tonight, we don't really have any but got some very load ones going off over the town this year. I'm sure he...
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    That's it, right off to the meat man we go ;P

    Bloodily horses, who'd have them! I've been really I'll all week and baby horse has been taking the P. Baby horse never got taught to lead as a foal and so now big 3yr old he's good 80% of the time. Thought we cracked it last week, no planting himself, his fave trick. Then the clocks...
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    Recommend me a roller

    As title really. Can't find a good lunge roller that has a lot of rings, spine clearance and isn't going to fall apart in 5mins but at a good price ie under £40.
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    Mark Todd rugs, size?

    How are the Mark Todd turnouts rugs on size? I've got a horse that takes a 6' weatherbeeta but he is growing and don't know if I should size up, ESP if they aren't very big. Thoughts please :)
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    Just got my ss!

    Can't wait to start stalking, going to be hard I think! :D
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    Wolf teeth how much?

    How much dies your vet charge to take out wolf teeth and a general rasp, mines quoted me £230 but if I remember the last time I had it done it was £140. :confused:
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    Peasebrook vets? Any good?

    As title
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    Do you get yours babies teeth done before bitting

    As title really When first bitting a youngester do you get there teeth done first or just get on with it and get them done afterwards. Youngester I've got has never been looked at, I'm thinking of getting them done first as it makes sence to me. But a few people have said get them done...
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    Recommend me a breed

    Hello my first post here! I've grown up with dogs but never as an adult had one of my own. And now I want to start thinking about getting one. Not going to be a rash decision, just in the early thinking stages ATM Here's what I'm looking for (I know every dog is different, but I guide...
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    I hate sod's law!

    What a big pain in the rump it is!!! Droped my gloves in the water bucket yesterday so took them home to dry. So when I needed them to bring in the youngster he dually pulled back because a bit of rubbish flapped up in his face. So I've got a huge rope burn on my palm, and it's killing me! Ok...
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    Wasn't the 100% safe that killed a woman sold????

    I thought he was sold, is h&h news a bit late reporting this
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    Clicky stifles

    Hello me again :o My youngster has had a growth spurt in the last week and his back end has shot up. However since then his stifles have started to click, a lot and also seems a little stiff at times. He was fine before the growth spurt. He's 3, not in any work and out during the day and...
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    Napping when leading

    First problem with my youngster and I'm sure many more to come. Had him for 2 weeks very much untouched, in the 2 weeks he has been a little gem. Learnt to lead, groomed, pick up feet, stabled. I'm taking my time with him and not bothered to even try breaking him in till the spring or later...
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    Be careful about lying to your horse insurance

    Just a quick post, talking to friend a of friend this afternoon and she asked for some advice. One of her tb's has had some leg trouble and has resulted in it being retired. Now the horse did have vet treatment but she moved area and moved the horses. With this she took out a new insurance...
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    Barefoot peeps your help please

    I've just taken on a youngster a 3yr old appyx. Now if possible want to keep him barefoot, having struggled for years with my old horses feet I aim to try a new approach. So how do start to keep him barefoot? His feet ATM really need doing, the growth seems ok and of good quality. He seems ok...
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    Wire fencing issues

    How do you manage your wire fences, new yard has two strands of wire as fencing and I'm unsure of how to stop a youngester 'playing' in it. My first thought was to tie ribbon on the wire, it has two strands the first about 2'6 the second at 4'6. Or do I make in paddock with in paddock...
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    Who looks at old horse pics and cries

    Please tell me it's not just me. I really miss ALL my old horses but I've got good reasons for selling them on, outgrown, horse not wanting to do the job I do, etc I've only had 3 proper horses, that were mine to keep. Yes I've brought and sold a few, but these 3 stole my heart and I do...
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    So proud of my youngster

    Went up to have a play with my new horse before he comes home next weekend. Popped on a headcollar, no problem, asked to walk on, abit unsure but took a few steps, stopped when asked, and turned. Let me rub him all over and pick up his feet. Really pleased, he hasn't been messed with...
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    Youngster coming home, what to do?

    Ok I've got a new youngster coming home next week and trying to be ahead of myself and sort out a plan of action. The horse is 3yrs and 15.1hh appyx he was handled regular as foal and yearling, stabled, rugged etc. Then he has been out in a small herd of other babies since then, and pretty...
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    Orphan foal needs surrogate mum (Hereford)

    Can you help?! Orphan foal urgently needs surrogate mother and/or a companion foal, (preferably filly). This foal is only 5 weeks old, so a suitable companion would be an aged Section A or a Sec A foal. 5 star long term loan home is offered. If you can help, please tel Margarette (The Olde Forge...
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    Pics of my new youngster. Cc welcome although

    ...he is stood like a total donkey. He is in fact not behind at the knee, just trying to grab some apples from my mum who's stood the other side of the gate, and didn't want her pic taken. Just can't wait to get him home now...
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    I think I left something at my old yard, cheeky to ask for it back?

    I think a left something down at my old yard, it's value is around £60 and was farly new when I left. I left around 4 months ago, on good terms but I did say however that I would go back if I got another horse. However there is a yard a lot closer half the price, and with some added extras...
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    I bought the youngster last night!

    For those of you who read my other thread, I brought him. He's a very nice chap. And answers to some of the questions are He was stabled last winter, and fine being left in on his own. He wormed to due, though does need jabs doing. Leads ok-ish, he's been out in a small herd all...