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    Livery yard Hereford - Bromyard

    Hi, I'm asking on behalf of a friend who is looking for a yard that could offer DIY assisted or part livery, she would like all year turn out, stable and a school for a well behaved gelding, she is pretty well behaved herself! Thanks in advance
  2. J

    Small haylage bales - hereford/glos border

    Does anyone know where I can get good quality small haylage bales from please, I can collect if they don't deliver? Cheers
  3. J

    Pregnant & horses and afterwards

    Just had a conversation with my non-horsie friend who doesn't believe that you can carry on with riding & competing once having a baby, even with the most supportive partner at your fingertips. Is this true, how have other people managed when they have a horse, did you carry on riding &amp...
  4. J

    YAY - our P-G is in the BD Mag !!!!

    P-G, you're doing your lap of honour at the Winter Champs
  5. J

    Long leather boots - made to measure?

    Does anyone know of any good makes that aren't £600 plus? I can't get off the shelf ones as my legs are too short Thanks
  6. J

    Aderro Dressage Centre - What a 'FANTASTIC' place.....

    Some of you may know I went with my pony for some 'intensive' dressage training over the weekend to Aderro Dressage Centre so here is my summary. The welcome by Rhegan and her team was first class, everything was ready for both myself and my pony's stay. I can quite honestly say I have never...
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    BD judges - advice please

    Hi guys, need some advice from you as judges please. I'm doing my first medium test at the weekend and having worked quite hard on the half passes I am now struggling with the extended canter, well the transition back to collected then straight to trot. Any advice on how to work on this...
  8. J

    Arab x TB - anyone got one?

    Has anyone got one? Might go and look at one but just wondered what the cross comes out like..
  9. J

    Scotish folk?

    If I was to move to the Isle of Skye, is there any equestrian around there, livery yards, competition centres etc...long shot I know!
  10. J

    CotswoldSJ - Any news from the vet yet????

    What did the vet say about your two?
  11. J

    FAO Hils - how are you?

    Hi Hils, I've been off for a few days so you may have already posted, but how is the face this week, has the swelling gone down?
  12. J

    OH NO - Richard Hammond - serious accident

    I've just read Richard Hammond has been involved in a serious accident whilst filming Top Gear, his condition is said to be critical ....he is in hospital in Leeds, the BBC are waiting for his wife to arrive. Fingers crossed he pulls through.
  13. J

    My BD Nationals report

    Well it was an early start. 3.30 the alarm went off, my pony quite surprise to have his breakfast at 4.15 am! Any how all went to plan, plaited up, loaded, travelled up with no traffic problems (any sane person still in bed) arrived, parked and put the kettle on. Went and watch the first few...
  14. J

    Parisienne Girl?

    Did you get Bloss back ok yesterday? Hopefully she is none the worse for her B&B stay over!
  15. J

    South West Regionals - Kingston Maurward

    Is anyone going next week?