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    correct bridle for in hand

    Thank you both x
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    correct bridle for in hand

    Please could someone advise me on the correct bridle in which to show my welsh d gelding in in hand mountain and moorland? He's 11 years old. Is his usual plain snaffle bridle with reins over head correct or is an inhand bridle better? Thanks in advance.
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    Which vet for vetting in Cheshire please? Recommendations

    Thomason and Walters tom is great
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    Horse massage - How much do you pay?

    andreya hiscock is brilliant, she's on Facebook x
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    can anyone recommend an effective calmer?

    Thank you all very much for your replies :)
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    can anyone recommend an effective calmer?

    Thank you for your replies. Lots to think about and look into :)
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    can anyone recommend an effective calmer?

    Great thank you very much for that :) I guess it can depend on the individual.
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    worst present?

    Two coasters with teapots on them, and a box of aldi cereal bars from my mother in law. Husband was given £250. Think she might be trying to tell me something!
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    can anyone recommend an effective calmer?

    Can anyone recommend a calmer for occasional use for my horse who is generally fine at home but gets really excited and wound up at shows? I'm reluctant to add a supplement to his feed as he's fine at home so was thinking one of the single syringes, or would i be better adding it to his feed...
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    Changing farrier after 10yrs :(

    have been in the same situation as you. Tried to speak to farrier several times but things didn't improve. He had been coming to us for 20 odd years and I felt terrible about getting another farrier. Having got another one who does a brilliant job i wish I had changed when I noticed that there...
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    Used it for when horse was freezemarked
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    do dealers budge on prices or are they set?

    IMO there's no harm in asking. I have bought from 2 different dealers and got £300 knocked off one horse but only £50 off the other. He did deliver him for free though.
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    Insurers that pay direct to vets?

    KBIS- they are brilliant!
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    Made to measure bridle/ half cob half full with a budget . Help please

    My Sabre bridles have cob and full parts to them, my saddler sold them separately, as does the website. I've had one of them for over 10 years and it still looks great. Bought the other a few weeks ago. It was around the £75 mark without reins. Would highly recommend them- great quality.
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    Can I pick your brains on insurers please?

    KBIS all the way! They have been great with me, have had two pretty big pay outs with no problems at all and they certainly weren't the most expensive.
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    Just had vet out....pony was having acute asthma

    My horse was diagnosed with asthma about 18 months ago. It is controlled effectively with an inhaler. The inhaler that we use covers the entire muzzle then the spacer is attached to the front. My horse adapted very well to this (with the help of a treat as the inhaler goes on!) and as said...
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    What size Dually halter...

    I have the black one on my 15hh welsh D If you did get the wrong size, they sell well on Ebay. I sold my red one that was too small for just £5 less than I bought it
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    Someone wake me up from this nightmare :(

    Hope he gets well soon xxx
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    A few questions for those who muck out before work

    I muck out before work. I find that tucking my (long) hair into a hat stops it from smelling horsey.
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    how much PTS/cremation?

    A couple of years ago I paid about £150 for pts on a Sunday eve and cremation (single not group) was £380 ish (in Cheshire)
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    Magic Brush, you really must try

    Fab thank-you very much! :)
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    Magic Brush, you really must try

    These sound great! Are the different colours for different uses or are they all the same?
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    Trailer, single or double?

    This^^^ I love that my single trailer is not wider that the car. I have the Ifor single (40 something- can never remember!) and bought it new in 2010. More room inside them is also handy as you can move around the horse more easily. Highly recommended! :)
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    Private paddock and stables - how much would you pay?

    Up until recently my friend paid 100 per month on a similar place in Cheshire. It included stable, water, grazing but no electricity. There was another livery on there too so it wasn't just 'hers'.
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    I lost my wonderful boy :(

    So sorry for your loss xxx
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    LOAN? SELL? Overwhelmed money, time, family please advise

    I'm a teacher too and find the job demanding, though I don't have children to consider so have more time for the horse. I do think it'd be a shame to sell him, and as you said before that you couldn't cope with not having him, to me selling isn't an option. I know it's difficult finding...
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    Morbid Q - What do you do with The Body?

    I had my old girl pts after she broke her leg in the field. I had her cremated individually and got her ashes back in a lovely box which is now on the shelf in the living room! It cost about £350 I think but I'm stupidly sentimental and the 'service' provided was excellent. They collected the...
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    In- Hand bridle for M & M clases

    Ooooh yes they are! I do love Jeffries bridles. Have to wait for pay day to buy that one though ;)
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    In- Hand bridle for M & M clases

    That's a brilliant help, thank-you! :)